Saturday, September 27, 2008

Formals? Not For Me.

One of the most long awaiting farewell parties that I am looking forward to is the Libary Board Annual Farewell Party because:
1. I was the president.
2. It's going to be in a hotel.
3. I organised it last year for my seniors, so I just want to sit and let people serve me for a change this time.

But the drawback was:

And there were rumors saying that they will have a open floor dance at the end of the event.

I was like: OH MY GOD.
1. I don't have a bloody dress.
2. I don't dance.
3. Everyone will look great in a dress, EXCEPT me. Since I bloody love my jeans and cargo shorts and I will kangkang my legs like nobody's business.

No choice, so I went shopping for a new dress and shoes a day before the event. I shopped for 5 hours plus minus, and finally bought a hundred-buck-dress and a 3 inch 2 heels.

Just pity Von and Peih for accompanying me all day.

And blah blah blah so the moment arrives. Since nobody is willing to fetch me so I took a bus to the hotel where they we holding the party.

Sincerely, everybody was looking at me. The bus driver barked: ' OI AMOI! PIGI MANA?'
I was thinking: 'Diam lah, kalau aku ada orang hantar, tak perlu himpit himpit kat bus yang tak ada air cond ini dengan aku punya 100 buck dress dan 3 inch heels.'

Everyone was looking great. (except me)

This is me and Michelle. Michelle is wearing her red dress with a shawl.

Way to go Michelle! Anyway she looks nice in everything because she's super skinny(the antonym for me)

Cherry, See Bee and me. Black gang.

See Bee looked like a Hong kong artist (according to Michelle) and Cherry is known as one of the most fashion sensible girls in the school. wee, looks like: Poor me. =(

Me and Kalai.

She is cute-lar. In contrast with the famous Hui Ting who shouts her ass off about anything that dissatisfies her will.

The juniors sang for us. Which we had no idea what the heck was the song because the PA system sucks. Everyone was trying to figure out whether it was Whitney Houston or Celine Dion.

My advice: Try something more of the 21st century. Like what we sang last year. Time of our Lives by Green Day.

With my juniors.

Standing: Tong Lim (Ketua Media), Nisha (President), Me, Vicky (Vice Secretary)
Sitting: Liang Kit (Assistant Media), Eric (Ketua Harian), Benjamin (Treasurer), Joelle (Vice Treasurer), Helen (Discpline Assistant), Zong Shen (Vice President)
I bloody hell declare this as the best shot of the day. XD

Of course, the group photo. That is Kim Wooi acting as The Phantom of The Opera, which was hilarious more than touching.

The part where he took off his mask, I have no idea why they screamed. But it was funny rather than hideous. And Pn. Liza's daughter began to cry. O.o

Whether there will be a open floor dance or not will remain a mystery to my life because at 10.30pm, mum was already calling me to go back home. So I went home with the feeling of:
1. Vomiting coz the food sucks.
2. Tired
3. Aching feet because of the 3 inch 2 shoes
4. Relief coz It's all over now.

Thanks Juniors!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exam Blues

Counting down only XX days to STPM.
and X days to Trail.

Every time I picked up a book and sat down, some Star Wars battle between the good and evil will happen.

Evil: No need lah~ Sleep la!
Good: NO! EXAM is coming.
Evil: Take it easy, man.
Good: No way! Pick up the book and concentrate.
Evil: NCIS 9.30pm today!

Slams book down and hurried to the living room to watch NCIS.

Evil won.

It occurs everytime....

So, with XX days left, I knew that my future will be like


If there is a battle like this next time ...

Good: STUDY~
Evil: Sleep!
Good: STUDY!
Evil: Sleep!
Me : SHUT UP!! @#$%*


And maybe I will start worshiping my books.

XD =)Wish me luck...

Quote to ponder on:
'A thousand mile journey starts with a single step.'