Friday, July 31, 2009

What's Your Flavour?

Picture credits to Sailormoon aka Wai Mun. =) We miss you in law class my dear. And Baskin Robbins rocks in terms of price and taste in 31st.

So as they say variety is the spice of life, it's you guys there who have been a total eye opener to my perspective in appreciating human behaviour. Compliment or detrimental in nature, nah, go figure yourself =P However, no doubt that you guys are who I love, and say yay all future lawyers! We are going to rock the litigation field in years.

PS: I got highest in class for Public Law. Yippie! I know I am supposed to be humble and all but I am freaking glad to get high marks. Means my efforts well paid. God's favour. =)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Prodigal Daughter

Today I felt lifeless and above all extremely discouraged. It feels though as if life is so bloody fucked up and meaningless. Yes I am swearing and I am using present tense, get my language. I am tired to pretending that I am so fucking happy with life and I am damn contented with what I have. No. I am particular of what I lack and what I lust and I don't give a fucking damn if this concerns anyone else in this world because I am sick of faking it. I AM SICK OF FAKING IT! Faking my obedience towards anyone I AM suppose to respect and love. Because the truth is I do not and I am sorry to say you can disown me anytime and just throw me out of the house. The truth is that above your all time traditional issue-matic problematic FAMILY VALUES, I don't know why, I just cannot fathom why above all, you value it so highly, and hello, this is indirectly creating the rebel in me so don't blame my influences aka church, college etc and categorise them as bad. The freaking truth is that I see this family adhering to all nonsense which is ultimately your pride. You're proud to fake we are living in a blissful close knitted family and everybody just loves each other so much. BULL SHIT. You want to show everyone how outstanding we children are because of your effort as our mother, forcing us to study study and study, fail one exam doomed for life. NO LIFE. I have no life. All my life is to study and study and I don't even know, until this very day, what is my purpose of studying so hard and sacrifice all my shit I am supposed to enjoy as a teenager. I am sick of fulfilling YOUR expectations. I have achieved NOTHING in pursuit of making you proud, earning all titles as a top student in high school, and now I asked myself what purpose is that I had gained so much because it amounts to absolutely fucking, nothing? I am no good daughter I know, but all I want is to have freedom. I cannot even practice the freedom of speech in this fucking madhouse and for everybody's sake I AM A LAWYER TO BE STUDYING LAW. Fuck! How pathetic is that? I am not the kind of person who follows routine and your set of rules because I have my own thinking which develops across the years due to exposure to the outside world while you stay in the range of your comfort zone. This is the 21st century and people evolves fast and please get your mind out of the 80s. This is the era of globalisation not cow mowing fields or some shit. For one thing, now that you have made an issue out of freedom that I wanted, is because you had made freedom so elusive and it is something I only can achieve in my dreams or one of us dies. This is because you had earned such a degree of disrespect or whatever shit you want to call that. It is true that I do not love my family because I just simply think that I can do good without you. No? Yes, I have ability and I would not hesitate to turn back or ask for help. I rather be some beggar on the streets because you made me have such level of disgust towards you. Everytime I try to reason you would tamper me with disrespect, branding me as the bad egg of the family, telling my siblings how not to follow my example, telling all relatives how disgracing I have been. I am shamed and I have the identity as oooh there comes Hui Ting the rebel who breaks her mum's heart because she thinks she is smart and everybody avoid her because you love your mum. What the fuck, man. I am 20 for goodness sake. I am a freaking adult not the kid who needs spanking because she has a smart mouth. Of course I have my views and damn you if you shut me up by either slapping me on the face or throwing water on me I can bloody hell sue you man. I have no reluctance in doing so as I have no heart and I am not bothered to have one. Nobody is going to respect you if you pull them by their ears and spit in their face and chant respect me respect me, bitch everyday. No, for everybody's sake stop making yourself look like an idiot and get a new method and attitude. What I can give is, well, I don't know what I can give anymore. All that I can give you is either insufficient or it is not that you want. i am done with pleasing you and I want back my identity as Hee Hui Ting the individual not the family daughter. All that I do to my life whether wrong or right is the account of my own actions and I take full responsibility and it does not work the way as if you behave nastily people would think why the mother never educate her properly. This is your problem and your pride. I have my own beliefs in my life. I want to practice them and you are stopping me. I am done with the your mum is the centre of your life mantra. I am also done with the your dad has died please love your family more ideology. I am not perfect and I fail to live to your expectations and you should disown me and let me rot on the streets. You finally knew that my ultimate goal for studying is to leave this madhouse one day. Great. You finally got it. I will leave. It's just a matter of time and it would be the best day of my life. I have no issues in saying I spent the most miserable times of my life at home. The home which robbed my freedom and my life. You will have issues. You have to deal with it. Get over it. I don't give a damn whether I am your daughter or not. It doesn't matter anyway to me. If freedom should be obtained without my family, then it should be. If marriage should obstruct freedom I would not marry. If working far away from home provides freedom I would seek the opportunity. I will, in any way, seek for freedom that I lust. Of whatever I do now, my persistence in praying and my priority in studies to my choice in my circle of friends, any thing, it works towards to goal of leaving the house and having freedom of living on my own. You cannot use money to bind me. Money for a short while, would not be the issue anymore. Get the facts right. I have grown up, time to let me go. I cannot stay forever by your side. Learn to grow up, mum. Learn to be independent.

