Monday, June 29, 2009

Three Days


Something dramatic happened on Friday, which was the last day of exams. MJ died and all the tears shed. Some jerks were so blur and all. As usual Von and I were at the staircase revising and listening to music, and Eric decided to go see a doctor because he got scared after someone was quarantined for suspected H1N1. Someone from class. Henry decided that he has got all the sickness in the world and decided to go back Muar. So during lunch, me and Von was super alone slurping prawn mee at the roadside stall.

When we reached college after lunch the entire class was down at the lobby putting on masks, and Jason approached us and started pouring hand sanitisers on our palms and said: 'Exams cancelled.' I was like dude shut up and don't talk crap and stop freaking me out cause I have not read a single thing. And it turned out that it was not a joke. One of our classmates who had quarantined for suspected H1N1, yes that one, had alerted the college and they took it as a major issue and they started to send us home for precautions. Oh well, good news. =)Everyone was so excited and started laughing and talking and nobody wanted to go home until one of our lecturers shooed us and reminded us to do body checkups. Nobody gave a damn and straight away went Mid Valley and Pavilion for movies.

Well, Friday was pretty well except for the some-people-went-emo-cause-MJ-died thing. But well, I understand. My condolences.


I spent my night over at my cousin's place because I promised to help my aunt and uncle with a competition they organised.

Sunrise at Damansara Jaya.

The auditorium.

My cousin Wan Ling and the boyfriend.

I look like a moron without make up.

There is this little guy who is so cute with his suit. XDXD I thought he was 10 but he was actually 14. He qualified the finals anyway.

The view of him from backstage.

There he is again! Gosh I am stalking him XD

The finalists.

The winner. Syok la he got free guitar.

After the event my uncle and aunt treated their staffs and of course, we who went there to kononnya help but only buat kacau XD in Old Town Damansara Utama.

The food. The ice cream on toast was nice. Yumz. And the connection sucks. Had been trying to online for half an hour but cannot seem to connect. Bleahhh...

Cousins. Huan and Shuang. Their parents who are my uncle and aunt hosted the competition.


Random snapshot of two of the staffs acting brokeback. LMAO.

After the food my uncle and aunt went home and went to bed at 7 because they were too tired. I was bored to the max at their house and apparently everybody was so busy so I online-d. =='' Around 11pm my aunt and uncle woke up because they realised that we hadn't taken dinner so we went Taman Megah for food. And relived my childhood Kolo Mee but the taste had altered a bit. XD


Woke because my cousin Shuang was screaming over the phone because her Dad called and woke her. =='' We had breakfast with Philip Hii, the performer for the concert my uncle and aunt will be hosting that night. Breakfast was super boring except for the food. Oh, nice dim sum restaurant there at Damansara Jaya there, newly opened and all. Yumz. Later I went shopping with my cousin Shuang who was appearing super boring tagging along carrying bags.

Random snapshot at Wh One Utama. Should have bought this because it was on sale but did not anyway. Now regretted ARGH!!

After shopping and of course I bought two new tops and one dress. Because it was on sale!! we headed back and got ready for the concert event later at night.

On the way to MaTiC.


Malaysian Tourism Information Centre. (PS: Zouk is just opposite XD)

Me and cousin Wan Yee. (Wan Ling's sister) Now, come to it, it seems that I have lots of cousins ain't? LOL

A random shot in the concert hall. Was not supposed to take photos. Hence the bad quality and angle.

The Philip Hii concert was not bad though I do not really fancy guitar. But I think the arrangements he did from piano music was not bad. Enjoyed it pretty much, and it's free XD. Hoping for another time like this.

KLCC at night. Awesome. Till now, ciaoz.

PS: A random syok sendiri photo after the concert at home. After removing make up. Don't laugh. XD

Monday, June 22, 2009

Before She Flies

Me and Pei Xuan (Ai, who else, she la again) headed out to KLCC in her car with hopes of catching an orchestra before she leaves for Sarawak for uni. Manatau sudah fully booked. =='' So we ended up splurging at Chili's. Damn la wasted RM8 for parking and a whole one hour putting up cosmetics. Oh before this we went to Metropolitan Park to participate in a run organised by Jacobs.

The very cool driver in the car.

Chili's KLCC.

