Friday, April 8, 2011

Of Family Ties

Not long after, sis would be flying off to Taiwan and will be spending 7 years abroad for her medical degree. I jokingly told her that by the time she's back, looking for a job locally, I'd become a senior partner in some prestigious law firm. As of now, everyone is busy with life, studies, work; we as a family rarely have time together. Times where I return to an empty house, or waking up to a quiet morning. Times when I don't get to see my siblings because by the time I'm back, they've slept. And also, times where we would resort to big arguments; mum arguing the lack of attention, sis arguing the unfair treatment received among siblings, bro with his issue of not faring well in exams. Point is, we have all our demands. Our demands sometimes overwhelm what we, as a family, are supposed to relax and enjoy. In arguing and reasoning the lack of love and attention, the amount of blame and jealousy placing on our priorities; be it work, studies, love life, ambitions, social networks......, I think we have somehow exaggerated the condition which we are in, in stating how unloved and unwanted we are, how bad it is. It's really not that bad. Family arguments are commonplace and part and parcel of, a family. What matters is that we always forgive each other and move on, bearing in mind that we still love each other and try our best in making each other happier and contented in life.

And I know I can only trust my family 100% but no other, and my family will always protect me like no other; as we have been always sticking through thick and thin, helping each other and reminding us of the mistakes we've done to not repeat, cautioning us of those dangers ahead so that we won't fall into traps. Like how they've been supportive of me when I studied law, and how forgiving they are when I did badly in my STPM, and how proud they've been when I scored. And those, are little things, little expressions that always make my life worth living up to their expectations.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shreds and Scenes

Every year, I told myself to bring flowers instead. Those white ones I know where they are sold cheapest, down the street where florists sell in bulk. Be it roses, or daisies. Oh yes I should get those white daisies; their petals perfect for the bouquet, green stalks, leaves. It has always been a significant day to remember, yet I told myself everyday is a day to remember because what is eternal stays alive deep inside. And I said, flowers are good because they look pretty in a bouquet sitting quietly on the backseat of the car; with the morning sunshine illuminating droplets of water; be it dew or sprayed droplets, on the plastic sheet, the white petals,the green leaves.

I would have been alone talking; going along without any drawbacks, conversations maybe, and I presume I would be happy to be given the liberty and freedom of so. I would have allowed myself to explore my memory, to expand on things I barely remember, or things I never forget. Or I would have talked of all my problems, troubles, worries; even I know they will not invite any solution. Unilateral may be yielding no reply, but there is effort, and I know that in each inch of effort, is my sincerity and willingness that's what that matters. It had mattered to you of who am I, and I would want myself to live towards that presumption.

So I want to be alone and bring along that bouquet of daisies. They would have been dried and died the next time I come by, or most probably, someone will dump the fresh bouquet before I could even say goodbye.