Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Do It For Love

As I was taking my regular train ride to class today, lots of thoughts came to my mind. I remembered myself questioning them in the face of reality, why they did it? Do they regret doing so? And why? What drove them to do so?

That's very noble, I thought.

They told me they did it for love.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Waste of Time

It is justified: I never liked holidays. They spoil my mood to study, spoil my schedule for revision. One fine day at home, I pledged to myself, to finish VLE and to start off contract revision. It's minutes to the next day and I'm stuck on the first page since I opened my notes at 12pm. VLE untouched. The only thing that has been changing was the tin of biscuits in which the contents are diminishing as I went through pointless hours sitting on the table flipping through without concentrating.

I was thinking. If I had to attend college and I would be sitting in the library, at least 70% of my focus would suffice a thorough read on a topic.

Now I'm achieving nothing and worst, I'm full with deep regret. The psychological effect works worse, trust me.

I know I can blame no one, still, I blame, firstly, the weather, for providing a perfect sauna for sweat dripping purposes. It's friggin hot even after the rain. Next, mum for providing all the noise in the world. When I wanted to get into the mood, she came and spoil it by nagging and scolding about everything that she lays her sight on. Seriously and honestly I'm pissed and I can't concentrate. Thirdly, I blame the TV for distracting me.

Ultimately, my self discipline sucks to a max.

*Chiew Ee did 14 hours of non stop revision, and I wonder when I could reach that standard of discipline. What I'm doing now is obviously not enough to render me above the rest. =(

Thursday, February 25, 2010

United 6ABC 2007/08 Gathering

Gasoline Kepong

I swear I'll never step foot in this horrible place again. Service was terrible and the environment was not good at all. But company was: fuuuuyoh. Syok. Have not seen them in ages, one. Two, Kian Lu aka the monitor aka the fail planner came out with this idea randomly to gather and thank God he has got me to aid in organising the gathering. I was so freaking scared no one would turn up and I was hesitating when I called to book 12 places. But 14 of us turned up which was excellent! Kudos to all of us=)

The besties who never fail to light up my day.

The gang that made so much noise playing card games.


Wait, the second round of chaos proceeded after 12 in my house. In which they decided to pay a visit.

It started with an innocent game of uno and watching sports.

And ended with a gambling bonanza. At 3am.

I say these people are young and energetic don't they? XD

I daresay, I had a great time hosting them and having them around. Those times were still one of the best memories in my head. United 6ABC, let's make it string. Let our community stay active=)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Promises of The Past

Have never been allowing fatigue to wash over myself that badly. Physically strained, I also realised stress have been accumulating; not just me, but everyone else around. Days were stroke off the countdown, fast enough to say, hey, it's the revision hiatus next week. Normal to panic I should say, but surprisingly, some aren't. What say you? 76 days and counting down to the exam that determines my future.

The abrupt, pouring rain did not cool the accumulated humid weather. Likewise.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sky Lantern, Fly Away

According to Suren, it was a ill planned occasion. We did very abruptly wanted to light the sky lantern, or commonly known as Kong Ming Deng. Twins who are about to head back to Paris came from across the street and sis asked Kathleen and a few of my students and friends over.

We wrote our wishes on the lantern and I started using a chinese brush to write. Heck I'm amazed, after so many years since high school I still retained my prize-winning calligraphy skills. I'm glad, though it had deteriorated in quality slightly.

Twins in constructing their masterpiece.

There are a few conclusions I can make. Everyone would collectively wish for:
1. Good results
2. Good health
3. Lose weight (twins specified 43kg and sis wanted 45)

I say these people are too greedy XD

The final photoshoot.

Everyone who wrote their wishes=)Let's pray for whatever resolutions we ambit for would come true provided diligence and persistence are present kay?

It was a shame that twins cannot make it to see the sky lantern fly to the night sky. I always knew they would want to see it, moreover one with all the hopes they wrote down. They have to depart at 11 back to their uni in Paris. Which means tonight officially ends my CNY holidays. Life should get back to normal. All my closest friends are far away from KL, festive mood should cease eventually. Though with a heavy heart, which occurs every time they leave, I remember every day I spent with them. Every second that I love. This is what I call friendship, the one that I would never trade anything in the world to let go.

PS: I can't find my camera cable. Hence the photos and the blog post for the 6AB gathering have to be put on hold for a while until I can search for it. Please don't kill me first ya? LOL.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY Detour

CNY visiting this year is with the girls from the high school gang. Besides visiting each other houses for angpaus and food, we went to high school to take some photos.

Mei Li's car ended up driving along Duke Highway which is on the way to Genting while we are on the way to Fern's house in Jalan Ipoh. No idea how she ended up there. But we managed to meet in Maxwell, our Form 6 high school and had some chicken rice over there. Totally felt like those days when we rush to the shop in our uniforms before heading to tuition after school.