Very big lada merah! XD

Random shots while waiting to be served. Angle cacat a bit cause I am lousy in capturing using the best angle.

Yours truly. =)

The conversation was all the time about life in Sarawak.

HT: Sarawak don;t have all these. Now just see everything kaw kaw first.
PX: Got la, They got Forever 21 le. Not bad.
HT: Big Apple got or not.
PX: Zha dao. Got la sure. Eh, it's not that out okay?
HT: Oh okay okay...

Lunch was super fulfilling. I kept telling her to enjoy or else there will be no Chili's in Sarawak. Actually I think they have, yes?

My cajun club sandwich.

Her fish and chips.

And we passed by LV. XDXD. This one Sarawak don't have for sure.

Sighhh...She is going to fly to Sarawak this Saturday and I am already feeling a big pang of loss because I know I will miss her a lot. With all my buddies all around Malaysia, I am the only dude in KL. Alone and lonely. But it's all our futures. All the best in whatever we are pursuing.

I will still miss you all very the much. Anyhow, we had been sticking together for more than 6 years. Time to go all my peeps. Wishing you all well.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

UM or UOL?

After the false exhilaration upon announcement of the public university intake, the reality of making a decision fell. One of the toughest decisions in my life, to choose public uni or not. Weighing between the pros and cons. The for and against. The advices and the criticisms. All the consideration and thinking and thinking and thinking. Argh! I am in a serious dilemma. Story of my life.

*credits to all the people in my life who gave me the advice and all that I need to know.*

Yeah I got UM aka one of the best public u in the land so what?

This afternoon a parcel arrived from UM with all that I need to know for orientation and accommodation. I was like: 'What the? I have not even made up my mind and now I am supposed to respond. What am I supposed to do?'

I like law and I want to pursue a degree in it.
UM is a very prestigious public university.
And best of all I can stay away from the madhouse in hostel.
And it's so freaking cheap.
And it's my first option in the portal.
But can I handle a double degree?
Will my mum afford fees for both degrees?
Will I be able to risk the sacrifice of my social life?
Will I miss my college friends and a part of my life with them?

I don't know.
And I have like one freaking week to decide.
God help me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

High School Reunion

Back from a high school reunion dinner at Fridays One Utama. It was really a good meet up since graduation two years ago. Most of us are about to embark a totally new chapter in life. Zi Qin is going to UTM for Mechanical Engineering while the twins are both going to Unimap for Environmental Engineering. Kang Zhi and Hwee Fern has already finished their diploma and about to start another new journey. Good for them. All were so excited about going to university and they deserve this.

Zi Qin, Amirah and Fern. Zi Qin can't make up her mind on what to order.

Twins. =)

Me and Mei Li.

Gosh. It was ages ago since we met. The last gathering was during October last year where we had lunch in McDs. Just a simple one but definitely memorable because I remembered we celebrated me and Zi Qin's birthday at the same time too. Today's gathering was a great one and we talked non stop. One couple shifted their places because we were too noisy.

And of course Zi Qin and Mei Li could not stop debating. ==''

Food galore ahead. There. From appetisers to desserts. Lazy to type all the names out and I have already forgot all by the way XD.

This will probably be the last time I hang out with them together. After this, most of them are leaving KL. Thinking about it really makes me feel sad. I am already starting to miss them a lot. But it's their future, so I wish them all the best. Years later when we meet, it will be the time where I see all of us as independent individuals already out in the working world.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I forgot how to move forward.
Therefore I paced.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


“Never forget me, because if I thought you would, I'd never leave.”
~AA Milne

Public university intake's results would be announced this Friday, which means that upon results, my bunch of friends would have headed for different directions to pursue the dream career they intended in the future. A little bit of glad, a little bit of sad. Life is all about losing people and letting them go.

I don't want to think about it. I know that, honestly, I will miss them a lot. Given me just one more day, I would have just appreciated this distance, and so just give me one more day to feel close.

And I will miss you all so.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Mixed Post

Watched Drag Me to Hell this evening. Alone. Ratings 2 upon 5. Wasn't impressed. Heck I don't even know why I watched it at the first place. but gave me hell of a crap freak during the movie. And I. Was. Alone. Yeah great deal.

I wouldn't recommend it. I will never again watch horror movies alone. Lesson learnt. At least if I was watching with a gang of people I can scream to their ears or bite their hands.


