Monday, December 27, 2010


They opened the door for me and held it everytime I pass through. They ensure I walk first in every circumstances.

They took drinks for me, refilled for me even when I did not ask.

Keep asking me whether the temperature was ok. When I said it was a bit cold, they immediately poured me hot drinks, without me asking to do so.

Kept me in the pool of conversation.

Insisted me to not carry things, even I assure it's totally fine.

Accompanied me to the station and watched me depart, even the place is totally counter direction.

SMSed to see whether I'm home.

I was throughly flattered. These guys, really made my day by being super nice, and making me feel special and protected all the while.

You don't have to be welded with thick cash, nor to be good looking. Just being gentleman, mesmerises hearts. And to you guys, a million thanks for the princess treatment for a day. Loves!

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A Little Goes A Long Way

When sis went for her medical check-up abut half a year ago, she got herself vaccinated for HPV. I vaguely took into account of that incidence, only remembering mum being head over heels, trying to get me vaccinated. I remember, though not vividly, that I brushed off her advice and assured her: 'Where got so easy kena one?' I thought that, I was young, not sexually active, and very scared of needles. But it was the hindsight of that day.

Today, the Ministry of Health is pushing Malaysians to vaccinate themselves for HPV, and had provided vaccination for 13 year old school girls nationwide. My girl friends, are getting themselves jabbed and when we few get around together and talked about it, the need for prevention measures gradually flowed into my mind. What I thought half a year ago, may not represent the situation now, and especially with more and more life examples of perfectly healthy people going through health issues out of a sudden, one may ponder the thought of taking measures to protect oneself. So the cliche goes: Health is Wealth. Though after almost fainted when they told me it's like 1k to jab myself for HPV Vaccines, it's okay, because I want to get myself protected before anything else happens.

"Human papilloma viruses, HPV can cause cervical cancer in women. HPV can also cause other types of anogenital cancer, head and neck cancers, and genital warts, in both men and women. HPV are estimated to cause about half a million cases of cervical cancer every year, and are the leading cause of death from cancer for women in the developing world."

Cervical cancer weih, be scared ok?

"For this reason the vaccine is recommended primarily for those women who have not yet been exposed to HPV during sex.Women should continue to seek cervical screening, such as Pap smear testing, even after receiving the vaccine. Cervical cancer screening recommendations have not changed for females who receive HPV vaccine. Without continued screening, the number of cervical cancers preventable by vaccination alone is less than the number of cervical cancers prevented by regular screening alone."

It's always better to be safe than sorry, and you may not know what will happen tomorrow. Love your body, get yourself vaccinated for HPV, ladies. Though I have no idea how I came up with such a community message-like post which is so intellectual muahahaha, but yeah, the message still stands.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


On Christmas eve, I fell sick. I had diarrhea and vomited twice on the bathroom floor after I abruptly woke from my sleep during midnight, and I literally camped the toilet for a few hours. Seriously dehydrated and lacking rest, I had fever. My head and body ached all over and the slightest movement caused so much pain I have to strand myself on the bed. I slept for six hours in the empty house, didn't even bother to switch on the lights when night falls, didn't even eat a single thing for the whole day. It was Christmas eve, the whole family was out. I was depressed, angry, alone and in agony. I felt I was treated unfairly, and I was all alone when I needed support and care the most. Fury and anger overwhelmed me eventually.

But stop, and I thought for a second. I closed my already tired eyes and prayed. It is Christmas, and as it goes, remember the reason for the season...

When the time struck 12, I was glad that there were messages either to return me wishes and greetings, or for comfort. I was laughing when rolled inside my sheets, holding my phone, checking messages on Facebook and SMSes. The next day, Christmas, I felt better after a few painkillers for the head, and I was fine by noon. We had family dinner together and I was happy that my prayers were answered and I had a good time with my family.

Christmas, is about faith, the Saviour who died for all our sins. I thank God for everything He has ever blessed me, and the prayers in my life which He answers. Miracles happens, and I'll continue to live my His image and be awed with the wonders He creates in my life. =)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Memory Palace

1. I'm grateful for the perfect childhood I had, although the teenagehood that follows was horrible and devastating. In the end, those small hours and those lttle wonders, remains.

2. I'm protecting my memory of you that even everything fades away in time, I always will be in love with your memory in me. There will be no other who can replace, nor do I foresee anyone else who I'll meet, be like you.

3. I should think that if you're here, I'd be a different person than who I am today. At least I would have a resevior in me so deep that sometimes I surpress my depression in order to block away those fear I'm dreading to resurface. At least I wouldn't have so many episodes of deprssion where I resort to clinical alternatives to supress them.

4. And at least, I thought I'd have a family to start with in everything I experience; good and tough moments in life.

5. The departure, should I say, is the impact you made which affects the very foundations of my life, even until now. It's so substantial to me that in everything I do, I would flash my thoughts to visualise your presence; what would you say, what would you feel, what you would do... Everything I do thereafter looks so artificial because it's the hollowness I felt in my acheivements; there is always a missing space no one can ever fulfill. The hardship and stress which happens in my teenage life afterwards, the fear I've gone through for most of the time, you have no idea how pathetic it is to go through years like that, but that's the impact it made. It's just that moment of loss, but it's life changing.

'Would you like to remember everything?' Mr. Jakov said.
'To remember is not always a blessing.'
'I would like to remember everything.'
'Then you would need to have a mind palace, to store things in. A palace in your mind.'
'Does it have to be a palace?'
'It would grow to be enormous like a palace,' Mr. Jakov said. 'So it might as well be beautiful.What is the most beautiful room you know, a place you know very well?'
'My mother's room,' Hannibal said.
'Then that's where we will begin,' Mr. Jakov said.

Friday, December 17, 2010

That Spur Moment

It hit pit bottom that day. I was thoroughly fed up and angry, and emotions just overwhelmed me. I had never cried so badly for a long time. I muffled my sobs with my pillow and covered my head with my blanket, screaming; tears soaking the sheets. I remember lots of dreams resurfacing after I drifted into a restless sleep. Waking up in the morning, I was exhausted for the day and even extra dose of coffee did not help ease the fatigue. The day was unproductive even I mustered my strength trying to concentrate and set aside unpleasant thoughts.

In short, I'm trying to live life by my own expectations.

I'll prove to you I'd live like a desert, if there'd be no rain. And I'd grow thorns around my body, like a cactus, when rain should not shower.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Tasty Blend of Friendship

After Wednesday's class, the Rotaractors went to Tasty Pot Sunway for a round of food fiesta and fellowship. After bearing the Federal highway jam and Lekha's car got banged and all, we reached there with our stomaches growling mad. They gave us an enormous table with three stoves bubbling with 6 types of soup base. Admittedly, it was quite a while I had so much seafood in one day, and it was just, awesome.

Soo Wen who just became president of SRC began to grant wishes to all of us after listening to complains ranging from too strict attire rules to clogged toilets. Later, Erna got cake dunked so badly she had cream in her nose. Joke of the day was the act of putting a barbequed crab into the boiling soup. Never laughed so madly for a very long time. It was splendid food, even betetr fellowship.

Okay some pics are stolen, which explains much of the inconsistency in colour in the pictures.