PS: I still love you no matter what. It is just that my thoughts are more radical than your traditional mindset. I know you would not disown me. Butif you are reduced to do so, I have no issues with it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Friends for Life

It was nothing at first, just a mere normal goodbye. Everyone was just under the impression that it was like any goodbye we have, we wave and we met again. Soon. But that goodbye was just not any goodbye, it was for a long long time. Perhaps the longest parting we have known. The next morning after you had left, I woke up and looked through the white grills of my house, and I saw the trees in front of your porch. I know that you had left, for a long time until you will return. I gave you my best wishes the other night, I remembered, fighting the urge to give you a hug. Fighting the tears I don't want you to see back to my eyes. I know that from that day onwards, I would not see you around, and the house of yours will stay, empty of your presence, but of all the memories we had. They stay. The road we walked to school as classmates. The laughter that once rang through the silent alleys at night, as we drink to our futures. The promises we had for each and another. I took the path we once walked together so familiar. Cliche, but flashes of memories, they play on a reel of film, movie-like. They ran on my head. I stood in silence, knowing that solitude is mine. Emotions seeped in drop by drop, I cannot allow my tears to keep, as they flow in silence. Oxymoron to my heart that wildly wails in absence of you.

I miss you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have got a confession to make.

When times come where I feel so overwhelmed with God's love and I want to open my heart and fill people in, care and comfort the needy, I really wanted to serve the purpose of friendship as being a sincere friend, honest and genuine. I wanted to show them how much I love and care and I take emphatise and symphatise when they have their hearts broken and got discouraged either by their current happenings or their hideous past. I wanted to be there when they were down, when they need anything and everything, though I know I lack but I always can give my best out of my everything. I am thankful for I am blessed and I want to show them how much they are blessed and show them that they are too, but they are blinded by temptations, lost and wandering. I wished that they could repent and they could realise that how precious are they and would they stop hurting themselves, because this is hurting me too. Though they can say that this is none of my business, and I should nose away, but I want to because I choose to care. This is because I realise how much more I have received than them. But I would also like to say that I am sorry if I sound so supernatural and protruding, as may be my beliefs differs from you all. As maybe my principles sounded too unfitting in your context. It's neither's fault, just diversity in thoughts. I feel bad for I am not there and I cannot help and I fail to. It would always be my prayer that you know where your destination is, one day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Simple Occassion

Happy Birthday to my one and only sister in the entire world! *as in biological =)

I don't care if you like the Big Apples or not, because I liked them. Don't know what to wish, just, score good results for SPM lar~ Happy 17th (so young man *envious*)

Primary School Dudes

Since Carmen and Alex were both back from Melbourne and Vancouver respectively, we met up with Weng Sum as well, who enthusiastically boarded a bus plus transit train from UCSI. Well, I do have to say that it has been super long since we have really met up and talked, so it's really cool since four of us started off as friends dating back to primary school (Weng Sum is kindergarten =)) and now we are all pursuing totally diverse fields. Whoa...We are so old man! What we did was sat around in Coffee Bean and Kim Gary's and talked talked and talked.

