Friday, February 26, 2010

A Waste of Time

It is justified: I never liked holidays. They spoil my mood to study, spoil my schedule for revision. One fine day at home, I pledged to myself, to finish VLE and to start off contract revision. It's minutes to the next day and I'm stuck on the first page since I opened my notes at 12pm. VLE untouched. The only thing that has been changing was the tin of biscuits in which the contents are diminishing as I went through pointless hours sitting on the table flipping through without concentrating.

I was thinking. If I had to attend college and I would be sitting in the library, at least 70% of my focus would suffice a thorough read on a topic.

Now I'm achieving nothing and worst, I'm full with deep regret. The psychological effect works worse, trust me.

I know I can blame no one, still, I blame, firstly, the weather, for providing a perfect sauna for sweat dripping purposes. It's friggin hot even after the rain. Next, mum for providing all the noise in the world. When I wanted to get into the mood, she came and spoil it by nagging and scolding about everything that she lays her sight on. Seriously and honestly I'm pissed and I can't concentrate. Thirdly, I blame the TV for distracting me.

Ultimately, my self discipline sucks to a max.

*Chiew Ee did 14 hours of non stop revision, and I wonder when I could reach that standard of discipline. What I'm doing now is obviously not enough to render me above the rest. =(

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