Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour 2008

It all started with a curious click on a link on top of my mail when I checked through my e-mails last month.

Earth Hour 2008.
See the difference you can make.

This is a non-profit organization by the WWF, in order to create awareness among people about global warming and climate change. On 2005, Sydney decided to power off their lights for 1 hour. From 8pm to 9pm, the citizens of Sydney lived in complete darkness, going on with their lives. 2008, Earth Hour is a global program for any city, any business, any organizations, anyone to join the force, and spread the message about environmental consciousness among all inhabitants of earth.

So what should I do, you ask.


On 29 March 2008, 8pm to 9pm, turn off your lights.

Okay, if you are bored *yawns*……hey, maybe it’s me. Okay, my convincing skills sucks. Oh please don’t close my page first.
Check out the official website.

I guarantee you will be astonished about what other people have did, and you will be further convinced by their video clips. Hey, it’s real ok. I signed up because it really touched me so much.

Maybe you ask: ‘What’s so significant about turning off lights for 1 hour?’

Hey, dude. I know you loved counter striking on PC, or your mum can’t miss the soap opera on 8, or your granddad just wanted to watch football. Yeah, I know. You can give thousands of reasons saying you need the lights. And you will say that only you can’t make anything better.

You may ask again: ‘I can, but my family can’t. So, I can’t.’

Well, charity starts at home. By showing a good example by sacrificing 1 hour of Counter Strike will make your parents soooo proud and touched. And probably you will convince them to do the same thing. Well, since you have to off the lights as a family, why not use the 1 hour to sit on the porch, and talk while enjoying the light breeze and the night sky? The point is, in one way or another, as an individual, you can make a difference.

Still not very convinced, okay okay, let’s see what Let There Be Chaos has done.
I gathered a few friends and them, also environmental buffs, agreed to spread the noble message by volunteering into it. So, me, the twins and Zi Qin did the promoting job in the place you will never imagined.


Okay, it’s VERY lame.

We went to the official website, memorized every fact, printed posters, did badges and promoted it to our fellow classmates.

The posters and badges....scattered on the table.

First response will never be better: ‘What is that?
The next was: ‘Are you guys doing this for money?’
And then it was: ‘Why bother? Are you all that free?’

That’s what we got exactly from all of them. It was extremely discouraging. When we approached them, they will look at us one kind. It clearly reflects why environmental programs were never successful in Malaysia. Just look at the simple society in school. They were even reluctant to support their friend, let alone supporting a complete stranger outside there who talked about trees and pandas. In addition, this is all non-profit. We were even using our own allowance to spread the message. The printing is money, the laminating is money, the posters are money and the photos are also money!

We three spreading the message.

But we never gave up. And soon, people began to listen.

Countdown chart in class. Even topped the trigonomerty questions.

Besides turning off your lights on Earth Hour, we must also practice Earth Hour everyday. By changing simple habits we can make the Earth a better place to live in. For instance, saving water, recycling, practice 3R in life, saving electricity, substituting the use of tissue papers with handkerchiefs, using your own containers instead of polysterine boxes when take away food. These are so simple things in life that we can do to make environmental consciousness a part of our lives.

Recycle bin made from Ferrero Rocher box in class.

Reduce the use of polystirine boxes. Use your own container when take away food.

Use hankies instead of tissue papers. Nobody loves wan

Practice car pooling.

The board everyone pledged to participate in Earth Hour to stand a chance in making a difference on this Earth.

After all, Mother Earth have gave us so much. Ask ourselves, what have we done for her? Destruction, devastation, pollution. That’s how we repay her? For the air she gave us to breath in? For the water she gave us to sustain life? For the sunlight she gave us to see? The best things in life are free, because Mother Earth allows us to have them.


It’s all cause and effect. One day, she will repay us by making us ill.


Let’s save Mother Earth together. Let’s protect her against the act of human actions.

We also did a video clip about how we think about Earth Hour 2008. This is it. Enjoy.

it's a video clip about Earth Hour in Maxwell. Not excellent but it's all we can do.
Earth Hour 2008. See the difference you can make.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

On Vacation

I had been really anticipating a visit to the twins hometown in Sabak Bernam, and this very day came true on the first Saturday during the holidays. Knowing that they were going to visit their grandma, I boldly requested for a stay.

Suprisingly they agreed. Happily.

So I packed my belongings, gobbled down my dinner and grabbed my phone, cam and charger and was out of the door in 10 minutes.

