Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chinese New Year Celebration- A Success

It's Chinese New Year Celebration for our school today. They are also colaborating it with Pn. Azmah (PK 1)'s farewell.

The school organinsed it. We Chinese Society were the OFFICIAL PARTNER.

The MC for the day is Azman and Yvette.

Azman is saying the CHINESE PART, and Yvette the BM PART.
Yvette is damn concerned about her role. She kept badgering every single soul for a cheongsam which she will be wearing it for about 3 hours ONLY. At last she managed to borrow it from Pn. Helen.
Azman is a Malay guy who speaks Chinese. Not exactly excellent, but still better than other dungus who have no idea to utter even one word.

Oh, by the way, the teachers chose them, which means they have got nothing to do with me and my Chinese Society. If I am in charge, I would not let them be the MC.

Yeah, honestly.

As usual, Datin (our principal) spoke first.

And also as usual, no one was listening.

Then we have Lion Dance.
Man you know the Lion Dance was damn cool!! It's our own students. They are only Form 2 boys. I think they weight even lighter than the damn lion thingy.

Thanks guys!!

Next the Chinese Drum performance was by 5 Form 3 kids.
They practiced damn hard to made it a success. They even came back to school during
Thaipusam holidays just to practice.
They somehow made me so touched.

Then the wushu guys did their stuff.
Aik Cheong, my classmate, is damn pro in this. He lead them.
Wow their stunts were truly AWESOME!!

Next we had the calligraphy contest for the teachers. Datin don't even wanted to participate when her name was mentioned. So unsporting. We were a little dissapointed.

but never mind!! No one is changing our CNY spirit!!

See Bee lead some girls to dance for the closing ceremony.


Then suddenly they wanted us to run the mandarin eating competition which was initially cancelled.
Me and Boon Fei was like: 'Deng!'

Basically the boys shot up on stage.

Like they never had mandarin oranges before.
It was funny though.

After everything I treated all my members and performers Cheezels and Twisties because everyone had helped me so much and I wanted to express my gratitude.
And they were extremely happy and overexcited.
And they called me 'lenglui', which indeed made my day.
Just joking, lol.

Boon Fei (left) and Darryl. Both are my vice presidents. They helped me a lot throughout.

The twins and Zi Qin. My best committee members. They helped me the most in decorations. As well as my best friends!!

Thanks guys!

Thanks girls!

Thanks and (hugs) everyone!!

I am damn proud to be your president!!
Chinese Society ROCKS!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a Shock

Today mum decided to bring us shopping for cny stuff at 1 Utama. Then on the way back home we will stop by IKEA to buy a new couch and then dine at the Curve or maybe Ikano Power Centre.

We drove about 10 minutes to reach there, and as usual, we spent half an hour for parking spaces.

The first outlet we visited was ELLE. No doubt, because mum simply just loved those clothes there. So I tagged along for half an hour, feeling bored.

When mum decided there was nothing for her, we left. As we were exiting the store, mum suddenly realised that her purse was missing.

And she panicked.

So we stood there in ELLE's front door like completely idiots, trying to figure out where the hell is the purse, trying to recall where the purse was last seen.

In the end, we left 1 Utama in a hurry to go back home because mum was extremely worried and on the verge of scolding people.

When we reached home, mum shot into the house and went scavenging for her lost purse. And......

In was inside the cupboard.

I was like: WELL DONE, MUM.

We ended up having dinner in Pizza Hut. Not bad huh.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ecology Project

This is a compulsory project classified by MPM (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia). Our Biology teacher, Pn. Annie, obviously wanted to finish off this as fast as possible.
So she called us back during the holidays and told us to settle the project. Date due: the first week of school.

Everyone was like: DUH!

Okay, it's like no school in KL and Selangor had already started the project. Those mandatory projects, again MPM said so are:
1. Plant Project- collection of 25 species
2. Insect Project- collection of 25 species
3. Ecology Project- soil sampling, distribution of plants and microorganisms

Looks simple, but actually it is EXTREMELY tough.
And tedious.

We have to find 25 different friggin leaves of different species, BUT also of 5 different families, and YET Pn Annie told us not to put in the name for species because we have not reached that level of determining species. Then we have to seal the leaves in completely vacuumed plastic to hinder fungi and bacterial growth.


In 25 different species of insects, we have to find far and wide for insects. I went to Bukit Tinggi exclusively for this, with the promise of beetles. What I obtained after the trip was a few butterflies and dragonflies that every Dick, Tom and Harry can catch in KL; and of course, aching legs. Apichat and Krishnan went Ulu Yam and managed to get some ants and a few bites from leeches. In the end we bought 25 species of insects from a shop named Pappilon in Batu Caves, ranging from praying mantis to cicadas.


