Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bright Night

Finally. Call it an end to year 2008 and HELLO 2009. meaning that I am going to again unfold another chapter of my life, starting fresh and new. With a promising beginning, I am ready to have all my new year resolutions done during this whole new year. A fresh start to wash all those unpleasant happenings which happened during year 2008, meaning I have to do all those recapping and rethinking about the mistakes that I have made and regrets I wished I hadn't had, and by God's will, wouldn't happen again in year 2009.

Firstly, a great big hug to all my Chinese Society members. I don't think I was a good president while I am in position, but I had tried my best. I am darn sure I had offended most of you guys, and I wished I didn't had. Of all that had happened then, I had only one intention: To the betterment of the society. Although you may had disagreed me as a leader, but I wished you had loved me as a friend.

Anyway, I do like to sincerely apologise what I had did to you people out of non-intention or otherwise. And also a big big THANK YOU. For making me the proudest president when we together make any event a success. And for allowing me to learn so much during this process.

Secondly, I would also thank all librarians (especially committee members)for helping me out during these times while I was president. And dear juniors, I my had pushed you guys too far during your probation, and I sincerely do not wish you guys would hate me for that reason. For everything that I did, is for you guys to improve, because at that time, you were the people I can count on to succeed one of the largest board in school.

But seeing you guys did the farewell fairly well was one of the most relieving thing I had experienced. Thanks for staying put with the pressure. Your commitment was recognised by us seniors.

Thirdly, to twins and Zi Qin aka BFF.
You guys had been giving me lots of moral support and guidance throughout the year, or years. I haven't formally thanked you guys before, but in my heart you guys are always my besties forever, and you guys know that. Although we have been disagreeing in lots of stuff but I think you guys have been there for me wherever I needed you. And it's truly the best thing I had ever had in my life.

I know I hid something I am supposed to share with you guys that time. And it's depressing me like nothing else. When I told you, you had given me the best advice, and being the best listeners. Thank you for not judging me for what I was behaving that time. And thank you for being my friend for who I am.

And for Shin Peih. You had been one of the best listeners I had when I had problems. Thanks for giving me an otherside opinion. And by the way, thanks for teaching me Maths!

I am sorry that sometimes you had the feeling that you're being used in friendships. But I assure you, I am grateful for you as a friend. It's not about common interests and helping out. It's you who had made the difference. And I hope this friendship lasts regardless of time or distance.

To Michelle, I am more than happy to have you as a classmate, and some more sitting beside me in class. Thanks for all those happy times we cracked as nutters in class. The jokes you made to cheer up the whole situation. The instant relief we had when we cursed teachers in class.

Although sometimes we wil bu suang each other, but hey dude. You know I am grateful for you as my classmate. Form 6 is never gonna be the same with you in the same class, and boy I say, you gotta love high school.

To 6AA and 6AB, the class I was in for two years. A lot of things may had happened during 2008. For one thing, we used to share the same classroom, but now we're all heading towards different directions. As years pass, would we meet one day? Would we still treasure the togetherness that we used to have?

Lots of incidents had happened when we're in the same class. Happy or not. One thing. I'm happy to be a part of this class, no matter what people said about it. You guys had been the one you are, and it had made all the difference.

2008 had been a year of dramatic changes. Definitely lots of lessons learnt. Mistakes made and regretted. Choices made and moved forward. It had been a terrible year, tears were shed and voices were raised. I can say that I achieved nothing. But at the same time it had been a rewarding year, because I had yet received lots of pleasant surprises from family and friends. And had experienced new stuff that I never been in before. Thanks to all those persons who had given me those memories.

In 2008 I found out that I cannot become a doctor. A doctor is the ambition that I had since primary school. And to ditch the dream that I used to have is due to a few reasons. Primarily I found out I'm not fit and not mentally prepared for such a long duration of studying period. And I do not qualify as an excellent student. I'm just average. And average joes and plain janes do not just become doctors. The industry is complicated for normal people. And money is another factor. And I just figured out that I wanted to become a doctor so badly is just because of the money and title. And after all it equals to my desire. Plain lust and fictitious cravings for a better life. Then I actually got some pretty good advice from Plurk friends, for actually believe that I should play by my strengths. This June I am going to face a challenge: To choose a course which will lead me to my future. And God bless, I am going to make the correct decision.

In 2008 I learnt that perspective is very individual and meant to be treated by respect and optimism. I never much had been a good friend or family member, but I ambit to be better in year 2009. I will be a good listener and understanding at all circumstances. And I shall learn to be better when I prepare myself to stand in other people's shoes. Learn to serve the community and humanity. Respect people of all walks of life. Treat humanity with justice and equality, eliminate bias and prejudice. To appreciate life of others.

In 2008 I learnt that I am very bad in making decisions. So I aim to be wiser in 2009. To be able to differentiate emotions and conscience when circumstances allow. I shall never let emotions overrule rationality in whatever case. I will be stronger when it comes to rejection and failures, and able to move on and throw misery away. To be a person of dignity and well sought after. I shall be able to own and portray my own true identity. And to walk the world without the slightest regret.

