Monday, December 27, 2010


They opened the door for me and held it everytime I pass through. They ensure I walk first in every circumstances.

They took drinks for me, refilled for me even when I did not ask.

Keep asking me whether the temperature was ok. When I said it was a bit cold, they immediately poured me hot drinks, without me asking to do so.

Kept me in the pool of conversation.

Insisted me to not carry things, even I assure it's totally fine.

Accompanied me to the station and watched me depart, even the place is totally counter direction.

SMSed to see whether I'm home.

I was throughly flattered. These guys, really made my day by being super nice, and making me feel special and protected all the while.

You don't have to be welded with thick cash, nor to be good looking. Just being gentleman, mesmerises hearts. And to you guys, a million thanks for the princess treatment for a day. Loves!

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A Little Goes A Long Way

When sis went for her medical check-up abut half a year ago, she got herself vaccinated for HPV. I vaguely took into account of that incidence, only remembering mum being head over heels, trying to get me vaccinated. I remember, though not vividly, that I brushed off her advice and assured her: 'Where got so easy kena one?' I thought that, I was young, not sexually active, and very scared of needles. But it was the hindsight of that day.

Today, the Ministry of Health is pushing Malaysians to vaccinate themselves for HPV, and had provided vaccination for 13 year old school girls nationwide. My girl friends, are getting themselves jabbed and when we few get around together and talked about it, the need for prevention measures gradually flowed into my mind. What I thought half a year ago, may not represent the situation now, and especially with more and more life examples of perfectly healthy people going through health issues out of a sudden, one may ponder the thought of taking measures to protect oneself. So the cliche goes: Health is Wealth. Though after almost fainted when they told me it's like 1k to jab myself for HPV Vaccines, it's okay, because I want to get myself protected before anything else happens.

"Human papilloma viruses, HPV can cause cervical cancer in women. HPV can also cause other types of anogenital cancer, head and neck cancers, and genital warts, in both men and women. HPV are estimated to cause about half a million cases of cervical cancer every year, and are the leading cause of death from cancer for women in the developing world."

Cervical cancer weih, be scared ok?

"For this reason the vaccine is recommended primarily for those women who have not yet been exposed to HPV during sex.Women should continue to seek cervical screening, such as Pap smear testing, even after receiving the vaccine. Cervical cancer screening recommendations have not changed for females who receive HPV vaccine. Without continued screening, the number of cervical cancers preventable by vaccination alone is less than the number of cervical cancers prevented by regular screening alone."

It's always better to be safe than sorry, and you may not know what will happen tomorrow. Love your body, get yourself vaccinated for HPV, ladies. Though I have no idea how I came up with such a community message-like post which is so intellectual muahahaha, but yeah, the message still stands.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


On Christmas eve, I fell sick. I had diarrhea and vomited twice on the bathroom floor after I abruptly woke from my sleep during midnight, and I literally camped the toilet for a few hours. Seriously dehydrated and lacking rest, I had fever. My head and body ached all over and the slightest movement caused so much pain I have to strand myself on the bed. I slept for six hours in the empty house, didn't even bother to switch on the lights when night falls, didn't even eat a single thing for the whole day. It was Christmas eve, the whole family was out. I was depressed, angry, alone and in agony. I felt I was treated unfairly, and I was all alone when I needed support and care the most. Fury and anger overwhelmed me eventually.

But stop, and I thought for a second. I closed my already tired eyes and prayed. It is Christmas, and as it goes, remember the reason for the season...

When the time struck 12, I was glad that there were messages either to return me wishes and greetings, or for comfort. I was laughing when rolled inside my sheets, holding my phone, checking messages on Facebook and SMSes. The next day, Christmas, I felt better after a few painkillers for the head, and I was fine by noon. We had family dinner together and I was happy that my prayers were answered and I had a good time with my family.

Christmas, is about faith, the Saviour who died for all our sins. I thank God for everything He has ever blessed me, and the prayers in my life which He answers. Miracles happens, and I'll continue to live my His image and be awed with the wonders He creates in my life. =)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Memory Palace

1. I'm grateful for the perfect childhood I had, although the teenagehood that follows was horrible and devastating. In the end, those small hours and those lttle wonders, remains.

2. I'm protecting my memory of you that even everything fades away in time, I always will be in love with your memory in me. There will be no other who can replace, nor do I foresee anyone else who I'll meet, be like you.

3. I should think that if you're here, I'd be a different person than who I am today. At least I would have a resevior in me so deep that sometimes I surpress my depression in order to block away those fear I'm dreading to resurface. At least I wouldn't have so many episodes of deprssion where I resort to clinical alternatives to supress them.

4. And at least, I thought I'd have a family to start with in everything I experience; good and tough moments in life.

5. The departure, should I say, is the impact you made which affects the very foundations of my life, even until now. It's so substantial to me that in everything I do, I would flash my thoughts to visualise your presence; what would you say, what would you feel, what you would do... Everything I do thereafter looks so artificial because it's the hollowness I felt in my acheivements; there is always a missing space no one can ever fulfill. The hardship and stress which happens in my teenage life afterwards, the fear I've gone through for most of the time, you have no idea how pathetic it is to go through years like that, but that's the impact it made. It's just that moment of loss, but it's life changing.

'Would you like to remember everything?' Mr. Jakov said.
'To remember is not always a blessing.'
'I would like to remember everything.'
'Then you would need to have a mind palace, to store things in. A palace in your mind.'
'Does it have to be a palace?'
'It would grow to be enormous like a palace,' Mr. Jakov said. 'So it might as well be beautiful.What is the most beautiful room you know, a place you know very well?'
'My mother's room,' Hannibal said.
'Then that's where we will begin,' Mr. Jakov said.