I am currently over obsessed with classical music. I am always a die hard classical fan. The kind who listen and appreciates, oh no not the kind who enjoys playing and performing. I do not much fancy playing, but I am super loving classical music. Best served with a Shakespeare in my hands and sitting on a couch, sipping Earl Grey and munching English scones. Ah the luxury. Literature and baroque music. My love.

Bach is still my favorite orchestral composer. Mozart still reign over symphonies. And my all time favorite piano composer (cause I play piano ma) ta da! Chopin. Haha! I love music a lot. Who says I don't cause I failed my music exams? I want to go for the piano concert last Friday and I even got Mum's approval and I don;t mind a single bit to fork out hundred bucks for the event but the tickets had sold out, hence the disappointment. But still, I want to go for MPO's performances, so anyone interested to accompany?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Poetry to Share

What win I, if I gain the thing I seek?
A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy.
Who buys a minute's mirth to wail a week?
Or sells eternity to get a toy?
For one sweet grape who will the vine destroy?

-The Rape Of Lucrece, Shakespeare

*hui Ting! Do not allow yourself to be tempted by earthly pleasures. Temporary joy rips you off your future. Prioritise according. You can do it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Welcome to Malaysia. The country with the lousiest railway system and rude citizens.

College is situated at the heart of KL, and since I don't drive, I use public transport to get there. And this is the thing that carries me to KL almost every morning...

jeng jeng jeng jeng

Our very the famous KTM which boasts a history since pre-independence( if you studied sejarah properly it was stated.)

I am proud to do my part as a environmental conservative earth inhabitant to travel by the least pollution causing means of transport.
But as a Malaysian, I find the railway systems.....So nothing to be proud of. And Malaysians, another embarrassment.

Imagine every morning you showered nicely and put on whatever make up or fragrances, neatly ironed clothes and clean shoes, arrived at the station feeling fresh and ready to start another new day, and the train arrives, and suddenly everyone starts pushing even before the doors were opened and you would be standing there like an idiot wondering what the? And alas, the doors opened and the crowd would be pushing their way in, even before they let the passengers who wanted to disembark to exit, and the irony was the loudspeaker would be blasting 'kepada para penumpang yang dihormati, sila memberi laluan kepada penumpang yang ingin turun daripada tren...' and nobody was giving a damn because they were so carried away with the best way to get their asses into the train and if better, secure a seat. And people inside the train would be screaming, and the Federal Reserve Team will come running, more shouting and more pushing around, and finally everyone got out and the rest of the embarking desperados happily squeezed into the train. And it would be so packed that the doors cannot be closed sometimes and the station guards actually have to manhandedly push the crowd inside to let the door close. And guess what, it would be super stuffy inside the coach and you will have maximum body contact with at least 5 complete strangers. You don't even have to worry about no able to grip on a handlebar to prevent you from falling if the train speeds because you won't get a chance to fall, because there will be at least 5 people cushioning your fall, if you ever do, which was the least of wonders, because I mean, it was so super packed, you don't even get a chance of moving. A simple act of reaching your hand to your pocket to grab your phone is already a challenge. And you know what, there will be all sorts of people from different walks of life and the best part, they smell very differently. If you're lucky, the most you get is nasty cheap pirated brand perfume worn by mostly ladies and if you're really really destined to lose appetite for lunch, you get people who smells as if they haven't bathed for days, and worst, bad breath. And finally you exited the train at your destination, you will look like crap with your sweat soaked shirt which looks even worse than before it got ironed and smelling a mixture of your own body and a sauna of different smells of the entire crowd of your coach. And whatever books or documents you are holding at the moment with or without file, regardless, would be either bent, or crumpled. And boy, you would have wished that you hadn't taken breakfast or was sick for the entire month.

