Friday, May 30, 2008

Before Night Falls

I am not really into vampires and fantasy stuff, but this is really an exception.

It is kinda teenage(I am 'post' teen)+romance(something not my cup of tea)+fantasy(again, not me). But it is really worth a try.

And it's going on screens on December.

Starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

I finished the book in 2 days.

Go and give it a try. I am not those people who liked fantasy stuff. I usually read books like The Da Vinci Code, Deception Point, The Last Lecture and stuff like that. Never ever chick flick or whatsoever. But I have really been on a roller coaster ride in this book. The style. Made my eyebrows twitch.

Haha...Try it. You can borrow it from me though.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just Did It

I just did it!

I bought a pair of Nike in One Utama Nike Women.
And felt damn happy about it.

Hahahaha..The gold and black on the white. Hahaha...

Yoong Ling bought one pair Nike limited edition last holidays. And since that day Yoong Sin, Zi Qin and I had already been searching for our Nike. So this gold and black one really caught my eye. Not bothering about Zi Qin saying that glod and black will be out of fashion soon, I bought it. Yoong Sin was trying to look for a red Nike but unfortunately, saw none.

Oh, by the way, I bought it using my visa debit. It's my first time using my visa to purchase stuff.

Can't wait for the moment of expose on the streets!! I am going to flaunt it! Hahahahahahaha!!

PS: My mum does not have a clue about it. But I am pretty sure if she found out that I spent 200 bucks on a pair of shoe, she is going to scream on my face. Wonder how long does it take to keep this a secret......

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fabulous Friday

A lot of things happened today.

First we had a trip to 8TV.

8TV is my favorite TV channel. So I am very excited to visit their broadcasting studio. It's in Bandar Utama, just next to 1 Utama. Oh anyone living in KL should know this.

This guy, Azwar is the facilitator leading us through the trip. According to him, Media Prima is the big umbrella and underneath it is TV3, 8TV, TV9 and recently NTV7 is going to join them.They also have 2 radio stations namely Hot FM and Fly FM. By the way, NTV7's studio is still in Glenmarie but their offices are already in the media prima building. Actually, 8TV's lisence was bought from Metro Vision after they ceased their operation.

Mr Azwar briefing.

I really salute Mr Ahmad Izham Omar, the CEO of 8TV. He thought about the public and did a survey and found out that what they need is for the urban and chinese market. So they imported the best series and shows from all over the world. Like the some of the Korean dramas, reality shows and stuff. Their braand manager is constantly in and out of the country seeking for new shows. Well, he also kinda believed in the local entertainment industry while everyone thought it was non-profitting. He started to support and brought bands together. Made local dramas. As a result we can see bands like OAG and local dramas like Goodnight DJ, Ghost, Kami.....Reality shows such as One in a Million, I wanna be a Model are their home made shows.

Well, I am quite impressed.

Next we had a studio tour. 8TV only had 2 studios, the Quickie set cum E News set and the Mandarin News set. The other studios they have are of TV3 and 9TV.

Actually the Quickie and the E News are 2 stes in a studio. It's a multiple camera studio. They shared the studio, the camera, and the lighting and stuff. And it's actually very small. Azwar told us that it looks big on TV because of the lens of the camera. You actually look 10kgs more on TV. Wow.. That explains why some celebrities look better in real person than in TV. Blame the camera.

The Quickie set.

The E News set.

Four of us at the Quickie set. Haha...with Azwar talking behind us.

At the legendary mini cooper at the E News set. By the way, this Mini Cooper just only have the front. The back had been chopped off...haha

All girls. You know it's like a lot of cameras. So we had difficulty to focus on which cam. celeb.

We saw Phat Fabes on the Fly FM studio. And a DJ from Hot FM. Cool..... Mr. Ng said Phat Fabes was previously a Maxwellian.

Hot FM DJ. Blur photo coz we were separated by a glass window.

Phat Fabes making funny faces.

We toured the Mandarin News set too. It's also used as a Green Room. It means the green backdrop can be used as any background. It's so small, that we have to tour the studio 10 by 10.