This Ecology Project.

Soil Sampling

We got some garden soil from my yard, lake soil from Titiwangsa Gardens and jungle soil from some place. So we have to measure the pH, water content, air content, microorganism content and its texture.

These are the ingredients, chemicals and apparatus used for determination of soil pH.

The rest of the soil sampling are of no photos because I did not bring my cam to school.

fMe acting pro while doing a simple task of pouring the solution into a test tube.

Our whole group savoring victory after completing ONLY pH determination.

haha.. that's Apichat, the tallest and smartest guy in our class. Krishnan, our group leader. me. Pei Foong, the one doing the most, and Yee May.

Plants Distribution

Okay, it's like, most of them have no idea where is FRIM. Forest Research Institute Malaysia. It's a reserve forest covering partially Selayang along the way down to Sungai Buloh. Even Pn. Annie have no idea where it is. (She boldly wanted to tumpang a very shocked Michelle's car). Only Michelle and I knew where FRIM is!! So the good thing is, I offered to point directions for those who are willing to fetch me. So on that early morning, Boon Fei came with his Kancil to fetch me. Conclusion: Untung-lah!

So we did the quadrat sampling first.

this is our area of research....a shady area near a damn big longkang.

We laid down the quadrat and began sampling.

It's quite a boring job. Basically you just squat down there and measure the coverage. The only thing that breaks the routine is you get up to randomly choose another place for sampling. 10 times.

Krishnan said I looked like a ghost. lol

After 3 damn long hours, we're done, and feeling extremely happy about it.
Until Pn. Annie broke the news to us that....we're going back to school during the holidays for extra classes, because we have not finish evolution and stuff....

Everyone was like : 'sien diao!!'

After that we ended up in Selayang Mall having noodles.

Tired? Oh, VERY.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two roads diverged in the woods, I took the one less travelled by...

I am a person of faith, and I believe in destiny.

I believe that if something is not meant to be yours, then it will not be yours, no matter how hard you try.

I made a decision today.
A decision that will change my life forever.

I am not going to be a medical doctor in future.

I have my reasons.

Hopefully everything will be okay.
I am still not used to myself having no ambitions.


see, I can still laugh.
life sucks.
so do I.

Life is a bitch, because if it is a slut, it would be easy.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Some quotable quotes to ponder......

'Dari AJK atas sampai ke bawah, tanyalah tanggungjawab anda? Manakah tanggungjawab anda sebagai Pengawas PSS?'
Liza on Pengawas PSS 'lembap dalam kerja' issue

'Jangan ingat saya akan bagi anda sijil, kalau anda tak buat kerja langsung. Dari AJK tertinggi pengerusi sampai ke bawah, aku tak kira!'
Again, Liza on Lembaga Pusat Sumber 'tak bergerak' issue

'Dari Pengerusi Hui Ting sampai bawah, aku tak kira...Aku akan pecat juga.'
Again, Liza on the same lame issue.

'Kalau tak mampu, letak lah jawatan! Aku tak paksa. Dari pengerusi sampai AJK biasa, sama juga!'
<.........> do I have to say?

'....Ah!! Mana tanggungjawab anda sebagai Pengawas PSS? Kamu langsung tak beri tanggungjawab, tak jatuh cinta dengan Pusat Sumber tu!'
How to fall in love?

'Semua orang tak main peranan langsung! Dari AJK tertinggi sampai bawah! Semua kerja terlambak macam tu saja!'
Oh yeah?

'Jadi Pengawas untuk apa? Untuk 10 markah itu saja ke?
Liza being sacarstic.

'Aku tak nak dengar lagi! Pergi!'
Liza being even sacarstic and mean to me.

'Kalau tak ada persetujuan saya, semua ini tak akan berjalan juga'

'Belilah pinggan ke mangkuk kaca ke....bagilah budget RM50...'
Ended up buying a mug minutes before Datin's resignation which only costs RM5.

'Tak apalah....kamu suka lah...aku tak kisah...'
Liza on buying present for her. Last year Eng yap's present was rejected because she didn't like it. I took a precaution step.

'Eng Yap!! Mana Eng Yap!!'
Liza shouting for Azman.

True coluors of her show when you work under her.
Bloody hell. WTF.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Divergence in Dreams

It has already been 6 months I have been studying in Form 6. 2008, I am officially in upper 6, the last year I am going to be seen wearing school uniform.