The dictate unspoken words.

Carmen is currently in her second year in Actuarial Science while Alex is doing Commerce. Weng Sum is doing music majoring in Contemporary. Well I always knew she had the talent and the uhm factor in music. It's so ngam man! As for Carmen, she had been always the maths pro since forever. Alex is the super-big-mouth-everything-he-has-to-have-a-say person, never mind...But mind you he is JPA scholar man. Don't play eh. Talking about our primary school classroom memories was darn funny. And all the inadvertent crushes we had when a kid. (innocently cute~) I am really blessed for friends like this in life. They are like no other.

Cliche to say, but FRIENDS FOREVER =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Greenbox @ Sg. Wang Plaza-karaoke session with college buddies

One thing for sure. I HATE Sg. Wang man. I really dislike that place to the extremus max. Reason? Go figure. I think we all know. Karaoke session was enjoyable due to the company. I don't sing, because I suck in it. Therefore I do go there and practically watch MTVs. Sue me and whatever.

I like to hang out with them though. Friends are for me to love =)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Was bored

1. The person who tagged you is :
Matthew Chang

2. Your relationship with him/her is :
Friends and inadvertent siblings =X

3. Your first impression of him/her is:
Super tall!

4. The most memorable moments with he/she is:
He spill a drink on me.

5. The most memorable thing he/she has said to you is:
All the encouragements in life. Had always appreciated them. =)

7. If he/she became your lover, what should he/she improve that:
Lover your head. Improve n the sense that he should stop worrying too much?

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, what will you do:
Never gonna be. I'm too good. If he really does become, well, I think I'll slit his balls?

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
What the...I killed his cat?

10. The most desired things you want to do for him/her now is:
Show him I passed my freaking driving test and can drive already! yay!

11. Your overall impression on him/her is:
Sociable and tall.

12. The characteristic you hate most about yourself:
Getting emo too quickly and always has a problem about the past, clinging on feelings when I think I should move on.

13. The most ideal person you want to be is:
Able to please God in any way I do.

14. For people who care and love you, say something to them:
I love you with all my heart and thank you for being there for me.

15. Pass this quiz to 10 people who you want to know how they feel about you:
Pei Xuan
Anyone else...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Gathering

Cousin Wan Shin is back from Ukraine for her holidays so we gathered in grandma's house for a dinner together. It was fun meeting up all my favorite cousins from all over the place and gossip about everyone's boyfriends, of course not mine, cause I am still single (and available XD. It was real fun to catch up with everybody, because it has been ages since I've seen them.

Food! Grandma cooked her signature steamed duck or something, was AWESOME!!!

After dinner we karaoke-d in the living room using a laptop and we plugged the microphone and amplifiers to it. The KTVs were all youtube on the spot singing versions, which was super funny. but we did had a great time because all the mangkuks are shreiking and acted as if they were superstars in concert. We ended the session with Michael Jackson's Heal the World, and it was fun!

Everyone was on high mode. Which was so rare because my family is renowned for super serious><. But sooo cute leh!

We cousies rock!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Guardian Angel

I drew a picture of an angel in my scrap book today. =)

And I like it. =)

* If I have someone to protect with my entire life, the someone would be you, and because I love you with all my heart, I will never ever stop praying for you, for you to renew yourself, repent......

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The News

They sat in silence, face to face. He tilted his head a little and began to break the news to her.