News readers!!

There are some small facts that I think I would like to share. Their best ratings series are the Desperate Housewives. And their Brand Manager went through a a lot of trouble to get license to broadcast Year 4. Gossip Girl is getting more attention. Buying the license from Idol to hold Malaysian Idol is extremely costly, even the brand is there. It cost them all of their sponsorships. That's why they switched to their home made singing reality shows like One in a Million.


Mr Ng and the go travel cute little cartoon. Haha...

This trip is very enlightening and eye opening. I am glad I abandoned my Chemistry experiment in school and followed the team. Hehe...

Group Photo!! Everyone is looking at different directions. What la!

Next, we went to 1Utama. Because we are finally meeting Chris, Kang Zhi and Chui Geok after soooooooo loooooooooooog. Wah!! I really really missed them sooooo much.

We went TGI Fridays for lunch.

My Friday's Burger.


Chicken fingers.

The sundae.

And we watched Prince Caspian. And the funny thing was, the movie started with the lady giving birth to a prince. So she was like screaming. And dunno why the twins started laughing. Then I laughed too because influenced by them. They have problem man...always laughing when they see violent scenes. Last time when we watched Hannibal Rising, same case. They were watching the 18PG like it was a comedy. Man I tell u. Frighttening!

But really really, I enjoyed spending time with them. It's bringing back the best memories of my school life. They are friends I cannot possibly forget.

Hope there will be another time like this.

Friends for life!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

When Mums Celebrate The Day...

Due to the fact that everyone is having exams tommorow, we decided to celebrate mothers' day in grandma's house. Instead of the usual 1-hour-travel to Kuala Selangor for seafood.

Mum kept saying:'Today is mothers' day. So you must help grandma cook.'

And she lied on the sofa and slept.
How controversial.

By the way grandma did not even want my help. She said I 'kacau only'.

So I just hung out at the kitchen and pretended. But I asked questions to keep grandma company. She liked that.

That's our dinner. Erm..we have Pork with 'suan', Lemon Chicken, Chicken and Red Dates Soup, Fish Head Curry, Bak Choy and Fried Fish with Ginger. Yum~~

That's the Pork with 'Suan'. Paiseh la...I dunno the exact English for that vege. I ate a lot of that because grandma said if eat 'suan', we will have a lot of money to 'suan'.(suan is count in English) But I ate not for financial purposes. It's because my Maths sucks and if I eat a lot of 'suan', I can 'suan' during Maths Exam. hahaha...

Grandma boil the soup using charcoal oh. So traditional man.

The soup boiling with grandma's love.~~hehe

We finished every scrap of it. As usual.

Aunty Yin just came back from backpack travelling through Europe. And she brought back these.

It's like play dough but a little rubbery.
And it can be transformed to.....


Haha...damn cool.

And the joke of the day was Wan Ling's puppy, Jack decided to pee on my jeans.

That dumb dog was trying to lick the cam.

And the worst part of the day is washing dishes. But we decided to let the mums wash it since they only wash once in a year.

Joking only.

Mother's day indeed is a day to be remembered, even I am not a mum. But I am very grateful to still have a mum that loves the family since Dad had left us. Eventhough we are not the type of family who is saturated with love and hugs and kisses but we still have trust. Eventhough mum nags and scolds and shouts and annoys but she is still my mum.

This is the bottle of scrub I bought for mum. RM20. For this piece of shit. But it was the most appropriate thing I can find in the whole pharmacy.

Still have her birthday to think about....sighs..

Chaos in the Study

Exams are mind cracking.
Look at the sight of my table.

It had been in a terrible mess for weeks. Plus nothing had been entering my mind since last year.

Maybe what I need is more than just determination.

Hell yeah. I bloody hate those exams.
Wishing it would end soon.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

When The Weather Comes Blazin'

Damn. It's freakingly hot. I mean the weather. You know, because bringing 1500ml of H2O to school still made me nearly died of dehydration and the 16 degree Celcius air conditional still made me feel I am in a sauna.