That was not all. Sometimes problems faced were such as train delays. And the crowd would grow, in size and tension rises. And when the train comes people would just push, all moral principles forgotten, not even bothering to give way or be patient, as though they had seen salvation. It's really that sickening. Sometimes I would like, ar, if they were pushing I would step aside and let people pass first, since you are so desperate so I give way, but I was told that: " No need to be so courteous la dude, just push. The way is, just make sure you get into the train. How? Regardless." Some scenes in the train are the typical seen-place-to-sit-and-quickly-place-ass-down-because-scared-other-people-sit scenario. I see this almost everyday, and I think that such scenes are pretty saddening. Most passengers I see during peak hours are the educated, because they work in either the public sector or the corporate world (they dress decently in formals and they work in either all the government buildings or the banks and firms in KL)and yet I believe that they should acquire some sense of moral and civic consciousness. It is not to say they don;t have, but in scenes like this, they do not apply them. All I can see is a congregation of rude fellow Malaysians acting as if they have a mentality so low because of the fact that they wanted to get home faster. We all do, and we will, a little patience wouldn't hurt.

The typical all-time loathed scenes in the train cannot be listed down because the incidents can vary and can be very subjective. But here is my summary of my top 10 'pantang larang' in the train which pisses me off if they occur.

1. When there is a vacant seat, the person nearest to it would act maiden and don't want to sit. I mean, fine, it's your choice whether you want to sit or not but hello, come on la. Sit la my dear. What's your problem? You standing is already taking up space and when there is a seat in front of you, sit la. Why waste? Do you know how many people who are standing needs that space? Thank God He saved you a space, but, I can't believe this, they just refuse to sit. I don't get it at all, and it's so annoying it gets into my nerves to pull the person and tell her straight to her face.

2. There are kids crying.

3. When some dungus eat some exotic recipe in the train and the entire coach would be filled by the horrifying stench.

4. When someone needing a seat (pregnant ladies, the old) doesn't get it because some couple were glued together in their twin loveseat.

5. When some people blast their music in a foreign tongue with their low quality phone speaker which is so annoying because the noise even overshadow your earphones.

6. When somebody was on their way back form a football match.

7. When couples show affection. (details go figure yourself)

8. When the train is so crowded yet someone is grunting in discomfort because you accidentally knocked into them. Feel like slapping them. I can't help it okay? Newton's First Law of Motion applies okay?

9. When some people clean themselves (fingernails, ear, nose) during the ride. disgusting.

10. People who sleep while standing and their head would be knocking all over the place including the steel bars and finally it rested on your shoulder.

Fellow Malaysian who never took a train before in your life, don't think that a train rid is very comfortable like those you see in movies. Gone were the days of your childhood dreams of Thomas and friends because our Malaysian train doesn't happily puff smoke and give you a gleeful ride. Part of it, the railway system are yet to improve its standards. Timetabling, efficiency, service, minimise delays. Technical, hence difficult to foresee. But Malaysians, attitude have to be changed. I do not wish to dread every morning just because of the 20 minute train ride to college. Sigh, when do we actually learn to be more courteous? All the tax payers money for Kempen Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita can be said to have been thrown away and flushed down the ditch.

Random Post

Here I am in my college's computer lab with nothing much to do and nothing much to say. I thought perhaps I can just write some stuff about what that had happened these few days, but actually nothing incidental happened and life is just yet another way of life, routine and boring.

Not to say that I am bored or whatever, I miss the accompaniment of people who I used to call my friends. They still are now, but days has passed and things has changed. After graduation nobody met up with nobody and all of us have our lives. Some work, some studied, some disappeared. I got used to it, but still, yet, unable to wake up from the dream that eluded me that I am still living a happy life with people showing care and life and love. Now it's just blatant refusal of hopes and support in which I no longer feel the sense of belonging when I am with people and it feels strange, confusing and different from the feeling that I had experienced before. Not to say that people I know now are complete losers or whatever. Just, I need time to fit in, to ditch fake assumptions and masked beliefs and again, deal with life with bona fide expressions and feelings. Too complicated. Because not that I am just lost, I haven't found the reason to cling and place trust on people I know, hence I don't really share, but if I were to take care and concern, and well, by all means, I will always be there for my friends.