I miss my friends so much and that I know that I'd not see them again after the end of Christmas holidays. But never mind, and also, after this, I promise myself to lessen my play and focus more on studies.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Convocation and Awards Ceremony

I've been sleepless for the past nights thinking of Convocation and what I'm gonna wear. Nope, it's not my Convocation, but I attended in the capacity of an award achiever. 2000 bucks for outstanding Intermediate results. I'm happy, proud of myself and most importantly, motivated to ahieve greater heights next year.

Mum wasn't able to make it so I thought never mind, but manatau she drove off the only car in the house, and I was left speechless, worrying about transport. Yes, in the nic of time worrying not about my hair or shoes but my mode of transport. Brilliant. Next, it was the fact being stuck at KTM worrying about whether the train will arrive late or not. Later, when I arrive at KLCC, it was worrying about the fact whether I'll slip on stage or not. Yes, I was anxious for no reason. Everytime something big hits, I'm always nervous.

That aside, I saw my friends there, some came to receive awards, some graduated, congrats. Some came to perform. Rotaractors came to sell flowers by convention. Some came to volunteer. But all, I'm sure haboured the similar mindset, which is by witnessing glorious moments of recognition of such, we will get motivated, inspired and encouraged to inject effort in whatever we're doing now so that next year, we can similarly, go up stage with heads held high, listening to the thunderous applause from the audiences. At least when I received my award from Prof. Wayne Morrission, I felt so. I felt the overwhelming emotion, the surge of motivation, amidst the mixture of emotions, the settled fact si that I want it to happen, and I want more.

I felt happy because it was a proof to myself that I have did my duty as a student, and I performed it well. I wished my family was there to share. As a conclusion, it was one of the happiest moments in my life.

Above all, I thank God for His grace and everlasting love, for repeatedly blessing me with wonders, and forgiving me for the bad I've done. My family, for the support by any means. My friends, for actively (or passively XD) encouraging me. Tutors, for all the knowledge and guidance. Last but not least, Rotaractors, for the flowers (although you guys made a great deal of noise when giving the bouquet to me, but nontherless, you all gave, with a few stalks pluck out. Hehe.), and for giving me the support of attending the ceremony, ancilary to the purpose of selling flowers.

To the greatest bunch of people in the world, thank you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning Motivation

Students in Harvard Library at 4am.

'It's a system of mediocracy here. Everyone else are idiots, the system moulded you to become the same. It's the sytem over there which forces you to become intelligent, and you will be intelligent like the others. They reject and resent the kind of mediocracy we have over here. It's a record standing too long to be broken. I'm saying that it can be broken, it is possible. Nobody guarantees that it'll be easy, but it's possible.'

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I realised it's finally time for me to focus. December is here and ain't funny. I'd be howling if my name isn't on the list next year, but again, it's a goal, not to speculate anything. I really really want to pull through Part One, and I want to score better than my Intermediate.

But I found myself slumping, being pulled back by other distractions. Today is a public holiday and God knows why I'm not doing anything but sleeping. ISH! God please don't punish me. I'm so gonna buckle up!

I want to be hardworking!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Little Things That Makes Life Great

Very recently, I bought myself a tumbler to fill coffee to bring to college. Sipping coffee on the way to class, the warmth of the liquid which you can feel trickling to the inside, the breeze of the 8am morning air. It's perfection, a luxury, a simple one. Instead of gargling down large amounts of cheap coffee at home when I'm in a rush, I now have the bliss of enjoying my morning beverage amidst the daily hustle of life.

Oh by the way, the tall one is bird's tumbler. Mine is the Christmas Edition's, which I likey=)

It's one dose of energy for the day stored in a tumbler. One dose of daily supplement of simple happiness. One quick sip of bliss, one moment to kick start my day. When I arrive at class smiling and prepared, much of it, is owed to the drink which gave me my day. I love my mornings, and to you coffee, I call you love.

Little things in life, I took notice. You're just awesome.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too Many Eggs in The Basket

These days, the house is in a state of mess. Piles of furniture and books piled up 70% of the free space in the house, cluttered up each available corner and took up all walking spaces. Every evening when I reach home, I'll just pretend the mess doesn't exist and disappear into my room. Mum's kindergarten business has officially closed and all the entire content of the school in now in my house. The house is in a mess, we are all messed up with the tidying up, and prospect of life afterwards.

It was then Mum accussed me of being distant and selfish. A whole row of argument followed afterwards. It wasn't that simple. Suddenly everyone in the family began to accuse me of being a baigalui, the prodigal daughter. Mum told me to leave the house, aunt and grandma started to scold me, and sided mum. I felt utterly upset and angry. I was just doing what I am supposed to do. As far as I am concerned, I am supposed to study and make my future bright. However according to everyone else, I am suppose to pay more attention to my family, and with the life I am leading now, I am apparently not giving them enough care and love.

Now I'm confused. I thought by giving in all I can acheive more. I did more than I could. I scored in my exams. I worked to support myself. I engage myself in social activities like what you encouraged. I did more than what I can. I wanted to make you proud. But you were dissapointed in me instead. I'm discouraged, on top of that, I'm unhappy. I'm not enjoying my life as how you think. I'm under constant stress and I do not disclose some of my unhealthy habits of getting away because I don't want you to worry. Accordingly you assume I'm living too comfortably. I'm not. I'm tired and I'm stressed out. I have no students in December and I may need to resort to skipping meals again to save money. I have problems in college which you always fail to take interest in. On top of that I have a dream to pursue which is constantly struck down by disapproval and discouragement of others. I'm tough enough not to show it on the outside, but nobody knows how it hurts on the inside. Every word where you deem me incapable, is heartbreaking enough to leave me emotional. I'm expecting you to uphold my dreams together with me and providing me with support and encouragement, but you did the very contrary, telling me I can't be successful, I can't earn more, I can't be happy. It's okay, everytime I just swallow the hurt and move on with life.

I can understand your stress and demands, but most of the time, I am preoccupied with my own. A lot of things work if we could exercise some give and take, and to understand better. We could talk. I'm always very afraid to talk to you and you know why. I don't like those wrods of insult and discouragement. Perhaps, next time when I come back from college, ask me instead, how was my day? Not ask me to help you out with your problems and bombard me with all your naggings. Do not focus on things that I cannot do or fail to do but instead, focus on things which I have did and acknowledge them. We have a maid in the house, hence, don't always instruct us to do things. It is not the way to bind the family together, it will only crack things apart. There are so many ways to be happy together without the scrifice of effort and hard work. Can we be normal? Can we be like other people? Can we be a family? Can I not dread the end of everyday where I need to go home? We already have so much, can we just give a little more to make everything better?

It's already 10 years, 10 fucking years. Do not go back everytime problems arise. It was never the source of each problem we have. What is gone has gone and it may change us, but it does not destine who we can be. Everyone in the family is affected by the loss, yes we all are, in our own ways, but we cope with it and we move on. And since it's 10 years, just stop mentioning it. I get very angry each time you mention it because it is not a convenient label for anyone to attach everything to it. We get scholarship because we have good results, not because we have no father. Smilarly, it's not because of dad leaving that makes life difficult. It is you yourself who cannot detach yourself who make your life hard, and makes it even hard for us to tolerate your behaviour. And yes, I cannot make life easier for you when you do not make life easier for yourself. I am not Dad, stop telling me to take up his responsibilities. I cannot do too many things in a time.