Reviving the chicken rice memories, where the chili contains so much garlic it will make your mouth smell like an oxidation pond.

And maxwell dudes, us, began to camwhore in the empty school, which looked like a ghost house with the disrepair architecture and silence.


Celebrated Fern's belated 21st in her house.

Zi Qin still had an issue with dogs, apparently.


Went St. Mary's with the intention of reviving old times spent there. The guard in the entrance blocked us.

Guard: Buat apa sini?
Fern: Melawat.
Guard: Tak boleh melawat ni. Kena ada permission Ms. Goh.
Zi Qin: Tak la, kita nak angkat sijil saje.
Guard: Sijil apa?
Yvette: Sijil 1119.
Everyone: Got such thing as 1119 cert ah?
Guard: Nanti, aku telefon pejabat dulu.
-10 seconds later-
Guard: Dah, cikgu cakap boleh naik.

I was so damn scared they wouldn't let us in!!!

We took loads of photos and enjoyed ourselves doing crazy stuff and our voices can literally tear the school down.

St. Mary's is the place! I'm so liking the hangout of the day with a crazy bunch of people whom we used to sit next to each other in class. Now we are all grown up and different, but the memories stay.

Went to DPC later which is nearby my place. Took loads of photos before the rain started to spoil the ss-ness.


In conclusion, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! We should do this another day. With the entire class. 5Sc4 2006 still rocks my socks!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Road Trip

Went to Muar for a makan trip. Hands were too busy to take photos, so pardon my bleak photo snaps.

Special thanks to the driver and the host, Daniel and JJ. JJ drove (or sped, at 170 percisely) the entire journey and Daniel brought us around for nice food. The trip was an awesome one overall. Meeting great people and places and trying new stuff, different food.

We went fishing for prawns (or prawning), or whatever. First time in my entire life. Was syokked after some mini victory of catching five and killing one and the rest of the prawns ended up in Daniel's fish's stomach.


The first ever time eating non stop, since 9am to 2am: I could make a list, no, page if I were to list down the stuff that we ate. Fuuuuyohh, full like nobody's business.


We drove up straight to Genting right after Muar the next day to visit Sue Ann. Then we went uphill to hang out.

It was raining and foggy, and super cold, and very very windy. Perfect getaway from humid KL.

We went bowling after lunch and shopping for a while.


Then we ate lok lok after dinner in the cold weather. Very contrasting differences. Cool=)Thanks to Sue Ann for hosting us in her mansion. Forgot to mention, her house is BIG. As in BIG.


Reached home around 1am and instantly collapsed on bed. The road trip was exciting and one heck of an experience and I'll definitely go for another trip like this.
This CNY is cool man!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY 2010

Started with reunion dinner at grandma's place.

Proceeded with camwhoring session. (The rest of the photos are in FB)

We webcam-ed with our aunt and uncle who lives in Japan after dinner.

And somebody got drunk during desert.

But we still stayed around until one in the morning to see our lantern fly to the night sky, carrying wishes for the new year.


I so do not get the idea of celebrating CNY like secara besar besaran because excluding family gatherings, the gluttony, overspending and fuss, it's simply not worth it. I don't see the particular need to exaggerate it. And I hate the drama and whatever fashion or beauty runway competition which takes place every year during reunion. It sounds too politicalised to be ignored and I am of a person with a kiasu ambition. Plus, I had a really bad time during the first day of CNY thanks to mum initiating the drama and all. I being a sucker started studying public law for a while (Yeah JJ, you definitely scared the crap out of me) and glued my face to the PC for hours watching movies. So honestly CNY is the same to me like every other day, well, except for the fact mum is at home grunting and scolding for basically everything she lay her sight on. Gosh, I am so hating every moment I spend time at home man. I just wish I could go back to college where my life takes place without interruptions. I sound like a whiny workaholic because I am. I love law more than CNY. *Winks*

Anticipating Friday to come soon. I need my assignments commented.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Good Day

I think I had not laughed that hard in such a long time but today, these people made me revive lots of nice memories and tons of happy moments spent together. It feels just like high school, where your friends are there with you.

Lunch at Italiannes @ OU.

Was super syokked after laughing non stop for hours, plus doing the one activity I loved the most: shopping. Finally, my cny clothes dah semua kaotim-ed. YAY!!!

They have cats in OU. Cute~~

PS: Guys, you people are awesome. How I wish you all were not in Paris or JB. And I daresay, our case makes a clear cut example of absence makes the heart fonder scenario. Thanks for everything you have given me. I have nothing to give in return, but my sincere appreciation.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pissed Off

Yeah I'm broke. Happy? I've no money for clothes, no money for food, no money to pay my bills, still in serious debt after the IPhone drama. It's near the festive season and I have to cut down despite wanting to hang out with friends and go for visits. I know I should not be angry about being poor, but the thing that pisses me off is what happened just now, when I asked mum for 100 bucks extra because I would be hanging out with my friends tomorrow.

