Sunday, June 29, 2008

Run, Hui Ting, Run

The o8o8o8 factor had taken toll on Malaysians after the mayhem of the Olympic Torch Relay (twins, Zi Qin and I attended too), and following it, to celebrate the largest Asian country of hosting the Olympics, the National Olympic Council organised Olympic Run, opened for all to participate. McDonalds was the official sponsor.

As early as 7am, we gathered at Merdeka Square. There were already lots of people. And from far, we could hear music blasting and some of the main roads were blocked by the dutiful PDRM.

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building at Merdeka Square.

Many were there. Besides us squash club members, we also saw Pei Foong, Boon Fei, Lavenia, and to my surprise Michelle with her boyfriend Navin. We also saw quite a few ex-classmates and some of my sis's friends.

Oh, yeah, the route for Women's Open category is a whopping 7km. When the gun blasted, we jogged. It was only about 5 minutes when Zi Qin started to complain about stomach cramps. So I left her and continued my slow jog. Sing Yi, Yee Toong and the twins were already sprinting in front. And after about 25 minutes of continous jogging, my legs gave and I walked. So, I lost Michelle and Vicky because they sped past me.

So the rest of the route was: jog jog, pant pant, walk walk, then run again. Then there was a check point for us to have a quick drink. Then I ran among strangers. It was almost about the end when I saw Yen Yuen. So we ran together and talked. Then we saw Yee Toong and Michelle walking in front. I quickly ran towards them, but when they saw me, they continued running. So I was left alone again.

Alas, after about one hour, I reached the finish line. Grateful to get the cert, because certificates are only issued to those who were able to finish the run within 70 minutes.

Yoong Sin running like a orang gila towards the finishing line.

The best part was, there were lots of free stuff. Free Cornettos, Ribenas, Milos, Vitagens. The guy on the Cornetto stand was shouting: "each person one only", which obviously nobody cared, because we all each took two, and in the end were suffering because cannot manage to finish two ice-creams in a go. Michelle took three. I drank 3 cups of ribenas, 1 milo and 1 vitagen. Until now I still regret not having more Milo.

The crowd at the free stash booth.

Michelle and me after running.

Yoong Sin and me. After that Yoong Ling was complaining because she did not get a chance to take photo.

I slammed down on bed after I bathed as soon as I reached home. My legs were tired but I surely had a very happy day participating in a run like this.

Viva 2008 Beijing!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For your eyes

Ratatouille in internship. Out of nothing, I cooked!! And the outcome was:

Egg omelette with tuna mayonaise and mixed vege, mashed potatoes with barbeque sauce, sweet corn with butter and cheese.

Bon apetite!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Of Protein and Plastics

Today I wore contacts......

The staff at the optical store was having difficulties explaining to me.
He spent about 15 minutes trying to tell me how to differentiate the different concavity of the lens. I was, of course, damn blur.

Then, he showed me how to put the contacts on. And it was


At first, he helped me put on. And when the thing just approaches my eye, normal reflex was: blink. So, as a normal human, I blinked. And he kept saying, don't blink. And I mean, how can I control to blink or not to blink?

Finally, he just inserted one of the contact lenses into my right eye.

And it stung.

And my eyes began to water.

Then, I spent about 1 hour in the store just to put the contacts on, and only for another one eye. The contact lenses stuck anywhere else, the floor, my finger, the contact lens case, the mirror, but my eye.

And it was dumbly frustrating.

And I finished half a box of tissue papers. Ask me why? To wipe my tears. Honestly, I never shed so many tears in one go in my entire life.

The solution and lens case.

Shin Peih (she accompanied me!!) was just casually talking to the staff, because I think he was starting to get impatient.

Finally, I got it on!! Yipee!!
The staff was VERY relieved.

Then, I took it off. And it was fast, because I just wanted that dumb thing to get off my eyeballs as fast as possible.

It feels weird because it was just like, you are poking your own eye.
Eh, my eye very precious one leh~~


PS: Thanks to Shin Peih for being EXTREMELY patient, and also for entertaining the guy.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Labeled: The Behind People

Today we got a new label.


Because, during MUET, Michelle, Ish, and me normally would not copy any damn thing. And normally, the teacher would not bother. And no idea why today, she suddenly wanted to check our work. And she wanted to check from behind.

Oh, man. It was DAMN obvious that she was not happy with us.

And she said:"those people sitting behind, you think you are all smart alecks, who do not need to copy my work?"

And THE problem was, her so called 'notes', are directly from our text book.

So, what's the point of spending RM13 on a book, and I have to spend another RM1 for pen and RM3.50 for testpads, just to transfer the same thing? OMG, doing double work, wasting time, wasting money.

And she kept saying that:"I am worried about the behind people, that they can't do well, and I will get the bad name."

And THE problem is, we 3 are good in MUET. Those people whom she LOVED, sitting INFRONT, listening to every damn word she says, copying every damn note she wanted, can't even perform well.

Not trying to boast. It's that, don't you feel that she's setting the wrong priorities?

She was actually WORRIED about people who can score who never did her work, rather than people who did her work and still cannot score.


And the behind people thing is getting to my nerves.

Kabilan said, we should start a club called KKC(Kelab Kutuk Cikgu). I suggested KBC(Kelab Bunuh Cikgu).