As she listened, tears fell noiselessly to her lap.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Of Books and Covers

Here I am staring at the screen, sleepless for the second night in a row. It feels as though this is so wrong, yet I could not bring myself to judge. I told myself not to let emotions reign again, yet, I cannot. Everything came too suddenly, and took me with blatant surprise, no, shock. Of what I have been told, I felt so much, as though I was the one with the similar history. I could not bring myself to think or imagine, because if I do, I could not feel anything but pure sadness. No one in my life, ever had brought me so much to earn so much sympathy and empathy from my sincere heart. I truly felt very disturbed, speechless beyond reason. Because there is something just so special, something very mutual, and that is why, I wanted this to end, a better, decent way of leading life. Stories which moved my heart, this is the one which cut me very deeply, as I do not understand how could one survive under such circumstances. As people move behind shadows, shielded and camouflaged with their happy lives, I would always know that behind every mask, lies a very different story than the exhibited. They earn my prayers for them.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twilight Zone

It had came down like the pouring rain, my heart thunders whenever I thought about you. For what you have gone through, it really breaks my heart, enough for me to get emotional and break down into fits of tearful sobs. Never a person in my life had earned so much pity from me, but you did, and I have decided to protect you, like your guardian angel, shielding you from pain, let you hurt no more. You have to walk out of it, my dear. You have to. I will keep you in prayer.

You are beautiful, just the way you do.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

MV Day Out

Since a very homesick Zi Qin was back in KL after suffering in UTM, Johor for 2 weeks, we decided to meet up Mei Li, who was on sem break from UTP and Yvette, who was back for the weekends form Unisel. For someone whose college is situated in the very heart of KL, it would be difficult to fathom the conditions of my fellow friends who lived in complete isolation in university campus, and I, do love my KL very very much XD. I am a very superficially typical KL dude who cannot live without the city. Send me to a rural campus and I swear I will cry. I mean, I love the development, the facilities, the happennings. Without malls, who can live I ask you? So Mid Valley we went to shop plus to meet up and dine.

Mega sales is on (Yippee!!! Shopping Shopping!) again, and they have all these monsters deco. Cute~

And so we amused ourselves with those stuffed monsters.

Mei Li acting dumb. (No, she is.)

My girls XD.

We had lunch in Chili's then Delicious for afternoon tea. Someone was super craving for fries for no reason at all.

Camwhoring while waiting. It was a Saturday and it was so packed.


Presenting the menu =)

I heart them lots lots =)

Food =))

In Delicious.

Camwhoring again.


Mega sales is the best thing that has ever happened in life. In Zara and MNG, all those tops were thrown around like no value and it was just so so so cheap I just have to buy. Today I spent on clothes form Voir, Topshop, MNG and S and K. Man, I love shopping so much. I want more and I want it now. I consider myself okay except for the jacket I got from MNg, a bit expensive but I bought it anyway because I loved it.

And I am so very happy with my shopping!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Financial Prudence (Right...)

Had breakfast with mum this morning at Old Town White Coffee. As usual and without fail, her mumblings and nagging which made up the story of my life.

You know the aunty living opposite, she doesn't work. Her income is all property based. That's why I always say, it's important for you to save money and invest on property.


And your tuition income and your loan, should transfer into my account for safeguard purposes. You, I know very well, all the money spent on shopping. All the clothes in your wardrobe.

No way. My money okay? Besides it's sufficient for the entire month. No more no less.

Nonsense. Ee Von's got only 200 bucks for the entire month and she's breathing.

Noh. How to survive with 200 bucks per month, this is KL not some reclusive lifestyle we're living in okay?

Nah. Her mum confirms with me. And she has got no internet access as well. See, people can be so thrifty, unlike you.

So what do you reckon?

Each month you transfer 200 bucks for me. I will invest for you. And once the loan gets approved, all the money, goes to my account. I don't want you to spend on some shopping spree or get cheated.


And I've seen your wardrobe. All those clothes, brand new and all. How come you have so much money for shopping? That's it, no shopping for the month.

Noooo... Mega Sales is this month wey...

So? Mega sales or not, no buying stuff. Period.



Believe this? Life without shopping would be so bland and lifeless and zzzz...

Me no likey ><

God! Rain money on me please!

I want to shop! psssst...><

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pulau Redang Getaway

Always a fan of the beach, I couldn't say no when Michelle organised a trip to Pulau Redang, furthermore with the company of a bunch of crazy college whose true colours showed during the trip. Don't ever ever assume that law students are boring because what they do is relate facts, cite cases and debate non-stop, because heheh..really, a three-day experience with them have earth-shattering impacts which will change my perceptive towards them. Forever. Anyway, in the positive sense, because they are cool and funky people with their unique sense of humour. This trip, serves as the wildest and craziest ice-breaking session of the year.

