Friday, October 30, 2009

Signs on the Road

Dance as though no one is watching you; love as though you have never been hurt before, sing as though no one can hear you, live as though heaven is on earth.
-Alfred Souza

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pendulum of My Life

Why the title you ask.

Firstly I felt life has been swinging from one extreme to the another, people and incidents happened and changes perspectives. Not all are bad and it has given me the opportunity to see another side of many things, people and myself. I do thank God for everything i am and I have today, not to say I have the perfect life. But I am blessed with lots of good things which some are over and above my needs, hence the need of giving thanks. Of course I do fault in the run of life, where I learn to feel the pain of the injury and heal myself. Lessons mature me, and yes, they do. =)

Secondly I am absolutely sure I had made the correct decision of learning law six months ago when I was in a forked dilemma of choosing between two equally prospective course. The offer from UM to do English Language and Linguistics was my first choice in my application and UM was my dream university ever since high school. Plus UM is one of the top public universities around, and chances of getting in were not coincidental. Most importantly besides all the promotion of UM is that languages and literature is my passion, and one of my strengths. Surprisingly enough my family were totally on the support of me pursuing this course. Seem ideal right? Yet I chose to do law in a private college with zero knowledge of the subject, with my 90% of my friends then questioning my choice, objective in nature, with the 100% certainty of losing campus life that I once dream living in, with my family doubting the credibility of my option. Big deal and so much for reading Robert Frost. I do not deny the fact at first everything was jumbled up and depressing. I constantly found myself doubting myself, plus with all my best friends gone, new environment and new circle of friends. But today as I justify myself for making the correct decision, I do say I am confident enough. Though I lose campus life but I have city life. I still do languages as my passion, by allocating time for writing poetry as I used to do. Law is good for me as I find myself enjoying the subject, and I am having ambitions in the litigation field, seeing myself as somebody in the future. I make new friends as well, and I am happy with them. Lots of things fall back into order and it actually turns out to be better relatively. I have a balanced life and I am enjoying every moment of it.

Thirdly I truly thank God for my current circle of friends. They made me very comfortable while I socialise with them. They are people who do not judge and they accepted people as they do. There were lots of secrets in my life that I held shame upon where I did not mention to any single person, not even my closest friends. The reason was that my closest friends had the kind of upbringing I knew very well I had to select stuff to tell them. Not to say I do not trust them. They are friends for life and I love them very much. It is like another kind of relativeness, difficult to explain. But with them I am able to share most of my long hidden problems and issues with them and I receive assuring responses. With that I am grateful, sincerely. To those who read my blog you know who you are and this is my muacks to all of you. =)


Back to recent stuff which happened over the weekends.

We went back to JB by train to celebrate grandma's grand birthday. These people actually booked a bus to carry the entire kampung's population to the restaurant. Grand leh.

First time booking tickets for train. Excited nyah nyah~ We took the night train where you can actually lie down and sleep through the night. Not exactly 5 star comfortable but definitely better than seats, and you know our KTMs.

Sis with the over excited-ness like jakun keluar hutan. =___=''

Snaps during the celebration.

Bro Mum me sis.


The paternal side of my family. I rarely see them and I didn't knew it actually grew bigger, the family I mean. More new little members ^^ I have two twin cousins who I did not knew they existed. But come to it we never really like keep constant touch with them since Dad died and plus Johor is like so far from KL.

And these two kiddos were darn cute okay? lol. Totally in love with them.

I actually managed to meet up with Zi Qin since her uni is nearby my kampung. She stayed overnight and went to the celebration as well. We talked like mad and Zi Qin watched TV like there is no tomorrow. Reason, no entertainment means in hostel. Grandma keep asking me why Zi Qin was the one who got a uni in Johor but not me. So that I can balik kampung as regular as possible. lol.

And I de-toured UTM and her hostel as well. ATC is like pathetically 1/200 of UTM in size. Zi Qin say it's rare to get friends from KL over to UTM. I agree. I do not have the everyday chance to go Johor let alone UTM. Priceless, and hence the photo. =)


The moot court competition is driving me nuts. Mah Sue Ann is super stressed up constituting me to be influenced as well. I am actually deeply sorry for getting a massive hang over this morning and spoiling her initial plans for doing the moot stuff. But I was very happy we six mooters get to chill in the student's lounge this afternoon to talk about stupid stuff that happened and all. Whooperliciously amusing. Laugh till I tak de suara.