The last year to ponder about the future.

Honestly, I am quite uncertain about my own future; what am I going to be one day, who do I see myself as......My goals are too abstract and inspecific. My friends made a choice and walked their path without doubts; I still have not made my decision yet. Yes, NOT YET.

After PMR, I took a decision to continue in science stream, believing that my strengths and my interests are in this field. I worked hard with enthusiasm for 2 years. It paid off greatly. 10As in SPM. Not great but well paid enough.

After SPM, I made another choice to further my Pre-Universities in Form 6, and to take STPM, the second most difficult exam in the world. I made a choice to be in science stream Biology, again believing that my interests are purely scientific and life science based.

After half year of Form 6, I began to think about all the choices that I have ever made, which lead to this very day I am living in.

Is this so?

Since form 3, I have an ambition, which is to be recognised as a medical surgeon one day. When I visited Damansara Specialist due to a sprained ankle one day, my desire strenghtened. Again one day, I visited a relative in Selayang Hospital. I saw young interns walking in corridors, checking on patients. My cousin, studying in medical school, also set as an example. I watched Grey's Anatomy, Medical Investigation and The Hospital and began to think. Wherever I go, I saw my dreams. And I have worked hard towards it to make them a reality.

But now, I thought otherwise.

I have not been gifted with a talent in science, unlike most of my classmates. I sometimes do not share the same interests with them. Their passion differs a lot with mine. They are people who loved maths, chemistry and enjoyed classes of those subjects. They are people who are good in facts, figures and reality. I sleep my way through maths and skipped chemistry for no apparent reason. Science never found a way to suit me, those years I have survived is due to the reason that I found a way for myself to suit science.

Which explains why I have struggled so much.

I have never liked those subjects I chose.

My interests are mainly in languages and arts. And I am also talented with anything artistic. For me, art is beautiful. We speak through one language, art. Art creates diversity, changes, flexibility, opportunities, life. Art is peaceful and hopeful. I took great interest in art since the day I can hold a pencil in my hands. I can make wonders using my creativity and imagination. Whether it is an article, a painting, a design, or a simple thought, I meant something. And the challenge is for everyone to ponder what am I trying to convey, get the message and understand me more.

The problem is, what am I supposed to do? I have wasted a great part of my life doing something so unlike me, and a great part of my mum's money too. And another problem is, I am not lousy either in my studies, which means, my scientific side. I was the best in Biology and I can manage to squeeze into top 10 in my school for a few years. I am good in what am I doing, but I am also great in what I am good in. The twins used to say that I am a whole rounder, well except for sports. But the problem of being whole rounded is you get uncertain about yourself. People who are damn lousy in something but is great in one specific thing, will have a clear vision about themselves. Who cares if you have no idea how to draw a fish and sings like a toad if you can manage to research about a cure for cancer and make tons of gold out of it. Nobody questioned about Marie Curie and Edison's artistic talents or Rapheal's scientific mind. People who are successful in this world are people who have clear visions, specific talents and interests. If you are in science stream nobody cares if you can paint stumaso style like da vinci. If you are in commerce stream nobody will give a damn if you knew how a amoeba digests a bacteria. If you are in languages stream nobody wants to know how well you knew about the stock exchange. This is reality. And everyone is living in it.

Locke said this from the series 'Lost': "I saw into the eye of the island, and what I saw... It was beautiful". I tried hard to be optimistic about my future, trying to see the good in every bad, the silver lining behind every cloud. I am trying to see the good side of being whole rounded. A classmate of mine said before: 'you're so great in studies, at the same time can handle so much of post in so many activities, and you can play the piano, draw so well and your calligraphy is great too....., people are queuing for these talents'. Yes, people may say that wow, you are damn great to be in possession of so many skills, your future must be damn bright. But hang on. If you are in my possition you will think otherwise. You will undergo a lot of mental struggles, being undecisive. One time you will feel suitable for this, but at the same time you will feel that your otherside talents are wasted. Another time you will feel that if you use your interest as a career, it may not be as rewarding as the one you are by your trained and hard earned skills.

Sometimes, it's good to stay common and have common dreams. Being in possession of extraodinary skills sometimes set as a burden. If I am of no artistic talents and don't know how to play the piano, maybe I will be like most of my peers, studious, loving science and maths. Or if I am always lousy in my studies then maybe I may be like my cousin, great in art and going into MIA for graphic design this May.

It pays for staying great in what you re good in, not good in everything.

I missed myself so much.