Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a Shock

Today mum decided to bring us shopping for cny stuff at 1 Utama. Then on the way back home we will stop by IKEA to buy a new couch and then dine at the Curve or maybe Ikano Power Centre.

We drove about 10 minutes to reach there, and as usual, we spent half an hour for parking spaces.

The first outlet we visited was ELLE. No doubt, because mum simply just loved those clothes there. So I tagged along for half an hour, feeling bored.

When mum decided there was nothing for her, we left. As we were exiting the store, mum suddenly realised that her purse was missing.

And she panicked.

So we stood there in ELLE's front door like completely idiots, trying to figure out where the hell is the purse, trying to recall where the purse was last seen.

In the end, we left 1 Utama in a hurry to go back home because mum was extremely worried and on the verge of scolding people.

When we reached home, mum shot into the house and went scavenging for her lost purse. And......

In was inside the cupboard.

I was like: WELL DONE, MUM.

We ended up having dinner in Pizza Hut. Not bad huh.


Twinkle Tinker Twins said...

hehe... excellent

-pei xuan- said...

HUH!! then who pay 4 d parking fee??
haha.. how abt driving license??