It has been 10 years I'm tolerating all these shit. Events and events of unhappy moments. Moments after moments of intense fear and worry. It just clogs up hope and happiness which I deserve, that I lost so much of my teenagehood living in fear of reprimands and insults, and dreaming of the day of financial independency. Like how many times my books get thrown across the room, rehearsing how to ask allowance from you. It has been long, and it had to stop before I get tired of all these nonsense and decide to do something stupid.

Who am I today is a product of the accumulated past. They say it's a lack of love. I have to concede with regards to the point.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It was so close, that she could see the particles of dust upon the glass window panes. Outside, the street lights glowed orange. She felt the darkness creeping nearer by distance; the darkness of solitude she was so familiar with. The silence which works, walking in tandem added insult to injury. People were from far, she closed her eyes trying to recognise the voice she knew by heart in the midst of whispers. But nowhere could assurance be found. Nothing came.

She knew how agony cures another; it is all feelings in the end. Since the start. Allow the flesh receive similar as the heart could bear, she would want to do, and with vengeance so sweet. Stealing is a crime, that when your heart could no longer throb in your body because it has been stolen.

It was the sound she had been yearning to hear, regardless the words. Substance has been long disregarded, the aftermath had took place by default. Everyone should know, but she knew better. She was enveloped with immense pleasure when she saw the blade penetrated the mass of soft meat, the splatter of blood which rained on her face, crimson. It was a toast of a celebration. Like how everything works, it is the death of one, with the birth of another. The person she knew well died that day when the heart was stolen away; the birth of another is one creature without a heart.

She has got the courtesy to change the sheets and clean the floor. As water washes away the blood, she realises she has a larger burden to dispose of now.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have deleted so many entries yet the frustration still lingers. As much as I want to express myself freely in my own damn blog, I also know the certain level of privacy that I must have in order to protect myself. So it's a choice between venting out the temporary anger I harbour or to shut up and make everybody's lives easier.


In short, I feel so lonely here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sex Appeal

Maroon Five has got it all. Everything to make music worth listening. I love them, and I love the music more. Most importantly, I love it when the music makes me high.

For one hell of an orgasmic music ride, try Give A Little More. Thanks Darryl. =)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Saturday morning was as usual, the usual kid I teach, and coming back home for brunch before sending bro to tuition. After dropping him, I was at diverging thoughts of whether to take the usual way-using Jln Kuching to college, or to use another alternative, which is to take LDP. My instincts told me to follow the unsolicited, usual route; and clearly, the jam on the opposite direction shows the positive. However, the adamant side of my head told me to make a U-turn and hence I found myself driving along LDP, using another way to college. I felt the ping of guilt deep down, but I ignored, focusing my mind on getting to my destination.

Shortly after I realised the practical reality posed itself evident. I was unfamiliar with the route and I was constantly referring to my phone for directions. On several occassionas, I was not focusing much on the road and I swerved quite some times to sharply take bypassed junctions. Deep down, I know something is not right. And it was when I was stuck in a bumper to bumper move along Sprint flyover in front of Tropicana City Mall, I realised that I was moving too fast into the stationary car in front of me, and when I slammed on the brakes, I cannot manage myself to stop in time. I banged the front car, which as a result of the impact, banged the car in front as well.

I was of course, overwhelmed by extreme shock and being unable to control my fear, I cried. When my aunt and friends came to help, I cried again. Upon listening to the price quotation for the damaged caused, which was jibainiama 5K, I cried again. I think the people whom their cars were banged by me was pretty scared by me crying non stop so they did not really talk to me, but insurance covered up the cost pretty much. My car is okay and working, unlike the two which I hit. Besides kena-ing saman, I pretty do not have much to settle. Of course, the domestic violence of getting shot left right centre front back by mum was inevitable. And I'm banned from driving. The accident gave me a one hell of a lifetime lesson to learn, but also gave me the experience of the first time engaging in an accident and handling all the consequences myself.

I thank God that I'm fine and the car is working, still. I also thank God for aunt who came and helped me settle the issues, Dan and Erna who accompanied me to report and talked me through. All friends who called to care. I'm truly blessed. Thanks a lot people, loves. No regrets for that one whole day.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Left Them There To Die

I jogged for one hour this evening. I did the same yesterday. Partly because I'm only free for these two days, no classes, no students, no whatsoever. Partly because I'm lonely and I run to spare time and try hard not to think too much when solitude hits.

Still. Hey, where art thou?


Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Night I Couldn't Sleep

My heart is burning and I just want to say :

1. If you're married, stay fucking away from my friend because she's a girl and you don't play with her feelings and tear her future apart. Have some integrity, would you?

2. If you have a great heart, you will forgive me, and you will not judge me based on what I've done.

3. If I can balance my life, so much so that I can study, produce good results, work and financially support myself; you be proud of having me as a daughter, instead of wanting more and more from me. Don't stop me from being young and burden me with your conservative principles in life. I know they're meant well, but I'm just not that type of person who can sit still. I want to enjoy life and play as much as I can. And why you worry? You think every parent can attend convocation during their kid's first year in college ka?

4. If you are still a friend, please show me who you are to me.

* Disclaimer: All the 'you-s' as above do not refer to a single person. Multiple defendants here XD


On a lighter tone, RAC ATC just held their 3rd Installation Charity Dinner last Saturday. Since coming into office for three months, I've been privilleged to hold responsibility of tasks which I never knew could handle, and in due process, made me a better person, and widened my horizons. The experience is priceless, and though in sacrifice, I've got no regrets=) *Macam president's speech pulak. That Saturday afternoon, 16 of us crashed into my house which is mini sized and occupied the entire living room. I think my maid is still in shock because she had never seen so many noisy people in her life. The highlight of the day is receiving so many incoming calls for directions to Sri Damansara Club until I feel like scolding people. Anyway, it was all over and finally, cliche to say: back to books again=)

Proud to be a part of an awesome crew!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

15 Minutes of Love

My neighbourhood stores my life memories. Much of them during vivid times of childhood, those I would never forget in devoid of photos. Living here for 17 years had brought me much to love the place I habitate, for the most important times in my life.

I walk home from the train station, where the sky would be a blend of violet and orange in the horizon, prelude of twilight. It's a small place, quiet and secluded enough from the bustling MRR2 beside, the crazy peak hour traffic. The canopy of trees is shady enough; upon arriving the playground where teenage boys play basketball, their shouts audible from a block away. When I was half their age, the basketball court was the place where a field of grass grows. My neighbours and I ran around, picking up twigs and leaves and digging the ground for insects and worms. Often we roll on the ground and lie across the grass, catching sunrays with our little fingers, squinting as they blind our eyes. When I was five and six, my every evening was carefree and the time for me to be a kid; to fall badly until my knees are covered with blood, to fight with other kids, to envy other kids with pets. Unlike now, where my evenings are filled with bland but important schedules of classes, classes and classes.

When I was six, Mum and Dad wanted to grow a hedge. I was excited, I remembered; following my parents to nurseries to pick the correct breed of plants, selecting soil, helping out with my plastic toy gardening tools under the sun. I often asked how long does it take to let the hedge grow my height, becoming less and less patient when the plants just would not grow taller though I water them every day. Five years later, we moved away for one year after Dad died, and nobody bothered about the hedge. Grief took over and the family was in a mess, and home was not home just, in any sense. Today, 9 years after we moved back, the hedge is as the same height as I am.

