Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 Days to Go

21 wishes for my 21st

1. A car, so that I won't have to waste time travelling by train to class.
2. A Macbook, in which should be given to reward my Inter results.
3. 280 marks and above for Part One, in which I will work hard for.
4. Criminology textbooks, which come in sparse in college library.
5. My exisitng Astro subscription to include movies, for fun.
6. Bobbi Brown colour palette.
7. DKNY Delicious, ever since 2006.
8. An easel, and the liberty to pursue my hobby to paint during my free time, which come in limitation nowadays.
9.Improve in terms of relationship with mum, to achieve things in life which would make her proud.
10.More time to spend with my siblings, where my busy schedule had neglected time spent with them.
11.To love my family more, especially grandma, who always wanted to teach me how to cook but I don't have time to learn.
12.Continuing support from all my high school friends, whom I greatly miss.
13.To have a long lasting friendship with Yoong Sin and Yoong Ling, my best friends in the whole world.
14. Continuing support and advice from my college friends, especially Soo Wen, who always motivate me; Sue Ann and Von, my study partners.
15. Well balanced skills in time management and prioritising, so that I can carry out Rotaract duties with competency without the compromise of studies.
16. To know more people and make new friends.
17. A getaway to an island alone.
18. To obtain the UK experience during my life as a law student.
19. The ability to dream and believe in myself, my abilities and potential, to ignore those who doubt me with their limited knowledge and beliefs.
20. To be healthy.
21. To grow closer to God, to cherish and be contented with His blessings, that by Him, I am one special person who He plan great things for me, that I can achieve the life I want and be happy for my life when I continue to grow by His image.

See, I'm a very humble person with minimal material needs one ok? WAKAKA. But this list is not exhaustive la, and if you feel that you can make me happy by fulfilling my wish, come on and select your number. I'm joking la ppl, but still, I'm legally 21yohoo!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Random

I don't recall how the week started, but I remebered it was when Ms. Sharon told me to end my party life after Wednesday's Land tutorials. I am really intending to reduce, by all, most means of entertainment if possible and human. Of course I will still continue to Facebook daily and I have no intentions of abandoning my blog, which has started to grow some of its underlying roots in me. I will CSI my way crazy if appropriate, and of course, I have my Rotaract commitments to adhere to. Therefore, it will be near impossible to end all, to the extent of revisions lat year. But it is possible under coercion, which doesn't anyhow happen now. Therefore the skiving and spacing out once in a while. Nah, no worries, I'm not those dreamer who sleep for decades in stark failure. I cried when I got a B in Common Law, that kiasu.

I had a slight migraine this afternoon in which I blame McD's coffee. Installation Night is soon and I miss shopping so much, that I'll be soon showering money on clothes and shoes for the dinner. But good news is many of my friends are positive of me receiving the rebate for top 10 students that I won't believe until I see physical evidence. If so, I will be splurging that amount on something gadget-y: Macbook or iPad, whichever comes to me by instinct.

So when I took Criminology as an elective this year, I took it based on pure interest, and I always believe that if one has the inherent interest in something, one will do well because one will be motivated by his discourse of questioning oneself, discovering the unknown and questioning the non-beliefs. People often talk about relevance, scores statistics, annual graphs on passing rates. Then the question of achieveing what's practical and realistic comes into picture. I don't care about all these, as I believe so in myself. To be accountable to my principles. It's not because many seniors who I've know who obtain As which motivated me to take, nor whereby I want to be a criminal lawyer. Not so whatever. I don't even understand why I'm doing so, so mouthed easily by words, but it's true. The reality of the working life later in which everyone aims at when going there, doing what, earning how much, doesn't appeal to me at all. If given me the chance, I would have studied my whole life, motivated by my basic hunger for knowledge and the thirst for infinite sources. It's ideal virtually, but realistically, one have to perhaps allow patience to harbour long enough. I have no idea what the future awaits me, but the most I can do now, is to practice what I'm obliged to, which is to be a student, in which I carry out my responsibilities properly and whole-heartedly, in order to be the best of me.

Thus ends my very very random self-containing post, my apologies yea, if one regard it as an eyesore. Your problem though=P Nights.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dreamer in Me

Terrified repeatedly played in my head these days. The lyrics aptly described yours truly some time ago. The reminiscent. The memories.

When you're grounded, you have all the time and liberty to think of all these nonsense. An idle mind is the devils workshop. Me no likey. That's why me need to run here and lepak there to get rid of these nasty thoughts in my mind. Makes me a better, stronger, more principled and able person.

I thank God classes are resuming soon. No time for biased attention. Only books and studies to make the valedictorian in me. Yeah, the nerd mode should be on in no time.

Only a fool wear his heart on his sleeve. Never, Hui Ting, never ever let your heart wander to the infinite trap of emotions. Never.

The end.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Things happened made me ponder. I realise how much I miss everything. I pretended I didn't care, I lied that I'm over it. No matter how much I hide, I still think about it every night.

But I also realise how much things had changed. Needless to keep in touch to know. Things can never go back the way it does. But if given me another chance, I will make it correct this time. But I also know how sparse and minute the chance is, an impossibility.

For now, I pray to forget, to be given another chance. Either or. You have no idea how much I miss those days.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Till The End of Time

A few series of ridiculous issues happened a stringful, consecutively and exaggeratedly; of course I was beyond pissed off, but I kept my cool and pretended. Firstly, I was accused being a smoker, alcoholic, clubber and frequently playing truant. I was like WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THIS? I have results that people dream to get and I admit I'm no smartass, I get my results by pure effort and continous hard work and that, failed to be noticed? Second thing, I was being police investigation like checked which includes calling my close friends which was like DOUBLE FUCK. Third is I was being stripped off my freedom of going out and can be said, grounded for eternity. I cannot attend my friend's birthday celebration which I felt sorry for. Another more contentious issue I felt sorry for is not being given the chance of vis-a-vis clarifying the entire issue of asking my friends to cover up for me. Most importantly, I am forced to turn down the invitation the very last minute, aka flying thier aeroplane. The fark.


Saturday afternoon, attended Darryl's 21st in Parkroyal. Party did not end there but was carried forward in Green Box and Zouk later on. Food and fellowship was great.

Disclaimer: pics are stolen, thank you.

And I'll miss you guys like crazy, and love you forever.
I only say it cause I mean it,
I only mean it cause it's true.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Aftermath

This I want to tell you: You may be academically excellent, but it is unprofessional of you to comment in a way that degrades others' way of life. One man's meat is another's poison. So, I suggest you before making any public comments in the papers, take a walk in other peoples' shoes because you have absoultely no idea why people do things the way, just not the way you do yours.


I'm not a clubber, but I enjoy occasional clubbing cause it just brings out the other fun side of people. And, yesterday night was the bomb at Zouk with my form 6 peeps whom I know them as very very decent and prinicpled people. Of course, when I arrived home at 5am I was punished and grounded for eternity. And also, of course, mum exaggerated the entire issue but conservative rules in my family, oh yea. I think I may not be able to go out at night for a very long time.

Oh wells, Darryl's 21st party and photos yet to come.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Secret Mission

I'd say, I awesome-ly LOVED the talk about the form six bilboard championship. Though mentally exhausted and physically worn, I just feel proud and overwhelmed with satisfaction and success, something I had never felt after the form six bilboard championship.

Let's hope he doesn't see this =P

Sunday, September 5, 2010