Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sin City

Dear Lord, I pray in the peace of the world.
I did something wrong today.
I confess I am a sinner.

Please, please, please don't let the school and the teachers know about this.

But damn, it feels so GOOD to commit this sin. Even I have done it, I feel no remorse. In fact, I wanted to repeat it again. It's an experience I felt so great about being a student.

In God's name I pray.

Dear bloggers, guess what I have done? I will blog about this on July.
Till now, you people just guess.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sports Day

I am in Thamboosamy House. Red house. Lame name for a lame house. I am the billboard captain, which means there was a billboard competition, where four houses compete for the glory of creating the best information board in the school.

I took this post because I was offered the post of Cheerleading captain. I was damn shocked and turned down this generous offer. Knowing me, huh, cheerleading, so-not-me. So I said I can be the billboard captain better. So, that’s me, here, strutting and cutting papers while the others did stunts and danced.

I wanted to be the champion very much. But I would not have mind too much if I lost. I just simply created something, last minute, and it will turn out the best. Huh. Damn snobbish leh!! Hehe.

The next concern of mine was athletics.

Knowing me, I do not possess any genes which suggest I am an athlete.

Maxwell, known for its pathetic number of women athletes, had no choice but to force every girl to take part in the sports events. Me, unfortunately, being fortunately outstanding in sukan tara (well, out of luck, passed the long jump while everyone cannot), had been chosen to take part in long jump, lontar peluru and 4X100 relay athletics.

Me, sweating like a fishmonger, had no choice, but to practice, practice and practice.

It turned out to be a joke. The twins, also took part in athletics, suggested to run 100 meters to see how we perform. So on one fine evening, we went to the nearest lorong in the neighbourhood and estimated the length and ran.

We ended up having pains the next evening.

The next day, I followed my house members to MPS Stadium and saw the 100 meter track.


The lorong we ran was only 10 meters. I was like. OMG.

It turned out to be the joke of the day.

Me freaking out, ran and ran and ran in MPS until 9pm. It was raining, and I ran in the rain. That night, my feet had blisters and the skin peeled away. Eh, I ran with my shoes on man! Imagine that.

On sports day, I could not care more. I was having cramps and I totally dragged the long jump. On the relay 4X100m, I ran as if my ass was on fire. Finishing the fifth, I was happy not to finish the last. Yoong Ling passed out after the 4X400M relay but got the third. Yoong Sin was unfortunately placed in a team with no athletes, so she finished the last for every event. She was cursing in the end.

The best part of the day was when it was announced that I won the Billboard Competition. I received the hamper and shouted non-stop on the podium. I screamed and jumped until my hamper tore into two. I was damn happy. My efforts paid off and I redeemed victory. I thrust my fists to the air, as my team members celebrated with me. When it was announced that we won the Cheerleading Competition, Michelle hugged me until my ribs nearly broke. We even won the Marching Competition, which was totally not expected, because the mascot looked totally like a piece of shit.

The board that got me won the Billboard Competition.

From left; Kian Lu (Sulaiman's Billboard Captain), Me, Lok Siang (Swettenham's Billboard Captain), Chun Hoe (Yap Ah Loy's House Captain)

Thamboosamy house won overall. We ran the whole stadium holding our trophy and flag. Well, halfway, because we had no more energy after all those events.

Red house. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I looked like shit in this pic but, who cares? See that hamper on the far right. It was held up by an enormous ammount of duct tape after I broke it into two. XD

This was the last Sports Day I will ever have in my life. It will be one of the best memories that I ever had in my life, because it taught me that, with inspiration and perspiration, anything will be a dream come true.

Special Thanks to those who had helped me in billboard.
Yee Toong
A Fa
Kok Weng
Hong Ping
Zi Qin
Kian Lu
And others who helped directly and indirectly