It's the same porch, as the one Dad and I shared most of the nights, stargazing. He was obsessed in space, and nurtured me the idea, explaining the Orion to be by practical stargazing, stories about the Big Bang, the galaxy and all. He bought me books, promised me a telescope, which my favorite book about stargazing and space, I still have it with me this very day. I admit being unable to share the passion, simply being lacking of such interest, but I enjoy and cherish every moment of us together; me sitting on top of the car and Dad pointing to the skies. Waking up in 3 in the morning to catch some riddiculous meteor shower, numbing ourselves in the night watching moon eclipse which went in slow motion which took hours. In 2001 NASA launched the Mars Lander along with Orbiter and Ranger to explore Mars' Highlands, he made sure our names were submitted to the database for a CD to be mounted on Mars along with Mars Lander. Those days, no one had internet access and he used that one in his office for the purpose. I never told him having the devoid in passion for space science. When we shifted house, I came across a ring file with lots of articles in it, all about space and stargazing. When I read through the details, it was one full stack of articles form the internet, all from NASA kids. All about learning spcae from the kids perspective. That was when I could not contain myself; I just burst into silent tears.

I live in the city for most of my life; and I love the place here, everything I had set my footprint on leaves happiness and memories; nobody could take them away. In those nights I dream about people I miss, the voices of those who I already forget; it's so real and vivid I hope I could sleep forever to revive the distance. But I always wake up to another day of routine life which forces me to set these things aside. But in that 15 minutes of walk from the train station back to my house, when my ears are stuff with music from my iPod, I am set free. To allow the subconscious to revisit the avenues where I miss the most, where the fondest of memories inhibit, where those who I miss and I love the most.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fifth October Two O One O, Twenty One Years

I thank you, my parents, for bringing me into this life. Mum, for raising me up and being by my side for each and every 21 birthdays. My siblings, for growing up with me and sharing life together.
Twins, BFFs, for the guitar clip all the way from Paris. I am touched by the effort of practicing, recording, compiling and sending it over. Not to mention you're only 2 week new to the course.
Chris, ZQ, Kang Zhi, Amirah, Fern. Thanks for the wishes and being my trusted friends since high school. I miss you guys.
Liz, my buddy since 6 years old. From the days of colouring our nails with colour pencils till now: the days we talked over the phone about guys, love, people....everything. Loves.
My high school and Form 6 friends,sending all whishes from different states. Thank you and I miss you guys. Let's gather soon.
My college friends who celebrated the day for me. I'm grateful. Von, Sue Ann: PCG rawksz! Audrey, Soo Wen, thanks for being the best advisers. Bird: thanks for being the birdXD. JJ, Martin, Carrie, KJ, Jun Hon, my bro=) Thank you. For those who wished me, Li Ching, Chai, Corene, Daniel, Matt, thanks and loves.
For those who had wished me expressly, via phone calls, SMSes, Facebook and verbally, whatsoever. Thank you. Especially Pastor, who gave me a shocking surprise.
For those gifts, I love them very much. Special thanks, Daphne, Julius.

Above all, I thank God for blessing me with 21 years of life; a life with moments of great happiness and greater challenges to grow. For everything He had provided me, I truly thank His blessings and pray for continuing days of growing myself in His image.

As if now, I feel like this.

Each candle for each wish. Lotsa love.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 Days to Go

21 wishes for my 21st

1. A car, so that I won't have to waste time travelling by train to class.
2. A Macbook, in which should be given to reward my Inter results.
3. 280 marks and above for Part One, in which I will work hard for.
4. Criminology textbooks, which come in sparse in college library.
5. My exisitng Astro subscription to include movies, for fun.
6. Bobbi Brown colour palette.
7. DKNY Delicious, ever since 2006.
8. An easel, and the liberty to pursue my hobby to paint during my free time, which come in limitation nowadays.
9.Improve in terms of relationship with mum, to achieve things in life which would make her proud.
10.More time to spend with my siblings, where my busy schedule had neglected time spent with them.
11.To love my family more, especially grandma, who always wanted to teach me how to cook but I don't have time to learn.
12.Continuing support from all my high school friends, whom I greatly miss.
13.To have a long lasting friendship with Yoong Sin and Yoong Ling, my best friends in the whole world.
14. Continuing support and advice from my college friends, especially Soo Wen, who always motivate me; Sue Ann and Von, my study partners.
15. Well balanced skills in time management and prioritising, so that I can carry out Rotaract duties with competency without the compromise of studies.
16. To know more people and make new friends.
17. A getaway to an island alone.
18. To obtain the UK experience during my life as a law student.
19. The ability to dream and believe in myself, my abilities and potential, to ignore those who doubt me with their limited knowledge and beliefs.
20. To be healthy.
21. To grow closer to God, to cherish and be contented with His blessings, that by Him, I am one special person who He plan great things for me, that I can achieve the life I want and be happy for my life when I continue to grow by His image.

See, I'm a very humble person with minimal material needs one ok? WAKAKA. But this list is not exhaustive la, and if you feel that you can make me happy by fulfilling my wish, come on and select your number. I'm joking la ppl, but still, I'm legally 21yohoo!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Random

I don't recall how the week started, but I remebered it was when Ms. Sharon told me to end my party life after Wednesday's Land tutorials. I am really intending to reduce, by all, most means of entertainment if possible and human. Of course I will still continue to Facebook daily and I have no intentions of abandoning my blog, which has started to grow some of its underlying roots in me. I will CSI my way crazy if appropriate, and of course, I have my Rotaract commitments to adhere to. Therefore, it will be near impossible to end all, to the extent of revisions lat year. But it is possible under coercion, which doesn't anyhow happen now. Therefore the skiving and spacing out once in a while. Nah, no worries, I'm not those dreamer who sleep for decades in stark failure. I cried when I got a B in Common Law, that kiasu.

I had a slight migraine this afternoon in which I blame McD's coffee. Installation Night is soon and I miss shopping so much, that I'll be soon showering money on clothes and shoes for the dinner. But good news is many of my friends are positive of me receiving the rebate for top 10 students that I won't believe until I see physical evidence. If so, I will be splurging that amount on something gadget-y: Macbook or iPad, whichever comes to me by instinct.

So when I took Criminology as an elective this year, I took it based on pure interest, and I always believe that if one has the inherent interest in something, one will do well because one will be motivated by his discourse of questioning oneself, discovering the unknown and questioning the non-beliefs. People often talk about relevance, scores statistics, annual graphs on passing rates. Then the question of achieveing what's practical and realistic comes into picture. I don't care about all these, as I believe so in myself. To be accountable to my principles. It's not because many seniors who I've know who obtain As which motivated me to take, nor whereby I want to be a criminal lawyer. Not so whatever. I don't even understand why I'm doing so, so mouthed easily by words, but it's true. The reality of the working life later in which everyone aims at when going there, doing what, earning how much, doesn't appeal to me at all. If given me the chance, I would have studied my whole life, motivated by my basic hunger for knowledge and the thirst for infinite sources. It's ideal virtually, but realistically, one have to perhaps allow patience to harbour long enough. I have no idea what the future awaits me, but the most I can do now, is to practice what I'm obliged to, which is to be a student, in which I carry out my responsibilities properly and whole-heartedly, in order to be the best of me.

