Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dreaming Out Loud

I acknowledge the fact life is almost a fiction to me. Behind slurry words writing the passage of routine winding story that makes sure everything is in order, some things just can't meant to be arranged for me. Dramas happened as if I were homecoming queen, but the very irony I am a super ordinary girl from a lame place with little dreams, which got a bit ambitious because people influence each other and culture shapes personality and provoke views.

I was assured that making a choice to just benefit myself is almost a sin, oh let there be barriers in dreaming big because I am not allowed by some people around me who fear risks. I had always begged to differ, and I believe I did. To choose very differently without minding all the judgment is a challenge. I would not let my best interests to be affected by anyone. Nothing shall go in way of ambition.

Yet today I am faced with two paths diverged, to give way to admiration, sacrificing what I deserve in someone else, or to be blessed in something simple yet genuine, but to let go of everything I desire. To fame in respect or to indulge in self righteousness. That day God told me to persevere and I shall reap my blessings. I trust God with all my heart, but to claim myself the blessing, am I worthy because afterall, I am another damned sinner, ruthless and selfish, proclaiming wisdom and pleasures like hunger stricken.

This is the confessions of a very realistic girl who had gave up on believing patience is the key. The more you wait the more disappointment you get. All that happens now is a matter of running and grasping the best that comes by. If that is an opportunity you shall benefit, if not then take it as an experience and hitch up. The run of life is too short to wait and I just believe that there is something I can live without anyway, and guess what it is? Do the thinking.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Form Six Gathering

Gathering at Redbox Low Yat Plaza. I seriously swear I won't go back to that blardy place again. Duh. Maximum resentment. I got lost like about half an hour in and out of that stupid Sungai Wang or BB Plaza or whatever crap. Anyway, of course, gathering was fun, and joyous. I missed them a lot. And I even miss these people right now. RAWR! All the best kay? You all are the most diligent people I have ever seen in my life and it definitely guarantees a yield of an extraordinary future. Love love love!!


Life is not about just making decisions, it's about dealing with the decisions you've made.

In a way it does hurt someone badly, I am quite sure. In a way I am sorta cruel and cold and acting all pretentious. In the end the question still lies in me that in everything you had did and sacrifice, is it what you want? I believe that life is not just about following your heart and allowing freewill affection. When there is none you tend to have a sharper conscious. It shall always stay as a accessory to enhance, not an element to live with. Definitely not the layman's contemplation of what everyone is seeing. Acquaintance like this grows you up and matures you inside out. Makes you monster from man. It's a choice of priority. Personal prerogative rules forever.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family Dinner

We had our inaugural family dinners once in a while, so today our family gathered in our home to have one. This morning mum, grandma and my aunts went to the market and shopped till 11am and came back with lots of stuff for dinner. I requested for curry chicken ^^. Loves grandma. Aunt bought a roast duck for us to share too. So it was like, food galore. Awesome one.


Food. Spot my curry special order. ^^

Dessert after dinner plus music session. Piano + guitar + violin. O_o

Just want you all to know that I enjoyed every minute of the dinner. Special thanks to Huan for teaching me how to play your violin, and to everyone for bearing the shriek rather than the melody. And man I am in love with grandma's curry chicken. Tak tertahan punya kesedapan. =) And please la people, don't la exaggerate stuff la lol. Found it darn funy weih.

I still love you guys loads, okay? =)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Melaka Day Trip

Public holidays are confirmed a big no no to tourists' attractions, period. Of short notice, I was still kinda in blur mode when we buckled up in mum's car heading down to Melaka. Melaka is saturated with people in and out top and bottom inside out wth...Especially Jonker Street. That was extreme. Though walking and looking at stuff was enjoyable but I kinda resented the limited space for movement and heat.

Umbrella ladies ^^


St. Paul's church or whatever which is on the hill is quite enjoyable, cause I amused myself looking at those tombs and plus it was windy up there.

My family =)!!
Someone asked us are we Catholics when we took this. Which was like: related?

Jonker Walk is the best place in the entire state but somehow the crowd kinda makes me hate it.

The crazy queue outside chicken rice restaurant.

No big deal seriously. The uncle who sells in front of my house taste tons better than this. But since it's a once in a while thing, so never mind. And it's balls that you chew.

Mum and aunt bought lots of furniture which I don't know why, from Jonker of course. We did grabbed some local food and all before heading back to KL at around 5pm, and traffic jam as usual.

And lastly,


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dumb People

Hey babe, acting like this, is totally fucked up, honestly.

Stop acting as if you've tasted the best cock in the world and he is the best man walking, cause it's disgusting and it's shallow, come on, we both know this.

And as if you're darn classy to own stuff. Hey, people judge you by presentation and yours suck. To the max.