Sis started the drama by telling me not to take money because she wanted some as well. I was like, if you want money take la, why you have to deprive my right of taking money because you want some as well? Then as usual, mum will mumble about us using lots of money and in the end she gave my sis the money she wanted and ended up not giving me. Fine, if you don't want to give me, I'm fine. But this woman went on and provoke me as if I have to beg her for the money. I'm so pissed, I don't even want the money anymore if she even sincerely want to give me.

What kind of justice is this?

I'm exercising tremendous amount of patience not to scream or end up swearing but my blood is boiling inside. I'M SO FREAKING PISSED OFF!!!!!! I don;t mind being mumbled for using much, and I try my best to explain why I'm using money so quickly. And you can't even freaking understand why I have to eat out or use money to print materials and it's okay if you don't but you just can't listen to me explaining. Why the ego and why the ignorance? You bloody well know yourself that you will give me the money but you choose to do so reluctantly and finding pleasure in implying me to BEG for the stupid money. You know I'm desperate and you know I will ask you nicely for the money and tolerate all your nonsense and you find pleasure in that, and you use money as a bait in order to enjoy the status of being superior to my needs and you can use them to ridicule me. But guess what, I don't want your money. I don't have to beg for your money. I rather stay poor than to be your subject matter of insult. This thing has gone out of hands. You used to threaten me with not giving me money in order to pressure me to do things you want them to be done, but this is it. I really don't like being treated with no dignity at all. I want you to know, nothing can buy me to perform anything I don't like, not even money. The most is I don't spend, and that's it.

Now thinking twice whether to go OU tomorrow. No money go shopping for what? Borrow from twins again? Then work like a slave to pay back, like now. I don't even have a good income and I hate to ask money form her. And I'm still in serious debt.

God need to save my soul.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Idle Mind

It's pouring outside, at this loony dark night. I thought I was supposed to be doing my assignments but whatever. My mood, doesn't sound pleased to be contemplating such works, or perhaps longing for a due break.

So I'm here, putting some lines in this space with hopes of easing my jumbled up mood or to activate my idle mind, I don't know. The feeling of awkwardness loomed these days, unnatural as it seems. Concentration just simmers as soon as it collects, pathetic. In critical periods like this, the last thing one would need, is a feeling that eats you from inside.

Rainy nights like this, makes me feel weird. I want to go out. Stand in the rain and let it drain away everything that I care about, let the thunder deafen the screams in my mind, amidst the blurred sight let me see myself only. Perhaps solitude can make one linger in profound sadness.

Tonight would be another sleepless night, or a sleep without a dream.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Before this, I want to tell everyone of a weird incident that happened in college this Wednesday. I was descending the floors by lift to go home after studying till 9pm, and I was alone in the lift. Then the thing suddenly got stuck on the 3rd floor, and the doors opened. And the best thing was the entire floor was closed, and the lights were off and it was stark dark and quiet. And I was like how on earth the doors opened. So I jabbed the buttons to close the doors, but the doors just simply refused to close. I freaked out like nobody's business and started jabbing frantically until the doors started closing, but it was until a small gap was reached, they opened again. Frustrated and scared like ham, I was conflicting whether to stay in the lift and keep jabbing until something comes out and gets me or to exit the crazy lift and take the stairs instead and I would be even dead in the darkness. So, I chose to force the doors to lock by mechanically closing the doors with my hands and I was relieved when the lift finally decided to move and carry me to the ground floor. But I was scared ok? Whatever it is, I'm just super freaked out. ==


Random evening out with family to buy stuff to stock our near empty kitchen cabinets. Each family outing will somehow start with some drama and this time, is mum rowing with bro about his homework and stuff. Super hate it when all the shouting goes inside the car because you have to be super careful with words because either saying nothing or saying too much will result in ugly scenarios.

It's just in Carefour near home and it's super crowded, and mum was being unreasonable by keep scolding us for lagging behind, not following her close enough. And she keep glaring us for taking photos. What a day with someone like this.

But she's mum and she pays for stuff we eat, so swallow all the complains.

Sis with spices.

Baked beans =)


I hate people who promise things and just take their words for granted, because they just don't give a damn about people who trusted their promises and relied on them and in the end just get loads and loads of disappointment. I know it's me, but I just can't stand this kind of attitude. It's irresponsible and it's naive. And yeah, I hate disappointments. A lot. So to say.

Mood swings these few days. Ignore me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Open Up The Sky

Rejoice! It's February.
Month of holidays with the twinge of near-exam hiatus.

A sneak peak for the upcoming holiday plans =)

Cukup artistic leh~ It's about doing anything to make myself and myself only a happy dude. Simple stuff that wakes optimism =)

God had been faithful through times of troubled waters.
We won't be satisfied with anything ordinary,
We won't be satisfied at all.

But his blessings pour down like rain.