Thus ends my very very random self-containing post, my apologies yea, if one regard it as an eyesore. Your problem though=P Nights.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dreamer in Me

Terrified repeatedly played in my head these days. The lyrics aptly described yours truly some time ago. The reminiscent. The memories.

When you're grounded, you have all the time and liberty to think of all these nonsense. An idle mind is the devils workshop. Me no likey. That's why me need to run here and lepak there to get rid of these nasty thoughts in my mind. Makes me a better, stronger, more principled and able person.

I thank God classes are resuming soon. No time for biased attention. Only books and studies to make the valedictorian in me. Yeah, the nerd mode should be on in no time.

Only a fool wear his heart on his sleeve. Never, Hui Ting, never ever let your heart wander to the infinite trap of emotions. Never.

The end.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Things happened made me ponder. I realise how much I miss everything. I pretended I didn't care, I lied that I'm over it. No matter how much I hide, I still think about it every night.

But I also realise how much things had changed. Needless to keep in touch to know. Things can never go back the way it does. But if given me another chance, I will make it correct this time. But I also know how sparse and minute the chance is, an impossibility.

For now, I pray to forget, to be given another chance. Either or. You have no idea how much I miss those days.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Till The End of Time

A few series of ridiculous issues happened a stringful, consecutively and exaggeratedly; of course I was beyond pissed off, but I kept my cool and pretended. Firstly, I was accused being a smoker, alcoholic, clubber and frequently playing truant. I was like WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THIS? I have results that people dream to get and I admit I'm no smartass, I get my results by pure effort and continous hard work and that, failed to be noticed? Second thing, I was being police investigation like checked which includes calling my close friends which was like DOUBLE FUCK. Third is I was being stripped off my freedom of going out and can be said, grounded for eternity. I cannot attend my friend's birthday celebration which I felt sorry for. Another more contentious issue I felt sorry for is not being given the chance of vis-a-vis clarifying the entire issue of asking my friends to cover up for me. Most importantly, I am forced to turn down the invitation the very last minute, aka flying thier aeroplane. The fark.


Saturday afternoon, attended Darryl's 21st in Parkroyal. Party did not end there but was carried forward in Green Box and Zouk later on. Food and fellowship was great.

Disclaimer: pics are stolen, thank you.

And I'll miss you guys like crazy, and love you forever.
I only say it cause I mean it,
I only mean it cause it's true.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Aftermath

This I want to tell you: You may be academically excellent, but it is unprofessional of you to comment in a way that degrades others' way of life. One man's meat is another's poison. So, I suggest you before making any public comments in the papers, take a walk in other peoples' shoes because you have absoultely no idea why people do things the way, just not the way you do yours.


I'm not a clubber, but I enjoy occasional clubbing cause it just brings out the other fun side of people. And, yesterday night was the bomb at Zouk with my form 6 peeps whom I know them as very very decent and prinicpled people. Of course, when I arrived home at 5am I was punished and grounded for eternity. And also, of course, mum exaggerated the entire issue but conservative rules in my family, oh yea. I think I may not be able to go out at night for a very long time.

Oh wells, Darryl's 21st party and photos yet to come.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Secret Mission

I'd say, I awesome-ly LOVED the talk about the form six bilboard championship. Though mentally exhausted and physically worn, I just feel proud and overwhelmed with satisfaction and success, something I had never felt after the form six bilboard championship.

Let's hope he doesn't see this =P

Sunday, September 5, 2010



Friday, August 27, 2010

United We Stand

In celebrating our nation's 53rd Independence Day, I'm writing this in dedication of love and peace. A series of unhappy events had taken place, alerting media attention and of course, fellow Malaysians who began to ponder on issues of racism and the meaning of unity. I have been following much of what people opine on Facebook, and thus, here I draw mine.

I grew up having close friends who consists of different races, being given the oppurtunity of studying in government high schools; a melting pot of a variety of cultures; the basic starting point. I am comfortable and happy with the way things work. We were innocent, and politics does not really seem much a bother. Race-blind was a term so easy to say and so strong a promise to be kept. When I started reading law, I started to be more concerned about socio-political events, and began to shoulder what obliged Malaysians do, to know and to comment on the nation's affairs. As I read and get to know, I began to understand why some people often get upset. Why issues on race is so sensitive. Why categorising Malaysians into races is practised.

At home, often than not, I listen to how my family grumbled about the country, and essentially, racist comments were not spared. My siblings, both schooled in independent high schools, have only friends and circle of acquaintances limited to one race. My mother and other relatives, being very traditional and down to earth Chinese, take stronghold of principles and philosophy. Not to say anything, but I believe it is the lack of exposure that makes them delude in their one typography mindset. When slight unfairness strikes, they would regard the other entire race as having that problem altogether. Or, they would boast boldly about what Chinese can do and achieve, and what the nation would be if not for us, Chinese. Often I kept quiet and let them blabber in self gratification, as once, I had voiced out my opposing views and got condemned harshly being a disgrace and traitor of my own people.

One fair example was when my sister failed to obtain JPA luar negeri, being she merely received the offer for JPA locally. My mother went on lengths in saying how unfair this was, and how my sister would do if she had equal results but of a different race. This, I still regard as fine, but when they went on saying other non-Chinese being not doing well as Chinese do, my opinion, I strongly beg to differ. Like how they say Chinese are generally excellent in Maths, I dare to say I am not any close to average in Maths. Not all bumiputeras are thoroughly lousy and require the Government's help all the time. There are equally competent non-Chinese out there, equally excellent people who can utilise taxpayers money and return to develop the country as well. My question, why generalise? Is it something we were trained to do? It is definitely not born within our genes. Why not excersie some understanding and get the point from a larger picture? Why not take the more difficult and courageous point of view, which is to acknowledge that it is not limited for one race to do one thing, but it is the person who makes the difference. The point is, experience may lead us in believing that generalisation of one race due to an individual is normal. It is not, and it corrupts. When an individual does good or bad, is the person with the attitude, not the race with the infection.

Since we are living altogether there should be no point asking anyone of us to leave. Together we develop the country, anyone less would make today impossible. Malaysia is our home, and each of us that loves the country, deserves to stay here and continue to prosper from it. Respecting each other and exercising tolerance is the lubricant that keeps the engine of peace and unity running. I am a Malysian who was born in this land, living in this land, and will die in this land, and enough said, I love Malaysia. Happy Merderka.

PS: Was super hefty not to cross the line being sensitive. Racism, a topic that invites ISA. Shhhh....

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I really do.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Results Night

I was lying on the sofa, remote control in one hand and apple in another, watching Miami Ink lazily when JJ called. That macha practically screamed in my ear:


I literally sprung out from lazy mode and started hitting the keyboard furiously. I was in cold sweat, and was shaking non stop due to the tension. Audrey called and we both screamed like hell.

Oh my God, I can't belive results was out! After 3 months of waiting, finally.

The stupid server crashed due to the congregation of users checking the results at the same time. After repeated motions of refreshing the same page and lots of cursing, finally, the result screen popped out.

I was so scared, I turned off the monitor and ran to the kitchen to call Yoong Ling. We talked for few minutes and she adviced me to eat some ice cream beofre checking.