We reached Kuala Terengganu at the break of dawn for breakfast before our boat ride to the island. They have a China Town there though not really that big and happening if were to compare to ours here in KL.


The entrance.

Random. Look at the clouds =)

We managed to sing some songs on Johnson's guitar's accompaniment, and suddenly found out that many of us actually knows how to play that instrument. Good job good job.

Johnson and Henry.


A lame attempt to play hainan jifan (Hainan Chicken Rice) lolx.

Nobody actually enjoyed the boat ride to the island. The ride was bumpy, and the seats were not spacial and my ass hurted like nobody's business.

The current created by the speeding boat. Amidst the blur Ee Von managed to spot dolphins. O.o Amazing.

When the landscape changed....

Everyone began to feel excited when the waters turned from the initial deep navy to lighter azure blue.


The seawater which was clearer than swimming pool's chlorine saturated artificial clear water.

Feels like jumping into the water and kickass swim like a fish. Sounds cliche but it was everything that I wanted to do. At that instant.

After dumping our luggage into our respective rooms (There was a drama about who sleeps with who especially regarding someone very unpopular people), we staged our Playboy cover shoot Redang version. (Quoted Ee Von)

Shot #1

Featuring Henry as Playmate ==

Featuring Johnson as Playmate #2 LMAO

This may look familiar because it is the more more tea inn featured in a film ages ago I think.

3 idiots. XD

The beach (Orgasmic one) Pictures galore ahead.

I love this picture the most! (Credits to Johnson)

And don't you know that snorkeling was superb? Underwater, I just cannot hear a thing, and set me into a relaxed stupor. The coral reefs stretched miles across the seabed, colourful and swaying with the current. The fish swam in shoals, I stretch my hands to touch, felt cool water on my skin, the sun shining above sent rays on the garden of corals, heaven-like, peaceful and serene. Oh man, I love snorkeling. Too bad I don't have the whatever casing for underwater photography or else I might as well take photos. The marine park underwater scenery was good except for the eel part. I screamed like a moron and embarrassed myself when the stupid eel came out from the hole. It was enormous and weird looking okay?

During the night when the beach gets eerie, lots of night activities are provided (up to your own creativity ahem) which includes karaoke. Bleahh I suck in singing.

And to sit at Laguna and enjoy their live band, who sang Womaniser in the end. Ter za dao a bit =='' Johnson ordered this Pina Colada which tasted nice, like candy XD

And clubbing on the beach. honestly I am not much a clubber, merely following friends. A very excited Henry to show off his dancing skills == and James , stripping skills XD

A bit potong stim la there, saw some unwanted people.

The shack lmao, really it's a tent. With a cool DJ, loud music, head spinning lights and a funky crowd.

Another one.

Sudah hampir mabuk look. Of free martinis and beers. ==

Another night everyone was playing uno cards and decided to give it a twist so that the game carry more weight. So they decided that the loser will have to kiss Jason.

Lucky him.

Then another penalty was to run along the beach dressed...

like this.


Later we played drama until 3am. James stripped like a pro. Jason and Jun Hon, unbelievably have amazing drama skills. (I didn't know that, guys. All the while you were so quiet, and innocent. Now, totally the contrary.) The acting thing was superfreakinglicious funny, and they still refuse to award me the best actress duh...

And not forgetting this as a tribute to my sis-in-law. LMAO. Von, country hair, country hair.

Now in KL, I am very the bored and already missing those carefree days in Redang. Besides the leisure, guys, LLB Inter 2009 rocks my socks. College life is starting to show its wonders, and you people had made it pleasant to live those boring, law and facts saturated classes by just being my classmates. HAHA! To all of you, I miss you guys a lot. Can't wait for classes to resume on Monday. PS: Don't call me tank weih. =='' I miss those days in Redang where people like you crack dirty jokes during lunch, stage inadvertent plays before bedtime, relate nonsense to everything in life, twist words and facts. You guys are funnieh! BLOODAH!!! *Insider's joke*

Till then peeps. Loving you guys! Please read for Contract paper. HAHA!
Though cliche to say, but FRIENDSHIP FOREVER.