Friday, December 17, 2010

That Spur Moment

It hit pit bottom that day. I was thoroughly fed up and angry, and emotions just overwhelmed me. I had never cried so badly for a long time. I muffled my sobs with my pillow and covered my head with my blanket, screaming; tears soaking the sheets. I remember lots of dreams resurfacing after I drifted into a restless sleep. Waking up in the morning, I was exhausted for the day and even extra dose of coffee did not help ease the fatigue. The day was unproductive even I mustered my strength trying to concentrate and set aside unpleasant thoughts.

In short, I'm trying to live life by my own expectations.

I'll prove to you I'd live like a desert, if there'd be no rain. And I'd grow thorns around my body, like a cactus, when rain should not shower.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Tasty Blend of Friendship

After Wednesday's class, the Rotaractors went to Tasty Pot Sunway for a round of food fiesta and fellowship. After bearing the Federal highway jam and Lekha's car got banged and all, we reached there with our stomaches growling mad. They gave us an enormous table with three stoves bubbling with 6 types of soup base. Admittedly, it was quite a while I had so much seafood in one day, and it was just, awesome.

Soo Wen who just became president of SRC began to grant wishes to all of us after listening to complains ranging from too strict attire rules to clogged toilets. Later, Erna got cake dunked so badly she had cream in her nose. Joke of the day was the act of putting a barbequed crab into the boiling soup. Never laughed so madly for a very long time. It was splendid food, even betetr fellowship.

Okay some pics are stolen, which explains much of the inconsistency in colour in the pictures.

I miss my friends so much and that I know that I'd not see them again after the end of Christmas holidays. But never mind, and also, after this, I promise myself to lessen my play and focus more on studies.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Convocation and Awards Ceremony

I've been sleepless for the past nights thinking of Convocation and what I'm gonna wear. Nope, it's not my Convocation, but I attended in the capacity of an award achiever. 2000 bucks for outstanding Intermediate results. I'm happy, proud of myself and most importantly, motivated to ahieve greater heights next year.

Mum wasn't able to make it so I thought never mind, but manatau she drove off the only car in the house, and I was left speechless, worrying about transport. Yes, in the nic of time worrying not about my hair or shoes but my mode of transport. Brilliant. Next, it was the fact being stuck at KTM worrying about whether the train will arrive late or not. Later, when I arrive at KLCC, it was worrying about the fact whether I'll slip on stage or not. Yes, I was anxious for no reason. Everytime something big hits, I'm always nervous.

That aside, I saw my friends there, some came to receive awards, some graduated, congrats. Some came to perform. Rotaractors came to sell flowers by convention. Some came to volunteer. But all, I'm sure haboured the similar mindset, which is by witnessing glorious moments of recognition of such, we will get motivated, inspired and encouraged to inject effort in whatever we're doing now so that next year, we can similarly, go up stage with heads held high, listening to the thunderous applause from the audiences. At least when I received my award from Prof. Wayne Morrission, I felt so. I felt the overwhelming emotion, the surge of motivation, amidst the mixture of emotions, the settled fact si that I want it to happen, and I want more.

I felt happy because it was a proof to myself that I have did my duty as a student, and I performed it well. I wished my family was there to share. As a conclusion, it was one of the happiest moments in my life.

Above all, I thank God for His grace and everlasting love, for repeatedly blessing me with wonders, and forgiving me for the bad I've done. My family, for the support by any means. My friends, for actively (or passively XD) encouraging me. Tutors, for all the knowledge and guidance. Last but not least, Rotaractors, for the flowers (although you guys made a great deal of noise when giving the bouquet to me, but nontherless, you all gave, with a few stalks pluck out. Hehe.), and for giving me the support of attending the ceremony, ancilary to the purpose of selling flowers.

To the greatest bunch of people in the world, thank you.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning Motivation

Students in Harvard Library at 4am.

'It's a system of mediocracy here. Everyone else are idiots, the system moulded you to become the same. It's the sytem over there which forces you to become intelligent, and you will be intelligent like the others. They reject and resent the kind of mediocracy we have over here. It's a record standing too long to be broken. I'm saying that it can be broken, it is possible. Nobody guarantees that it'll be easy, but it's possible.'

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I realised it's finally time for me to focus. December is here and ain't funny. I'd be howling if my name isn't on the list next year, but again, it's a goal, not to speculate anything. I really really want to pull through Part One, and I want to score better than my Intermediate.

But I found myself slumping, being pulled back by other distractions. Today is a public holiday and God knows why I'm not doing anything but sleeping. ISH! God please don't punish me. I'm so gonna buckle up!

I want to be hardworking!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Little Things That Makes Life Great

Very recently, I bought myself a tumbler to fill coffee to bring to college. Sipping coffee on the way to class, the warmth of the liquid which you can feel trickling to the inside, the breeze of the 8am morning air. It's perfection, a luxury, a simple one. Instead of gargling down large amounts of cheap coffee at home when I'm in a rush, I now have the bliss of enjoying my morning beverage amidst the daily hustle of life.

Oh by the way, the tall one is bird's tumbler. Mine is the Christmas Edition's, which I likey=)

It's one dose of energy for the day stored in a tumbler. One dose of daily supplement of simple happiness. One quick sip of bliss, one moment to kick start my day. When I arrive at class smiling and prepared, much of it, is owed to the drink which gave me my day. I love my mornings, and to you coffee, I call you love.

Little things in life, I took notice. You're just awesome.