Now making a lil 2009 wish list.
1. STPM: Please please give me at least 3As.
2. MUET band 6.
3. Driving license.
4. A car.
5. A good University.
6. Shopping opportunities.
7. A happier life.
8. Health and wealth.

That's all I guess.
Anyway, I shall be celebrating the arrival of 2009 with great exhilaration. New year, new hopes, as anyone else says. =D

PS: I personally think that this is the end of it. All these times I believe that my intuitions never went wrong, and if it does, I will just assume that you are trying to deny it. You may say it's just trying to make myself feel better and yes it does, because like you, my pride isn't just something to be thrown away. As they say, only fall for someone if he is willing to catch you. And I haven't got the slightest clue that you're ready for a change. I don't give a damn about your past because I do not feel that's going to determine your current actions. An advice for you: Everyone in this world changes for the better after experience. But you? Just stay on the same pace. Repeating your known mistakes. Pathetic you. I feel sorry for you. Because you are a loser, who never realise that the world doesn't just wait. Waiting for you is like waiting for the rain in the drought. Useless and disappointing.If you were to ask what had you got from me, yeah, you've got my pity.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cold Cold Steel

Sorry guys, but I can only manage to find one photo of 4 of us together. just want to tell anyone in the entire globe that

And my commitment towards friendship will never fade in time or distance.
'Spin the wheel, turn your love around, get down, down on your knees, and show me that you're not afraid to lose.'

PS: I looked like shit in this photo, but who cares anyway?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Drypers Kids

My aunt runs a daycare centre at her house, as so happened that day she wanted to go for the dance class, and both her daughters were busy, so she dropped two kids to my house for us to take care of them temporarily.

And who knows we accidentally broke the Decree of Child Protection by turning those two kids to part time models.

The original kids looked like this. They were just selamba-ing. Until someone took out sunglasses and teddy bears.

So they turned to this.

Peace...Awhh..this guy is not co-operating.

Say cool! We love drypers yo..

Okay, anyway, Mum started shouting and said that we had no other better work to do. So we had to say bye bye to the kids. But lucky them. Some kids never get to be models their entire life..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recipe to Share

I am always amused by those dishes prepared by chefs which looked very impressive (dunno whether is the photography technique or the food really really looked that nice), so since I am darn free, I decided to cook something exotic. And speaking about exotic, actually I have no ingredients in the fridge which is exotic. Everything in the fridge is so lame (because my whole family is so lame when it comes to cooking). Because I am the most creative and innovative when it comes to FOOD...Aha. Fuiyo, so syok sendiri.

Firstly the ingredients.

It's almost every poultry product from my fridge, because I think mum is on a vege diet, and basically I don't care because I'm a omnivore, correct?

I forgot to introduce, I'm preparing a fusion dish. Japanese Italian Omelette.
So, firstly, chop chicken breast into very fine pieces.

Very very fine pieces. Use breast for better texture.

Then marinate it with barbecue sauce, salt, sesame oil, tumeric, butter, pepper and don't forget Japanese soy sauce, those we see in sushi king, because we're cooking fusion, so must have a little trace of Japanese influence in the food.

Next chop crab sticks (or fish filament sticks) into quarters. Leave aside.

These crab sticks are added for the Japanese theme, and for seafood flavour.

Whisk 4 eggs in a bowl.

Then cook them in a pan, over slow fire.

When 3 quarters are already cooked, place a piece of Japanese seaweed over it.

Then immediately fold it in the pan. Seal all openings.

This step requires the most skill. Need to control the fire, finalise the product, whew...

After the egg is finished, chop to even sizes and leave aside.

Now's the toppings.
Heat oil and fry the marinated chicken.

Kena control temperature. Not too high fire. Medium fire.

When the chicken is half cooked, add in the crab stick.

Don't overcook the meat. It will turn very hard and lose all its texture, so as the crab stick.

Immediately add in pasta sauce. Switch to high fire. Stir consistently.

Quickly turn off the fire before the bottom becomes hangus. haha...

Ladle a little bit up and pour to the chopped omelette. And TaDa!

Japanese-Italian Fusion Egg Omelette.

Eh, this is my own invented recipe dude. Nobody taught. I just copy and pasted the ideas and inspirations from a few cookbooks and recipes.
But cool huh~

Then later I cooked potato fried rice. A bit oily though...

My siblings complained that it's nasty. but I don't care.

In fact, i am glad that I cooked. Because I'm so bored at home, I don't even know what can I do. LOL somebody save me...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paradise Pangkor

Sunscreen lotion, shades, coconut trees and ang-mohs are included the typical experience of our Malaysian beaches. And of course if you're talking about not-so-lame beaches(definitely not PD because it's so darn polluted). Oh I'm back from Pangkor, one of the once very renowned tourists attractions. It's obviously not that spectacular if you want to compare it with Perhentian and Redang, but hang on, the place it's cooler than what I had expected. With the freakingly superb beach and the sun (but less ang-mohs) and with that I recommend Pangkor as the place for ultimate relaxation type of vacation. One you will just forget whatever bullshit that had happened in the city and just place your ass on the sands and just RELAX..

