Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bye bye lower six, Hello (goddamn it) upper six...

It's the last day being a LOWER SIX FORMER. But according to Cekap Tuition Centre, we are already considered UPPER SIX FORMERS, because the current batch had already gone for their STPM. Okay, say whatever you want. I realised that time files.

So, I am going to briefly say what had happened to my school life being a lower six former so far....

Start of school. Have a damn hard time debating over issues about transfering school. Finally settled down in SMK Maxwell, the 'school behind Dynasty Hotel'. Felt damn grateful to go to school everyday, despite the 1 hour ride. The canteen food sucked. Represented the school for chess. Lost. Been forced to dance. Thank god rejected the 'generous offer'. Made new friends, but not much. First friend to know in Maxwell is See Bee.

Became the President of Resource Centre Board. Damn happy and honoured. Had social issues with members. Hated by art class people. School was flooded. Reported loss of RM1 million. Hishamuddin visited together with a whole damn lot of reporters. Appeared on TV3 prime news. Hated by Chemistry teacher. Overslept in the bus on the way to school. Walked from Chow Kit to school. Witnessed the first couple in school, a guy from my class with a girl from next door. Made more friends. Yen yuen is a good friend.

Monthly test, did not prepare much, but scored CGPA 3.33 out of luck. Best grade in Chemistry in class. Made friends with art class people. Overcame some social skill problems. Mahendran said: 'At first I thought Azman was going to be the President, but you became, I doubted your abilities. Now I knew I am wrong because you are better, and you are the only upper AJK I respected.' damn touched and happy. Had issues with Liza, but I always knew she was wrong.

Started to plan for farewell event. Faced obstacles. Came for extra classes in school and slept three quarter of the class. Went for squash practices in Titiwangsa
Stadium, by Zi Qin's car. Managed to 'squeeze' into the semi finals. Started to hang out with koperasi people. Michelle kissed a guy during truth or dare. Attracted atention from the next class.

Finals approached. Damn unprepared. Nearly flunked maths. Can't hear a word during MUET listening test. Started to skip class, but managed to escape some teachers's eyes. Went Bukit Tinggi to do the insect project. Had fun. Again had issues with Liza. Library's fund was not enough to support a lot of events. Planned for cross country under last minute time range. Potentially nominee for house captain next year, but I will reject the offer. Hung out in Sungai Way for yhe first time in my life with friends. Hated it.

Successfully ran farewell. Releived. The first couple in school broke up. The guy was devastated. Liza started to show some respect towards me. Skipped school for one whole day because did not feel like going. Went to Suresh's home during Deepavali open house. Went back to school during holidays for soil sampling projects. Went to FRIM with classmates for quadrat sampling and line transect. Ate beehoon in library and got caught by Anita. Boon Fei followed music classses with me and paid me cheap enough.

It's almost the end of 2007.........

help me because I have done nothing for myself......