It's not as if you are damn smart, cause you're like the uber bimbo around. And oh, forget about bimbos, cause you're not even hot enough to qualify as one. Start growing up and stop relying like everything on everyone around you, cause they, unlike you, have life. Being stupid has got nothing wrong, but being stupid and acting even stupider is totally turning off, as if you don't know your demands are getting on people's nerves all the time.

Please, offending people is one thing. Offending me is another. Bitchiness has got a new attitude.

Get a life and fuck out of mine.

Urgh. Bitches.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pathetic Secrets

It's not about not finding the right one.
It's not about too early to think.
It's not about waiting for later.
It's not about what to do in the future.

It just feels so vague and faint when I tried to picture it in my head.
Somehow it doesn't work for me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I want to go again!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Cried


Thank you for listening to me rant. That phone call meant so much to me. I always know that I can rely on you, that I know that somewhere, sometime, in any way, if I am there, alone, you will always be there for me. That is why I need you so much in my life. I could not imagine life without you here.

I am truly appreciative that you took the effort of putting my problems as your own. Truly, I can never ask for a favour like this. You had always been a great identity of my life. Without your legend, life would be nothing more comfortable to live in. Of all and everyone who I come close in my life, you will be forever the most special one I will ever have, and above all, I thank you with all my heart. For everything you had did for me.

And I miss you a lot.

Hui Ting

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Those Were The Days

Knock You Down - Keri Hilson

...And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down...

Something I felt so true.

Anyway, I am loving the uber chance of relaxing + me time late at night. Exactly a moment like this. All smiles. Furious that I woke up at 2pm this afternoon, I actually had minimal time to finish off my contract assignment which is due tomorrow plus, with limited knowledge due to the fact I am super weak in contract. Researching and revising took like almost 5 hours, and I can't believe I actually took an hour nap at 4pm due to laziness. =='' I had to read while conducting classes, which is bad because my students will not profit. But restricted to no alternatives, well... After 2 hours of writing a four-page essay, DONE!! and it's 1.30am. Give thanks anyway and all smiles!

Simple stuff makes Hui Ting happy. Sue me.

Yesterday Michelle and I took KTM + bas mini to Sunway Pyramid after class. She wanted to buy some leopard print dress from Miss Selfridge and apparently no where else has that. I saw one dress in Topshop and darn tempted to buy man. But no money so yeah. But we did our nails for only 15 bucks in Asian Avenue. When I got back mum asked about them.

" Why colour nails? Students can colour meh?"
" Uh, why not?"
" Looks like you all go college for fashion not studies lar."

Can you believe she actually banned fashion sense for the reason of attending college for the sole purpose of studying? I am darn sick of the tribal-ness of her ultra super extremely traditional concept of going-to-college-must-wear-jeans-only-period mindset. Come on man! I mean, college is already boring, plus a law course I am doing, adds the dullness (imagine grey and black and white, just imagine), and now I am not supposed to add in a little variety by changing my style of presenting myself in class every other day. Dah la ban me from wearing shorts, now ban short skirts, sleeveless, tight jackets. Geeez. I really don't know what to wear if this is the case. Oh yeah, and can you believe she actually went to college and complained about this? Darn ridiculous wei!

As requested by twins, here are the nails after manicure. Wonder why shocking pink? Cause Michelle inspired lol.

There you go my dears. =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

If I Told A Lie

If I told a lie
Nothing but a little lie
When the angels stopped me with soothing voices
You assured me with intonation
" It's just a simple lie!"
I took your word half knowingly
Assuming the best
Yet I did told a lie
Nothing but a little lie
Which grew bigger
As sour faces and heads turned another way
When the angels told me " Apologise!"
You were firm to your grounds
"Lie! It's you and your life!"
My selfishness took me away
I love life too much than to sacrifice
Yet I did told a lie
A little lie which upsets trust
As friends shake heads in disbelief
When the angels showed me the power of forgiveness
You upturned your nose
" It's their fault they do not accept flaws!"
Ego reigns as pride blew me away
I rather prance in solo
Yet I did told a lie
A genuine lie
As labels of liar stuck on my face
When the angels cleansed my tears with love
You shamed me with disgrace
" It's no turning back! Lie or die!"
I was too used of being lonely and mistrusted
Yet I did told a lie
A liar's lie
As I blamed everyone for not giving me a chance
When the angels were silent
You smirked in delight
" It's you and your life!"
I thought about my lie
Yet I did told a lie
It started with just a little lie
As I regretted for being swallowed in disguise
Then I realise everything was been have as today
If I told a lie.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

From Malaysia with Love

To my cool cousin Wan Shin,

Bye and study well in Ukraine. Loves!

and yeah right thanks a lot for the inaugural opportunity for being the director of photography during your so called stardom moment. That was.... memorable?

See you during CNY babe~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Untitled Post

Well I have this dream ...
That we are in this hotel room and you propose to me
and EVERYTIME I say yes. ...

~Peyton, One Tree Hill

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tides, Empty Boats

We all crave for freedom, I know.

Absence makes the heart grows fonder, perhaps?