Speaking about friends brought me to another topic of trust in which I felt particularly strong about it recently. My belief is that commitment is the fuel that keeps the engine of friendship running, and the commitment is a blend of the finest ingredients of relationships, and the most crucial of all, trust. And if a friend lied to me, of whatever reasons, and that's it, you're blacklisted. I do not honour my trust to a person who does not honour his to me. And moreover you're a friend, that means you should not have betrayed trust on you that I expect the most clarifying truth from you. And have you betrayed my trust, yes, and I doubt your sincerity in this friendship, and I doubt your words and conduct. I am doubtful and I am aware, and I do not wish to be like this, as I had already placed my 100% commitment towards our friendship. I am disappointed, above all, but forgiveness is God's greatest gift. I wish that I would not have been so intriguing that this would reach an extend for you to lie to me. I believe that you have a reason to lie, and I forgive you this time. Promise me nothing of such kind would happen again. Tell me the truth, and I will find it easier to forgive you.

And still, life is great. I still have friends who care and well, got to go revise again. Sienz...

Ciaoz. =)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Wake up. Time to leave.

But where?

Figure it out. Not that I have to tell you everytime.

What are you talking about?

Nothing. Get up now won't you?

But wha-

Just freaking get up damn it! Move it!

Okay okay....

And damn shut up! Silence!

Masks and masks, assumptions and lies. You are a liar. I know you are. You don't think you can fool me. Under the mask it's the real you, ugly and hideous. Disgustng and disgraceful. You disgust us. You are trash, deserves to be discarded, you-

Who was that? Who said that? Shut up! SHUT UP!

Hey you okay? Hey, Hey...

Shut up! Shut up!

You cannot win this time. You never won by the way. You just imagined you had the perfect life you had, but you have got nothing. Nothing but spite and shame. Nothing but destruction and-

Silence! Get up now! We're leaving NOW.

Who are you talking to? Hey, come on, you're scaring me. Cut it.

Running away isn't the solution. You are weak, you run. Again and again. Fleeing can not ease conscience. Face it, confront yourself, jus-


Who are you talking to? NO!!! NO! NOOOOOOO!!! PUT THE GUN DOWN! NOOOOO!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


You don't think that I know nothing about your lie because in fact I know the things that you thought that I wouldn't have known. Please keep in mind that once you have lied to me, I would not honour my trust towards you anymore. I doubt your every word.


Too bad.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Asking Questions

About life.
He just told me that,
My future is going to be bright,
And how I am going to walk towards it,
It's a matter of my own choice,
Whether to sail according to His directions,
Or to anchor on earthly temptations, delaying voyage.

He gave me His blessings,
And gave me the confidence,
Like how a Father does for a child.

"Go! You can do it!"

And I know that He keeps His promise. And my faith shall never diminish under His love.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Once, We Rocked Maxwell

I was having an online conversation with Darryl that day.

We have to plan gathering before everyone shifts.

Definitely, someone has to plan.


And who who freaking decides to absent themselves, can await my writ. i am freaking going to sue.


And if nobody plan, you will. Or I will sue you.

Duh. I do not wish to receive any writ form you....


Chin Boon Fei is the most useless class monitor I had ever seen in my entire life. XD Dude, you know I am just joking. Eh, but bro, can you just come up with a gathering or some stuff, so that we can meet each other. It has been so long, and I don't even know what the heck most of the class are doing. Maybe someone got married or someone got kids but heh, I want to meet up and talk. Monitor ah, this is your legal duty eh....If you don't plan, I will sue you. LOL.

but seriously, I miss you guys a lot.

I miss morning assembly where we sit on the floor and read.
I miss Bio class where Annie screeches.
I miss Chemistry class where Darryl's name always gets pronounced as diarrhea.
I miss Chinese Society meetings when we all curse the woman in and out.
I miss MUET class where I always got scolded by Sheila.
I miss PA classes where Pushpa always SMSes and calls.
I miss going to the toilet in groups.
I miss skipping class to hanging out in Cekal.
I miss sleeping in class.
I miss eating in class.
I miss spot check where we stuffed our phones to our shoes.
I miss screaming and cracking bad jokes in class.
I miss doing billboard together.
I miss sports day especially cheerleading drama.
I miss planning activities together.
I miss cursing teachers together.
I miss the class. I miss Cekal. I even miss Dinamik and Gemilang. I miss juniors. Bleahhh.....T_T

This is a photo where we took together for Pn. Siow's farewell, one of the most complete class photos I ever have, not mentioning the official class photo in which I looked like crap. Duhhh... Anyway, i had been privileged to be your official camera provider for two years. XD not mentioning being the very syok sendiri leng lui XD

Boon Fei, final warning. No gathering, you jaga-lah.