We took an express bus from KL to Lumut, the mainland, then took a ferry from the jetty to the Island. It was quite windy and cloudy that day. And I was pretty worried that it would rain and the weather will remain the same for the whole vacation. OMG I need the sun!!

On the deck it was very chilly. The ferry was speeding on the water and it produces lots of waves.

Anyway, we managed to camwhore.

We did pass by a fishing village as we took the ferry. Those type the houses built on slits above the seawater.

When we reached the resort it was past noon, so we dumped our stuff, took lunch and hop on a van to de-tour the island.

We stopped by a temple, which my friends loved.

So they went in to pray and I walked around to take pictures.

They built a mini Great Wall at the back of the temple.

Next we visited a fort built by the Dutch during the colonial era. It was actually destroyed by the Perak government then but now it had been restored to normal.

A part of the wall.

Day one ended like that. I was so tired, and fell asleep as my head touched the pillow.

The next morning we were woken by the crowing of a stupid cockerel, which was superbly annoying, and made me swore to roast it if I hear the damn crowing. But anyway, day two was beach day! But the weather was still chilly, so I felt a little disappointed. But never mind.

We went boat touring and snorkeling.

The uncle who drove the boat, who was also our guide, was unfortunately a noisy one, because he is kinda sot sot...and also I have no idea why he need to blast those pasar malam background music during our ride, and people who pass by looked at us one kind. =.=

He took us to an island, and according to the uncle, it's YTL's developed resort, which is also the only 5 star hotel at Pangkor. And look at those chalets, no wonder it costs a fortune to only staying for a night.

And we went snorkeling in those clear waters. The fishes are like swimming around me and it's frightenningly cool.

The uncle said that for more amazing results, we should snorkel with bread, so that the fishes will eat the bread and and swim close to us.

Nobody dared.

After the boat ride we arrived at the beach near the place we stayed and did whatever people used to do at beaches.

Then we spent the rest of the day having fun on the beach.

The best shot of the day. It's near dusk when I finally got tired of taking photos
so I called it a day.

The next afternoon I spent the whole day at beach, where the place it's deserted, less crowded and very very quiet. And it's just practical sitting in the shores, staring at the scenery and just think about nothing. Let go all emotion and memory. My mind went totally at ease there and it's really really very beautiful and addictive.

Plus the sun was really really sunny and blazing hot, which adds to the ideal atmosphere of a tropical getaway vacation.

And check out the water, it's clear and you can see fish swimming near the shores.

Another part of the orgasmic scenery. Check out the clouds.A perfect blend with a totally beautiful beach.

And this was where I got my 4 tones darkened skin. The scenery was so darn spectacular I can't resist it. I'm so addicted to it. And I paid the price for it.

So after been to rehab for beach addiction(going back to bath), I came back near sunset and stayed till twilight. Sunset was very breathtaking as well.

This scene is from the place where there was lots of people and boats.

Spectacular right? It just took my breath away.

This shot is from the boats.

This is where the sun is setting beyond the horizon, beneath the lone island at the centre of the ocean.

Setting sun. From the rocks by the shores. It's really windy there. I can taste the salty sea air as the breeze blow by.....

The sea at twilight. It's amazing. I dunno how to explain by words, but the view is just heavenly. It's definitely not the type of sky you can see in KL.

The next morning we left Pangkor. Aih....Back to hectic lifestlye.

Gloomy jetty...Started to miss the island a lot...

I will miss Pangkor because of the beach and the experience, and I leave my footsteps behind as my memory.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Another Day The Earth Stood Still

The second day after the exam, I was too bored and suddenly sis had a strong craving for frapuccino, so I followed her to Starbucks and stayed there for a couple of hours while she went for her piano lesson.

Last time before the exams we used to go Starbucks for our group studies and the place bore a very strong disgust for us. LOL but whatever, today I sat at a completely different place that we used to sit and I did everything but studying.

Books, Galaxie Mag, a Sketch book for darwing and of course of course my frap.

Then it started to pour.


Today the Physics guys finished their last paper so I bore the rain and went to school to find them. Afterwards we went to Jln Raja Laut for spicy pan mee.

The over-excited physics guys. Some wanted to go cc after exam.

Then straight to 1U for shopping. Today didn't buy anything because yesterday bought too much, and if I still keep on buying, some people will make noise.

But check out the cool decorations. They had the Alice in Wonderland theme.

We basically just hung out in MPH because there are simply so so so many books to read and since all of us loved reading so much.

The security was looking at us when we took the photos. =P

Basically today is a very happy day. I'm too tired to say anything.