So, there was it, when I turned on the screen. It did not exceed my expectations, but managed to meet it, towards some level. At least, it was reflective of the effort that I've put in for so long. Later on, MSN and facebook chat was flooded with conversations of results. It was a long night, but it ended well.

I thank God for His grace and favour as He has once again, proved that He is merciful in answering prayers. After insane hours of studying, additional research, consistent reading, inhumane hours of lectures and all the sacrifices, I'm glad everything is okay. I succesfully moving on to Part One, and my biggest wish now, is to get into Top 10.

I'll keep praying=)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Have you ever wonder why is ordinary, ordinary? Why do the majority stays ordinary to contrast the extraordinary? Since time in memorial, we know people who are famous, remember events that rises out of the blue. Nobody bothers with routine, average joes and plain janes. The majority however seems not to have any problem living along these lines, arguing peace and serenity above all. No doubt it ensures a life without much turbulence, guarantees happiness with the partake of content and satisfaction. When you do things that everyone does, you live in the safe bubble of acceptance and consistent pace with everyone else. The comfort zone you stay in say, becomes an entire lifetime for most of the human beings out there. They leave the world leaving behind only their tombstone for material memory. Three generations later, nobody in your family even remembers your name. Several later, your contribution to the world, so little, diminishes as later generations invent and fill in the blanks of what society needs at that time. You became nobody, like millions of them who had left the world only leaving behind remains in a cemetery.

For one thing I know, I'll be that lost soul that steps out of the comfort zone and risk my everything, and give in anything. No matter how much everyone disagrees, or discourages, I shall not steer, I shall not fall. For if I have lost everything for something, I'll get it. And damn I'll get it in the end. I am just someone who is unwilling to live in the norm, be contented with what has been given. I want more, and I want it better.

So they say: a hundred mile journey starts with a small step. Yeah, I'm running fast now.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Till 23rd August

“Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer” – Charles Colton 1780 – 1832

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


After the heavy thinking of the aftermath, the conclusion to be made is up to the mentality. I vow to never give up. The least I can do to redeem myself. And perhaps, to quote:

They say President Wilson has blundered. Perhaps he has, but I notice he usually blunders forward. ~Thomas Edison

I'll never accept defeat, never ever. I'll keep fighting for my goals despite setbacks and failures, ignorance and demotivation. In this journey to success, I'm not going to please anybody but myself.

Lastly, to family, friends, teachers, I'm sorry if I've let you down.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lawasia Moots

I am proud that our mooting team finished second and will be representing Malaysia to the International rounds at New Delhi. They did a great job and was splendid, awesome, amazing, fantastic....phewwwww!!!

For us student volunteers, was pure labour, enough said.

Anyway, it was a great hell of an experience. Knowing other friends from elsewhere is cool=)


Monday, August 9, 2010

Easy, You're Just Not The One

I was hoping for that day I'll turn around and prove you wrong.

Yes, no other student study 12 hours non stop,
nor they arrive home at 11 average each night,
nor do they have classes on Saturdays and weekends.

And I want to tell you all that:

I'm smart enough AND harworking enough to deserve,
even I have to skip meals,
even I have to bear your faces of disbelief when I told you I want,
even you discourage me, tell me to keep my hopes low.

Because IF I am Kings scholar, I have all to prove you wrong. ONLY IF. Now, it's clear that I'm not. It's 9th already and I've given up on waiting for that call from Kings. I'm lying to myself that everything is okay. Everything is not okay at all and I'm beyond disappointed. I've given it all, and I'm now left with nothing.


I'm tired of this. I want to jump off some building. I'm fed up of living a life that everybody, EVERYBODY telling me what I can't do and who I can't be. I know crying is no use, but I'm now doing it. I'm so disappointed, I don't know how to pick myself up this time.

Just leave me alone.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'll Do It For You

You know, if I can ever have that, I would not hesitate to fly you back to KL, and make you meals like this every dinner.
We will drive to mamak late at night and talk until 5 in the morning, or watch TV at your place and drink Old Town with soda biscuits.
We will also go shop at lots of places. You will help me with my arrangements. Planning for my 21st. You will do all these for me.
Everything will run in smooth motion with that single determining factor, you know. We had endless conversations over the phone about hopes, fears, encouragements. Despite hectic work schedules, despite annoying lines over at Paris, we somehow could find time, to make the connection work, to make interacton successful.

You know how badly I want this, and you are the one who I can count on to give me that pull when my mentality could not withstand the fall.

You are the one I throw my life's motions to; I rant, laugh, complain, rage, cry my heart to you. Unsolicited and sincere. No reservations at all, pure hundred percent trust so real. These are the moments in life I cherish. Though miles apart, we never fail to keep touch, never fail to trust, and never fail to be there. You were somehow there, be it your voice or your advice that keeps ringing in my head. I had stayed strong during stressful revision schedules, exam days and post exam fears because you told me to, during times where I was tired, discouraged and fearful.

As of now, you told me that I can, and I had gave in all. I trust that I can, because I believe you.

The date determines all, and now we anticipate. Anything may happen, but the thing that doesn't change is how much I had appreciated your everything for so long; not just during harsh revision exam times, but since we have decided to be friends.

I appreciate everything, twins. Thanks for being my best friends.

Friday, July 30, 2010


When the serpent tempted Eve to take the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, would that be the very origins of human temptation, I wonder? Christians called it the original sin, setting thus the imprint that whatever that tempts us, would be evil and sinful. The work of the Devil to allure us to His realm and to slave our souls.

Life is full of temptations of every sort. I believe the strength of principle and faith would cast standing to one to withstand them. But one ought to know that, we are human afterall and there are weak spots, tender enough to reduce that spiritual mindset into cinders, once tempted beyond.

It's amazing how a thought can move principles aside, allowing men to lead themselves to their own downfall. After witnessing since time immemorial, how many empires crumbled, lost battles, shrivelled mankind, human ought know better. But it does not seem so, because what tempt us, keep tempting us, and knowingly accordingly, we give in to indulge in that momentary pleasure.

There are moments in life I had gave in to temptations, done things I'm not supposed to and made wrong decisions. I'm not proud of them, but I believe in forgiveness and faith, time and prayer that can empower all to heal wounds. What has driven me to blog about this, is where you medidate and realise how much better you can be, then you repent and tell yourself not to fall back into the same holes again.

And I will put enmity
between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel."

To the woman he said,
"I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing;
with pain you will give birth to children.
Your desire will be for your husband,
and he will rule over you."

To Adam he said, "Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you, 'You must not eat of it,'
"Cursed is the ground because of you;
through painful toil you will eat of it
all the days of your life.

It will produce thorns and thistles for you,
and you will eat the plants of the field.

By the sweat of your brow
you will eat your food
until you return to the ground,
since from it you were taken;
for dust you are
and to dust you will return."

Genesis 3: 15-19

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Roland Expo

Two days of intense work in Roland expo@ One U, co-organised by my uncle's company. Despite the long hours of standing and carrying heavy stuff, I find it pretty fulfilling as compared to other promoting jobs that I've ever did. There were lots of live bands playing, inaugural random talent shows on pianos and plenty of time for me to stroll along empty floors and think about just anything else that matters to me.

Friends that came along made my day, really. I bumped into Steven, Jess and Xid on day one. Henry and Mich came to have dinner with me on Sunday. I was thrilled and also, lots of love for bringing me yumcha and sending me home in that Merc.


