Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Day to Remember

This was ages ago….but I had to put this up because it was a memorable and meaningful event. So we were informed about this a day before. I wanted to donate because it’s charity. The twins agreed to do so but when we sneaked a peek during the blood donation of our seniors, they freaked out slightly. I mean the process looks painful!! So we lined up and got all the forms filled and I was required to pass up a parents permission form because I was underage…damn, but I faked the signature. So we waited for the officers from the National Blood Centre to take our blood sample for blood type test, pressure check and weigh check. Zi Qin was eliminated because she was lighter than 45kg. I don’t know why but I spilt the bean telling that I faked the signature. So the bloody officer did not permit me for the blood donation. Round 2- out!! Damn. Boon Fei and Kabilan were smart though. Hey were both a month younger than me and they faked the sign too but nobody took notice of them. They allowed him to donate. Ishnavin was boasting about him donating but he did not even dare to do so. Michelle underweight, huh too bad, cannot donate. So Yoong Ling got to donate first so I became the official cameraman for the event, taking their K800i and began snapping everyone’s photo during that event. The National Blood Centre officers were not entirely happy about the idea because I am constantly blocking their way. So Zi Qin and I began walking around.

The officer told Yoong Ling to open and close her palm while she inserted a damn bloody freakingly long needle with a pipe into her arm. Instantly, blood flowed out and filled the bag. When the bag was almost filled, the officer cut the pipe and adjusted the pressure. Then she left Yoong Ling lying down, legs slightly up to regulate the blood flow. Then it was Yoong Sin’s turn. Somehow the officer poked wrongly and the blood flow was extremely slow. So she beagn frowning and throwing the quarterly filled blood bag to the floor. Then when nothing changed, she threw the bag to Yoong Sin’s stomach. Then she asked Yoong Sin whether she wanted to change hands. Zi Qin and I were extremely shocked because the damn woman was totally not a pro!! And after that, Yoong Sin’s arm was visibly blue black, while she clambered down the chair, cursing. Yoong Ling was still left lying on her seat longer than anyone else, not forgetting her being the first. Nobody seems interested to attend to her.

All donators were given a small red book to record how many times you have donated blood. It seems that all blood donators have privelleges in government hospitals. Wow!! And they were treated breakfast, which is milo and biscuits. And they did get a certificate. Mentioning I am the cameraman, I went around to disturb the others. Suganthi and Rishilla from my class donated blood too. Pn Annie Clara wanted to donate but somehow she was not allowed to do so. Nobody paid attention to Apichat. Pity!! Then Yvette and Chai Ling came too. We had fun assembling everyone and taking photos. Oh yeah, Najib and his friend was playing a fool joking around after donating, and suddenly the guy fainted. Everybody thought he was joking but after Najib started yelling for help then we only realized it was real. Phew huh. Next year I swear, I must donate no matter what!!

After the donation we went for Maxwell Open- interclass squash competition in Titiwangsa Stadium. It was fun!! For girls, Champion-Yoong Sin, first runner up, Yoong Ling and second runner up, Sin Yee. For guys, Champion- Ten Jien, first runner up-Kian Lu and second runner up- Hong Peng. The guys were great and their match was all highly competitive. Where else in girls, you can get results such as 9-0. But enjoyed it though.

We took the bus home as usual but this time we got a chance to take Rapid KL, and the interior looks like an aeroplane!! When you take these types of buses to school it’s really suitable for a nap.

A simple and normal day as usual but I got to know my schoolmates better. For me as a person of lousy social skills, I can do great help to improve my interactive skills. And I also treasure the friendship with my closest friends. Great day for a great life!!