All the best for the competition. Add oil everybody. =)

Boiler Room

Vomitted 6 times ever since.
Major hang over.

So much for telling Sue Ann time is short and moot is near.
Yeah right.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Genting Trip

And they told me Candy Floss are for kids!!!!

I was in Genting enjoying the cooling weather, company, leisure, clubbing opportunity. Had fun of course! Tons of them =) Cai Lee and Pek Kwan were together with me too and it was a good thing cause Cai Lee has lots of connection with people who work there, so it was like lots of privileges.

We played pool.

Then we went Safari to club. Cai Lee have some guy over there to treat us and the entire club was full of her affiliates if not friends. Pek Kuan went weirdo a bit towards the end and we ended up laughing non-stop bout it the next day. Tipsy, we reckoned. Managed to know some idiots who have no life, keep following me up and down and stalking me dah la tak de nice face and fat wallet. Irritating. Two towers. Sore legs due to excessive dancing. Michelle and Henry should have joined us. =(

The next day was makan marathon cause I have got this sweet tooth which never come loose~ And this was when I bought this candy floss. Cute! And it tasted like strawberry not to mention is super sweet zzzz.

Me like a orang bodoh.
We did not manage to go to the theme parks because we had limited time and it was quite misty out there. But we did de toured the casino, and I decided I find it very complicated, and as if I gamble. lol We went outdoors to blow blow wind. It's real cool, compared to the stupid heaty weather in KL. Now I understand why Mah Sue Ann tak tahan heat (She stays in Genting). And shopping of course, was a part of the main event, though I did not really buy much stuff. In the end of the day, everyone was tired but still got some crazy fellas wanted to go Quattro when we reach KL lets go club straightaway. ZZZZ.

KL is so HAWTTT!!! Buhhhh...If KL's weather were like Genting's. That will be a blessing. lol.
Tired. Gonna sleep now. Taaaa...

PS: I'm so in love with this!!! I want a merry-go-round ride but they only allow kids to go. Unfair!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bitter Heart

I met up Michelle Irein during her sem break. We launched a makan marathon in Mid Valley while gossipping bout lotsa stuff that we missed after form six. I miss her so much. She sat next to me during form six and was my best classmate. She was always there when stuff happens for bitter or better.

This was when we went for the Olympic Run last year. I was then uglier. Now I'm gorgeous okay? lol, kidding. Anyway we shared lots of memories which turned up laughable and funny when we talked bout them that day. Still bring fondness and they say absence makes the heart grows that way. Agreed.

Michelle is doing Bio Medic. Everyone thought she will end up doing law last time because she kinda loves to 'sut' everybody and it turned out that I am the one doing that instead. Not to say I don't retaliate last time in school. Created quite some dramas behind there, and thinking bout them, just makes me feel I was stupid and childish. Too headstrong, wanted to take every risk without much thought. Funny in a way. Learnt lessons on another. But they told me life is about falling down and picking yourself up ain't? No regrets. =)

I miss those times we sit behind there and gossip during MUET, which kinda pisses Sheila off. And during Chemistry when we sit at the furthest table in lab and placed our asses on two chairs each (I don't know why lol), and took turns to ask 'what time is it?' every five minutes. And the incident of Annie. Dramatic. And like how we 'hut' Liza in Library Board. How she spoke for me when I got mistreated in Chinese Society, being president, aka slave for Tan. Lepaked randomly in KLCC after school. Eating Spicy Pan Mee in Batu Lima every Tuesday where I will head to Piano class after and she will go dating with Navin. Bits and pieces of random stuff. Sweet and funny. =)

I do wish her all the best for her future undertakings. She still remains as one of my closest friends who I appreciate very much in my heart. Do meet in the future. =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pride and Prejudice

I watched it on TV after so long reading the classic and wondering how it would look like on screen. I know it's like ages ago since it was screened but so what lol. And it paid off cause I enjoyed it very much, and was kinda moved by their manner of speaking and conduct. Anyway I am always kinda into all these classic and literature stuff and all, baroque music and whatever which are medieval and old. Well, they carry some sort of exotic substance, can't explain by words. A superior feel =P

If love isn't circumstanced; if it were to be pure and absolute in its undefinable manner; if it is not subjected to ruthless untruths; if it shall foresee a future, then it shall be beyond reason to allow freewill of affection.