Drove to MV alone and nearly got lost because I missed one intersection exiting SPRINT. Thank God I'm smart and used an alternative. Driving home was one journey involving three tolls. Good thing I brought along mum's touch and go so that I wouldn't be the one paying. One word of advise: It's super unwise to drive from Bandar Sri Damansara to Mid Valley, ALONE. A train ride just costs RM1.60. Anyhow, Despicable Me was great, in 3D, especially with dudes I've not met in years. So, I don't regret travelling at all=) though I'd prefer one u next time.

By the way, I'm a student volunteer in LAWASIA. So stay tuned for pics and events. More to come=)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Spirit of The Law

Many months ago I was living on bare essentials: my body, books and a functioning brain. Food eventually became coffee every morning and protein shake every afternoon. Caffeine was essential to maintain a working mind and ensure consistent focus, attention and concentration. Explains much about the coffee, and protein shake is to, oh wells wells, prevent gastric. Then, the next thing I knew was, I was having occasionnal migranes, having pretty much to rely on cod liver oil and evening primrose to regulate my fluctuating period schedule, not to mention each month, it bleeds with crucifying agony. The worst thing was, I wasn't losing weight. Which I was quite disappointed in lol. Anyway, the point is; stress level was high. Work kept pushing in and deadlines were drawing closer. Long hours of reading and deprived sleep wasn't running life in singular motion. Taking the night train home alone was a nightmare. Besides fearing the risk of weirdos like molestors, robbers and rapers, sitting there among strangers allow the idle mind to wander. Thoughts about meeting expectations, dreams, achievement flooded in, all obnoxiously scary, but immensely powerful. I was very ambitious, and very keen, eager to lose everything to get what I want. There were times I wasn't feeling motivated. Peer influence steps in here and there, enough to drown me in solitary misery, thinking about comparison and competition.

But then, even I was under stress, I was happy and I feel fulfilled. I love law and I want to be married to it. I am a law student, proud to be one pursuing to be in one of the most honourable professions in the world. Hence, there will never be any solid explanations I can give if anyone asks why I want to read law. To be a lawyer? To become rich? It's so juvinile to give answers like that, and even more childish to ask questions that only I will be satisfied with the answer. To be percise, I live by the spirit of law, and I'm very passionate about it, and I want to serve justice's best interests by knowing more of it. I don't care if I have to skip meals or to sleep less because I have tons of stuff I don't know. I don't care if people ask me why I want to know so much more of things that exams do not cover. It doesn't matter if I have to do more. Because I love law, I'm so ready to give in everything for it. Exams are only a teeny part, so unworthy of being a fuss, a hurdle. The process of reading law is like so massive and so unpredictable, and I'm so curious to know more. And let there be my answer to your question. Law fascinates me like how love does to everybody else. I just have one dream, to live by the spirit of the law.

Speaking about this, RESULTS!!! Out by September, I think. This, I pray, to be reflective of what I have did for the past months.

Monday, July 19, 2010


It's already almost midnight, and I'm still at this madhouse.

Sometimes, it just gives me the feeling that it's cursed. Scrape that. All the time, I know that it's cursed.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A sudden craving for movies crept in yesterday night when I was teaching. It was already 9 and I had no kakis. Nobody seem bothered to pick up their phones on that Friday night.

Thank God Yen Yuen was super flexible and we went for the 11.30pm movie after a quick chat in Starbucks. Inception was way awesome, and I fell in love with Cillian Murphy on first sight. He's FARKING HOT.

It's definitely a must watch.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Truth About Table Salt

It always had been difficult to tell the truth that hurts, moreover telling the stark fact to someone you really love and care about. It had been challenging enough to me. When Qwen called me after we finished our Criminal Law paper, she was upset and crying over the phone. She told me she had only managed to finish one out of the supposed four questions and was wondering how bad was it. Very bad, I was biwildered. It only could mean a total fail for that paper itself which indicated a fail grade for the entire year. No referral whatsoever.

The Qwen I know is smart and intelligent, not forgetting to mention she obtained excellent STPM results before coming over to ATC for a law degree after turning down a sparse offer to pursue a degree in Economics in University Malaya. In fact, knowing that she had not been constantly reading and revising, Qwen turned 360degree hardwroking during our revision months; she read tutorial notes that no one would touch, attended every revision classes, asked questions around and consulted lots of lecturers on queries in law.

She knew that she had failed the year for failing the first paper. Yet she turned up for the following subsequent papers. The spirit of a fighter was the one which drew me in awe; it does not really matter what the results are, so long as the journey was worth its while. It is a matter of choice and Qwen took a very principled one: to continue what she had started, and finish it strong.

So it applies the same to winning Project O&O. She was fighting for the top, and it does not really matter at all whether one would win or not. Before the results was revealed, she had already did her part, did it well, and hence should bear no regrets. Qwen already had an awesome personality and with sheer determination, the ability to withstand change and pressures, the outcome after joining Project O&O is a Qwen who deserves a standing ovation for who she is and who she had become. She is a classmate, a friend and a role model to be admired and followed.

For what Project O&O had did to her, is subjecting her to be better than who she already is; more confident, outspoken and daring. For what it had made us, friends and supporters, spectators from the third person's point of view, is where we see life transforming changes and get inspired, then apply these to pursue the dreams that we desire. It had been possible for finalists of Project O&O to obtain what they want, and it is definitely so for us too, in what we had ever wanted so badly.

To Qwen, you had made all of us proud. After viewing lots of Edmund Tham's, the following capture may be an insult, but nevertherless, it is just to show you Qwen, that we love you lots.

'Talent is cheaper than tablesalt. What separates the talented one with the successful one is a lot of hard work.' - Stephen King

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Point Me Blank

Nowadays, the most exhilirating part in life I get is the freedom to drive. I'll spend time alone on the roads, listening to music and indulge myself in solitary serenity. Not to mention, the breathtaking moments of driving and seeing stretches of roads unfold by layers in front of me.

I guess being an individual with a strong sense of self belief leads to somehow, narcissism. I think I'd date myself again and again and I'd be so pleased and all. Afterall, I like to do things alone; without the hustle of company and the jerking sense of non freedom.

Side note to that, I emptied half a tank of petrol in two days for driving to Kuchai Lama and KL and to PJ. So gonna get killed.


Had a great weekend over in Camerons with college friends. Despite the fatigue, I'm still looking forward to life after all these.

Stay tuned peeps.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Eat, Money, Face

*Content Warning*

Today a particular kid got into trouble. His water bottle straw was stuffed with pencil shreds and it skipped my attention due to the hooligans making noise and havoc in the class.

The dad and mum was pissed off. They came and told one long thread of story and threatened my mum that if that *soab* son of theirs got bullied they'll stop him from coming. Of course, mum apologised and gave the sweet talk all. Business mar.

And of course, I got scolded front and back up and down.

Set that aside, I'm just freaking pissed with the whole incident. You are parents with a kid, of course, you habour a loving heart and patience. And then you can't stand the fact your kid got bullied in school and you got pissed off on the other kid who did it and then you blame the teachers for not paying attention enough. Then you threaten. WTF? You are not understanding at all because you're accusing of non delicate attention. Ei moron, of course, because you're not the only fucking one who paid. All of the kids have parents who pay. And teachers are human. Human enough to get distracted. You went on and say other kids are being unreasonable and all. Remember, they're all kids. You scold them because of your son? Moron, pick someone of your own size, okay? It's riddiculous. You guys gave me the impression of those losers who are so overprotective of their kids that they never grow. Can't punish, can't scold. Then, they become morons, like who you are now. Happy? Like father, like son.