But I did manage to remain undeterred by the flaming weather by taking regular baths (let's say, 5 times per day) and drinking lots of water (and peeing uncontrobally).

To honour myself, I made DRAGONFRUIT ICE BLENDED. haha.

So this is it.

Ice Blended Dragonfruit with Lemon. Yum~
Actually I wanted to put a mint leaf on it for decorative purposes but my fridge happens to be unpossesive of this certain ingredient.

Anyway, it's going to be down in my alimentary tract. So no harm done.

Actually if you look closer, there is two layers of distinctive diffference. One light coloured layer on top, another darker, denser layer on the bottom. I actually tested it and found that the lower layer is lemon extract and dragonfruit extract, plus water. While the upper liquid is actually kinda foamy, like the cappucino bubbles type (dunno exact english for that thing), with bits of lemon seeds and dragonfruit seeds.

Wow. I am so free.

Next time if the weather gets blazing hot, just make yourself one of these. I don't know about you all but it makes me happy. Yeah.

All you need is a lemon, peeled and cut, a dragonfruit, peeled and cut, ice and water. But all of them into a blender. Blend it. And bingo. A recipe for happiness.

I have no idea. Small things like this makes me very happy.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our Version of Gossip Girl

You know what? You live in a world that you have to guess and guess. You have to think for answers. You have to ask and feel curious. You have to be prepared to possess info or to pass info.

You know what?

You know nothing yet everything.

It's Gossip Girl live. Period.

Story A
Guy C just broke up with Girl A. Girl A is someone outside the school. Co-incidentally Girl K entered school. Newcomer. And it happens so coincidentally that Girl K is Guy C's ex. And Guy C thought that nobody knew about it. Which is greatly wrong, because in fact, Girl H, a previous classmate of Girl K, already knew about this, and broadcasted the whole school. Guy C finally knew that everyone knew about it, through a friend, and got extremely worried. Lately it was seen that Guy C was particullary close with Girl K, which cause rumours about them getting back together to sperad. When asked, Guy C denied the relationship.

Story B
Guy B was once upon a time a welcomed person among us but lately it was seen that he was isolated. When asked about it, he denied. But his once close friends said that it was his ow problem, which is closely related to Girl J, his ex. Where Girl J broke up with him and dated Guy W just in weeks after the break up. And it was later known that actually Guy B is dating Girl L, a girl from another school.

Story C
Girl L started a relationship with Guy S last year. It went perfectly well until this year. Guy S simply had no interest towards her but she still like him. Nobody knew when they broke up, but it was certain they broke up. Girl L was seen crying but nobody knew the cause. One day Guy S was sick so Girl L showed some care by giving him a drink. Guy S rejected it directly on her face. Till now they are not really in talking terms.

Story D
Girl M dated Guy N, a college guy. Somehow, Guy N's mum knew about it and was entirely unhappy about it. Guy N was a good filial son. One day Girl M nd Guy N met coincidentally but also coincidentally met his mum. His mum got pissed and called Guy's N father on take a half day leave and be on that spot immediatedly. She even shouted for Guy N to go home at once. It all happened in a shopping complex.

Story E
Guy D and Girl Y looks exactly like a pair but they denied their relationship. But it was heard that Guy D actually likes her, but not the other way. But it was also heard that Girl Y liked another guy, Guy T, and proposed but Guy T rejected her. Until now nobody knows what is happening exactly.

There are so many things happening around. You cannot even avoid it. You just thought that you are gonna like:'Urgh, I'm not gossiping!' But you can't. Talking to people is like walking through a sea of gossip and rumours. Somehow you are gossiping. Somehow you are the Info Guy/Girl. Or you are the Listener. Or you are the Messenger. Or you are the Speaker. Somehow you are included in the play.

People, the theater is wide open for seats. You chose your part. To be talked about? Or to talk? Or to listen to the talk? Or to pass the message of the talk?

You choose, because it's like totally Gossip Girl replay. Who cares about Guy S or Girl W or whatever...

You just want to.................GOSSIP.