There you go my friend, let go and start another. Plenty of fishes in the ocean. =)

Monday, October 12, 2009


I hate it when the line pms-es worse than I do.
I hate the weather being super hot.
I hate myself eating cereal while watching Sex and the City.
I hate my phone being so silent.
I hate my mum nagging beside me.
I hate leading a boring life.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sick =(

I'm down with a minor cold today. It feels terrible because my nose is running like an open tap and my head feels so heavy. During college today, I felt tired and even the lecturer spotted. zzzzzzz... The worst part is I wanted hugs from my friends and nobody wanted to give me one!!! Because they don't want to get infected. zzzzzzz

I was like: Hugs please! please please please please..
They were like: Oh no no no. I don't want to get sick eh.


When I got home I dismissed all my classes and went to bed. I kept waking up and sneezing though I did not even on the fan and I covered myself with tons of blankets.

Urgh. It sucks for being sick. I miss the healthy me. =(

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Birthday

Of all, I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to all friends and family who celebrated and wished me on my birthday. You have made my day and made my birthday memorable and special. HUGS and KISSES! I love you much much much much!

Yesterday Michelle, Henry and Bryan celebrated with me by treating me a movie in Times Square. Loves <3 Though I freaked out and screamed myself mad throughout Sorority Row, I pretty enjoyed myself. Free food and free movie elehhh....Special thanks to to Henry's aunts who paid for food. =)

My darlings =)

With Michelle =)


This afternoon during lunch break my class celebrated with me. Sue Ann baked a cake for me with pink icing and my name. =) LOVE <3 The cake was nice. I am very touched and very happy of course. I even said my birthday wish out loud XDXD

I love you Sue Ann!!

Me featuring the cake. XD

College guys rocks. I am so going to cry =) You all are awesome people.


Later we went to Old China for lunch, which is one of the most expensive places to dine in in Petaling Street. But this is a place I highly recommend. Nice atmosphere and food. =)


Cai Lee, Michelle and I went Reggae Bar to play pool after class to chill.

Michelle and Cai Lee both play darn well. I suck here and there. =X

Whatever. Reggae is kinda dingy in my opinion. But I still enjoyed myself. And oh yeah, let's remember the stick part. XD Insider's joke.


The celebration continued with going to Shabu One to have steamboat buffet.
I'm lazy, let pictures dictate.

This tiramisu is mice and I've like got seven helpings of it. haha!

Thanks Cai Lee and Michelle again for putting up with my kacau kacau plans. From Sisha to clubbing tak jadi lol. XD


I've got all these pressies from friends and family. Love you all much much! And not forgetting the leopard print bra twins gave me. Not on picture due to privacy reasons. XD


I had a blast guys. Thanks for making me the happiest birthday girl in the world. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Turning 20 in minutes....

1. Being one of the top scorers in my LLB course.
2. Get through the first round of the moot competition.
3. Find fun and refuge in music club, a chance to perform.
4. Please my family more.
5. Keep current friends and seek more.
6. Able to continue my diploma in music though limited time.
7. A car.
8. An opportunity to continue my LLB finals or bar in UK.
9. The courage to apologise when I do fault.
10. More time so that I can produce more paintings.
11. More freedom so that I can have life.
12. Better communicating skills.
13. A better smile. =)
14. Beauty XD
15. Thinner and better skin.
16. Prosperity for the family.
17. Time.
18. The confidence to carry out myself as a woman of substance.
19. The persistence of my pledge towards faith and principles.
20. The ability to seek God earnestly and to please Him in life.

I want a cake like this, Sue Ann! =)

Friday, October 2, 2009


Having this course of PMS pisses me off to the max. My mood swing was extremely terrible since yesterday and the stomach cramps and muscle aches on my calves doesn't help AT ALL. I was feeling very discouraged, frustrated and very very lethargic. Towards the extent of feeling to scold and slap someone or to throw furniture across the room. Urgh, violence. I hate myself like this, being unable to control emotions and exercise mental stability. I keep demanding everyone to be nice towards me and throwing unreasonable tantrums, with the hope of them tolerating and understanding, which I ask you, who will?

Can anyone out there give me a hug for free?