We should make a movie, called the behind people.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today, Pizza Hut in Kepong had a chaotic day, because we were there.
Hohohoho...After 2 years since graduation, the best friends in my life from Sc4 gathered in Pizza Hut(initially we wanted to go Shogun), and tell you, I had one of the best moments in my life.


As usual, everybody was late.
Jhen's excuse was, she can't find Amirah's place because she can't find the small signboard of Taman Pinggir Templer under the large signboard of Taman Puncak Templer. And Shyen was stuck in KTM for hours.

And the funny thing was, Liq thought the gathering is on another week.

Then, dunno why Zi Qin desperately wanted to order food and kept making noise. Meili said her stomach was making even more noise.

And we knew that Jhen Pei had a very tough time in her uni. So, ADD OIL, JHEN!! Zi Qin and Mei Li never stopped fighting. usual...And eventually the topic shifted to funny things, where everybody laughed like HAHAHAHAHAHA....and the kid from the next table kept looking at our direction, which obviously nobody bothered.

Mei Li and Zi Qin quarrelling over something: photography technique.

Oh yeah, Fern and Shyen had started new relationships. And Jhen Pei was like more girlish than before. Amirah's mom kept telling her to dress up more girlish a bit, and Amirah said: 'not enough girlish already meh?' haha....

It was really a pleasant gathering. I am very happy to meet them. It takes off my mind of those things that happened in the week.

PS: The Pizza Hut staff was happy to see us leave.


from left. Me, Amirah, Fern, Zi Qin, Jhen, Shyen, Mei Li

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Pending Peace

Shin Peih taught me this.
When you are angry, countdown from 100, then you will feel better.

Okay, 100,99,98,97,96,95.....

The teacher banged her fists on the table while talking to me, as if I never contributed anything to the Chinese Society.


I am the president, yet I am facing difficulties with issues like cooperation within members.


Everyone gave me reasons like they want to study, focus on their studies. As if I do not need to. They are so selfish. I cannot even make them move.


They are also my friends. Sometimes, I have to take things personally. Because, not everyone in the whole world can understand that I do things with clear division between friends and team members. They get offended easily.


When I scolded them, they get offended. If I do not do so, they get too relaxed. When things are successful, I thank them and everyone shared the victory. If things get undone, I get the blame.


They did not even think that they can lighten my burden. They were so blinded by the sole aim to excel in studies. but they failed to think about the holistic aspect of the true meaning of education.


When I shouted at them, I do not wish to do so. but I had no choice. But even if I shouted, things will never be different. They will go back to their so called comfortable lifestyle, and the only difference is, they will hate me.


They talked bad behind me. I know. but I don't care.


I realised that i am surrounded by self centered people. They were brought up that way. I can't change them.


Just forget about it.


Tomorrow will be a better day.

Hoping so.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

14 Days of Grace

Time flies(sadly, fast). It's the finale to the amazing 14-day Mid Term Holidays. Suddenly, feel like singing Nelly Furtado's 'All Good Things(Come to an End). Sighs...

Back to the sombre life of waking up at 6am and dragging my torn schoolbag to the bus stop.

Highlights of the Ultimate Things I Have Done During The Holidays

1. Earned money.

And spent them 'wisely'.

Look at the balance of my account. A wonderful RM4.80.

2. Drew a NIE poster.

If I win this, I can win a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. But with this lousy poster.....probably in my dreams.

3. Tidied up my study.

well, not quite...

4. Downloaded loads of new songs.
But failed to practice my piano.

About to sit for exams leh....sob sob...

5. Learnt how to make dumpling.

In the fridge because nobody wanted to eat. Hey, not to say it tasted bad. We had too much.

6. Painted Gregory the crab and his sidekick, Ben.

7. Watched Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.

Not bad huh. Considered meaningful.

Now where is that calender? I am going to check when is the next holidays.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Past Tenses made Present

Bloody hell. Time flies.
The last time I remebered, it was just the end of SPM, where we uncorked bottles of sparkling juice and celebrated in the school field.

The last time I remembered, we were sitting inside the stuffy school hall, jolting up in shock during History paper when the electricity went off.

We were taking illegal photos in class, nearly got caught by the Head Girl.

We were dozing away during Pn. Charan's Add Maths.

We were overexcited about the idea of getting punished. And the punishment was, standing extra 10 minutes in the quadrangle.

High school life. You'll never get them again.
And most importantly, there are those people called your classmates, who made the memories so worth treasuring, who made the impact so powerful in your heart. They are the people who shared your joy and tears, underwent every single crazy moment, laughed at the stupidest jokes(even you repeated them for a thousand times), got worried at the slightest reasons.......

Trust me, you'll never find another.

That's all of us in 5Sc4.

These are the people who did the wackiest stuff you have no idea what planet are they from.

For instance...umm

Fern loved to stand on her chair and change after PE.
Meili had the fastest rap. Sean Paul easily beaten.
Jhen boasts the best PA system. When she talks, it was LOUD.
Amirah loves TVXQ like nobody's business.
Liq had the wackiest laughter.
Zi Qin like to fight with Mei Li.
Shyen had the best sleeping skills. Sleep but nobody knows.
Lye is always worried about photos which captured her with the wrong smile, wrong hair, wrong shoes...
Kang Zhi had rollerskates attached to her feet.
Twins are the best citizens. Believe me, they listened in class.

Those short years have already been enough to host some of the best memories in my life. Our friendship is genuine. Something like Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. A bunch of friends who I cannot possibly forget. Eventhough we are heading towards different paths in our lives now, I still believed in them.