I'll throw the money on your idiot face. Don't even bother coming back. Learning is a process with falls in between. Getting up is where learning takes place. Each time you cushion your child's fall, he will never learn how to walk.

Fuck off, ok? I'm pissed off.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

District Awards Night

Priceless are those experience gained throughout. Well done=)

I'll be the best in what I do.

Friday, June 25, 2010

More Than

More than a month ago college life ended, or rather adjourned with the euphoria of the finishing exams. Then life starts to take a bland turn, initially. Now it's sorta routine and it gets increasingly familiar. Random changes spice up the routine before gradually falling back to the regular stupor.

Admitedly I miss college life a lot. I miss my lectures, tutorials, time spent on researching, reading additional articles and reference books. I miss THAT academic part of me, which I believe consists of 70% of me. LOL. Detachment from books make me feel stupid and makes life almost meaningless, TO ME. Perhaps many would regard life interesting besides studying, but it's so me to take my studies seriously. Once bitten twice shy mode applies after Form 6. So as people say, a matter of principle, and mine, sounds like the nerd type of mission statement. Can't be bothered more of what you opine, anyway.

During Wayne Morisson's lecture slightly before exams. I miss my college buds heck.

I know well that things change eventually and indeed they do. Hanging onto some flexible mockery isn't really gonna change my way of thinking, much. Ignorance isn't that blissful afterall, so to say. Being emo is so like duh.

Perhaps to calm my raging mind: Everything in the world breaks.
But memories can be eternal.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Midnight Drizzle

My mind but not my thoughts. Wishing days could pass until the day cannot be the way.

I can't live like this anymore. I can't make your life, mine.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

These Good Days

Nothing trades the time well spent with people you love. Two weeks of holidays without seeing those bastards, bring me the first breath of fresh freedom and enjoyment. Though my ideal getaway would be the beach, random meet ups and shopping sprees does the remedy equally well.

1. Went for buffet with the girls.

2. Helped Zi Qin to look for furniture for her future home.

3. Shopped for three consequtive days and emptied my savings account.
4. Went for warehouse sales and almost got into a fight.
5. Went mamak to watch football to get the feel.
6. Pierced my ears again.
7. Watched movies and stuck my face to the TV for Mega Sundays on AXN.
8. Sang k with the guys.
9. Baked with the twins.
10. Finished 4 bags of chips in a night thanks to World Cup.
11. Fell in love with bangles.
12. Went for a day trip of mall hopping with Yen Yuen.

13. Went picnic with high school friends.

14. One heavy dinner consisting of 7 course meals with family.
15. Grandparents came over and went for dimsum.

16. Telan-ed one whole durain@@


Working, just give me pains in my ass. Not just I dislike it, I loathe work very much. Probably due to the reason I never liked kids, or working for mum increases the stress one have to cope. Long working hours with unfixed hours, random chores and getting blamed for everything is annoying and discouraging.

Heck I thought I will be enjoying my break which I duly deserve after so many months of hard work and sacrifice for my exams. And how wrong was I. Now I'm praying for holidays to end and my new term to start asap.

Side note to that: I don't work for the sake of money; I work for the sake of interest and satisfaction. I don't work to serve other's belief, I stand on my own principles and deliver my services accordingly. I am worthy of every single piece of respect due to my respect to others. I work in positive light, I see oppurtunity and I am moved my optimism. If I have to pretend and sacrifice everything and have no life in return, I don't see the purpose of giving all in. That's why, I just think this business is a total fucked up plan if you don't have the mentality to sustain pressures and blame everyone for mistakes, refusing advices and hoping for everyone who work for you to be ideal. Cause no one is perfect, and neither am I, or you.

I'm out of this madhouse after July.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


During afternoon nap, I had a dream which stood vividly in my mind.

I was in a swimming pool with a dozen men, and then, God gave me a test of temptation. I was at the edge of the pool and God gave me the choice of to take the plunge, or to resist it. I gave in, and dove into the water. But the 6 feet depth turned into a four storey deep plunge. I found myself ascending to the bottom, far away from the light above. It was when I reached pit bottom I was able to swim back to the surface. During the way back up, God told me:

'As I have saved you this time, I can also unsave you the next.'

Then I felt a force on my right shoulder which prevented me from resurfacing, and my vision went foggy. It was then I realise how is it to lose spiritual direction: blurred and burdenful.

I woke up in sweat, but I remembered the message well.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Drink, Drank, Not Drunk

Back to The Library again yesterday night. But this time, it wasn't with Liz. Tagged along college friends LSW, Martin, Wai Kiat, Qwen and Edwin. Juanophobia performed in the finals and I was all out to support. Saw Kenn Yee there as well, very the coincidence. My right hand was aching a bit due to the badminton aftermath, plus we got bad seats due to the massive crowd. It was halfway through the event everyone started sweating like hell.

The mad crowd.

Ok, Juanophobia lost. Being they've got the first runner-up. For fans it was quite a disappointment but it's fine. Company was great and that's what that matters most.

I think some of them are not quite enjoying themselves there. I don't know why. Maybe my problem? No?

Martin opened bottle. Black label we've got. Somebody nearly got drunk for finishing the entire last small portion. lol.

Come again.


Played badminton with the gang as well. The results: body odour and aching muscles. Went for pasar malam afterwards and laughed while eating. Was super syokked.

Dan, Martin and the Woman acting as the couple of the year.

Groans. work starts.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Page 358

Taken from The Success Principles:

Frank Szymanski, Notre Dame centre in the 1940s, had been called in as a witness in a civil suit.

"Are you on the Notre Dame football team this year?" the judge asked.
"Yes, Your Honour."
"What position?"
"Centre, Your Honour."
"How good a centre?"

Szymanski squirmed in his seat, but he said firmly:"Sir, I'm the best centre Notre Dame has ever had."

Coach Frank Leahy, who was in the courtroom, was surprised. Szymanski had always been modest and unassuming. So when the proceedings were over, he took Szymanski aside and asked why he had made such a statement. Szymanski blushed.

"I hated to do it, Coach," he said. "But, after all, I was under oath."


Acknowledgment of self. Speak as if under oath the entire life. Whoa, Hui Ting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Sunday Night

Went to The Library with Liz to support Juanophobia. The band was way awesome. Gonna go again this Sunday, yeah, they cast the addiction.

They are all Liz's seniors and most of the people who turned up to support them were Liz's friends. Hence I look a bit odd. But nontheless I love good music and drinks, so no harm done. The night was amazing. They really did made me their fanXD

The Judges.

Hanging out with Liz can be tiring, because we talk a lot lol. But next chapter begins this Sunday eh pal? haha. See you same time same place man.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Lazy Afternoons

Took a nap at 11am under the spinning ceiling fan. Two mattresses merged into one. Listening to Queen and thinking about gays, jobs and pancakes. The air was definitely hotter than Mexico.

I'm speculating about Mexico.

But I can do a getaway there. Heard that Cancun is not bad for lazy afternoons like this, on a beach.