Friday, May 28, 2010

Lazy Afternoons

Took a nap at 11am under the spinning ceiling fan. Two mattresses merged into one. Listening to Queen and thinking about gays, jobs and pancakes. The air was definitely hotter than Mexico.

I'm speculating about Mexico.

But I can do a getaway there. Heard that Cancun is not bad for lazy afternoons like this, on a beach.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hot Mess

I think I fell in love.

Heart you Cobra Starship.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer's Here Baby!

A stringful of events happened on the tip of the iceberg of summer holidays. The reason for having fun too much too soon: I've got a job. Big deal. What about I tell you it's being a kulMe at my mum's kindergarten for the rest of my remaining 3 months? Not so cool as the expected attachment-at-law-firm job huh?

Today marks my official first day. I taught, cooked, played, cleaned, bathed kids. And I hereby declare I hate my job, and I hate kids. Kor reckons I'll change my mind down the road. We shall seeXD

The point:

Straight after exams, a whole bunch of us went for an inaugural karaoke session at Neway and subsequently developed throat problems. Saturday night, went for Rotaract Club of KJ's charter and installation night.

Mum was thoroughly against this. But work calls. I'm the supposed secretary, no? and I know nuts about the club.

It happened to be one event worth going with good food and eye candies plus triggered me that hey I've not been clubbing for almost half a year=) Such abstinence.


Mum's kindergarten was on Sunday morning and I became the inadvertent MC.
But the kids were freaking funny. But still, does not alter my stand in saying I don't really like them.

Still, I was a kid, once. But I remember myself cuter, and definitely, smarter.


Went to college straight after and hop n with the gang in Johnson's Camry up to Genting. Had BBQ in SueAnn's Mansion with the gang I love the most. Those people in class who bore through all shit during revision together.

BBQ was FRIGGIN AWESOME! And it's totally cool to chill out with friends who normally I only talk law to. Kinda like a breath of fresh air after discussing all about exams and revision for the past few months.

Not to mention, Sue Ann's house is big.

With a friggin nice view of the pine forests.

Went up to Genting and went for food and arcade. Was super exhausted, but the trip, is worthwhile.


Shopping, pasar malam trip, a girls' night sleepover and moots audition were scheduled afterwards but thanks to Mum I was forced to be left out and mop around in her kindergarten doing idiotic work like talking to kids== The shopping thing is fine, but I'm pissed off about not being available for the moots audition. And heck yeah I know I'm not that good as to be sure that I can get qualified, but when it's MY studies that ANYONE, regardless who the tut you are, interferes, I will HATE you. Don't tell me who I can't be okay? Cause it's not your call, and none of your concern. And I do what I like as much as I can to get what I want you listen? So get the hell out of my sight before I piss off.

Side note to that, I PPS-ed yesterday on marathon mode and I watched The Heartbreak Kid, Spy Next Door, P2, White Chicks, Departures and Valentines Day. All full and finished. Wohooo!

It's gonna be a lip smacking holiday!

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Done

No more poring over revision charts, books, cases and materials, articles and notes.
No more assignments. No more group discussions.
No more staying back till late night at the library.
No more chart drawings in empty classrooms.
No more stress, skipped lunches, missed dinners.
No more chasing after lecturers for marked assignments.
No more taking short naps lying on the table.
No more cursing on lost notes, labouring jealousy on the new inters.
No more, no more=)

Till September.

Exams is over folks.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Good Girl

I do self proclaim, that I am indeed one.
But why does moderation in life invites challenges I do not foresee?
On one hand, does the sacrifice worth the redemption of satisfaction?
I cannot contemplate complexities that life throws me.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Studying in the library gets routine till the point the initial stress was, significantly greater than now. Call it a loss of momentum, or confidence gained in time. I felt myself losing grip on the hiatus of revising and fighting for the last few strands of time left. Funnily, I wished I was back then, racing against time and nothing else, besides reading over and over again, matters.

Speaking about time, three days left folks.

When I was reading general defences this afternoon I suddenly had a vision of myself on the beach, with all my books, under palm trees and sand on my feet. Which was like whoa=) Three days running and I'm staring to hallucinate. Geez.

Little things that makes life orgasmic. I wished I was back then, where I don't know who you are.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Like Mist

And it's hard for me to lose in my life, I've found outside your skin right near the fire, that we can baby, we can change and feel alright.