We arrived at the twins grandma's house approximately at 8pm. That day was elections results day so we spent the whole evening watching the news and complaining loudly about the politicians. The joke of the night was we managed to finish a whole pack of almond chocolates (which the twins regarded as cheap), three quarter pack of fish strips and a few boxes of crysanthemum tea. Two am, Yoong Ling was already asleep on the couch and finally Yoong Sin announced that she cannot tahan, and we all went to bed.

The next morning, we went cycling. I was extremely excited as I have not touched a bicycle for almost 3 years. Yeah I know. KL wui....where got place to cycle? The conversation of the day:
YS: Hui Ting, you know how to cycle?
HT: Of course la.
YL: Oh yeah?
HT: Yeah la. Eh, I learnt from tricycle to bicycle man!
YL: Yeah meh?
So, we cycled. Yoong Sin kept complaining that her bicycle got problem.

Our bicycles.

That's a signboard by the mainroad saying 'Sabak Bernam'.

Firstly, we de-toured the place. Sabak Bernam was a small place, very rural and very quiet. Yoong Sin showed me the place where she worked as a clerk last holidays. According to her, it 'brings back bad memmories'. We also went to a children's playground and practiaclly had fun there. lol.

We are the conquerers of The Kingdom of Slide. LOL!!

We saw a cow!! Up close. This is the first time I saw a cow so damn close and there was a crow standing on its back.

It's cow-big-brother. Eh, cannot. Bull-big-brother.

Then we went to the most beautiful place in Sabak Bernam. Sungai Sabak is a river, branched from Sungai Selangor. Oh, I saw mangroove forests. It was on the banks of Sabak River.

Me and Yoong Sin at the bloody watch tower.

The legendary Sungai Sabak.

Mangroove forests.

We went up the watch tower and just saw every corner of Sabak Bernam (haha....just a part).
Then we took a visit to the paddy museum. (Air cond not functioning. DENG!!) We took a visit to the Community Library but didn't open on Sundays.

That's us on a sampan in front of the museum. It says 'jangan naik'. But here at Let There Be Chaos, who cares?

The best thing was, there was a Watson and 7-11 on the main street. Wow. Not bad for a small place like that. Yoong Ling bought shavers in Watson. We also ate the legendary yao yao ping in the bus terminal. Yoong Sin said that we can actually take a bus to Anson and we can shopping there. The yao yao ping was damn nice.

We took lunch at The twins yi po's house. Then, they went to the barber and I watched a whole afternoon of AXN.

It was raining during the evening. After dinner, we went home.

It was a totally great stay at Sabak Bernam. I really wished that I can have a longer stay there, so that I can explore more places, meet more people. Although Sabak Bernam is not a metropolitan city, and it's not very advanced, but it's a place that you can see things that you have never seen if you have lived in the city throughout your entire life. I have lived in KL for 18 years, addicted to city life, and this had been an eye opening experience for me.

Viva Sabak Bernam.
Oh, it sounds lame but that's what I wanna say.

PS: Some photos are of me and Yoong Sin and me and Yoong Ling. But they two looked just alike, so just put either one. haha.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Out of Nothing

I just want you guys to know that I really treasure this friendship more than most of the things in my life.

I really do.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rendezvous- A Love Affair

Music are my words that failed to speak.

Playing the piano is like counselling. My fingers will do the taliking. Legato is my chained and accumulated feelings, while staccato explains why I am twitchy. A sudden forte is like I am bursting out my anger, as it will crescendo and allegro, exhibiting my rage and fury, like a man roaring to the sky. Then the rain falls as I decrescendo and largo the notes, as emotions will well up. I will close my eyes and think, while my fingers still striking the keys, gliding pass sharps and flats, doing alberti bass, chord, whether chromatic and highly syncopated, or just simple major key. I will imagine life speaking through music, and about how beautiful this world is with the blessings of music. It will control my five senses and numb my brain. It will then paralyses my body and I will be addicted to the process, lost in the world of fantasy. It will hypnotise and send me thinking about happiness and hope. The music reaches the finale, as it will diminuendo, and reality snaps back into possition. Awaken, I am now fully refreshed and fueled.

Music, oh so powerful is the soul of it. For it makes me feel eternal paradise. Close my eyes and I shall see.
Numb my brain and I shall think.
Paralyse my senses, and I shall listen to music.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Via the Tube

It was way better than I had expected.

It's the exact feel when I watched Hannibal Rising last year. It just makes me go silent for some time.

By the way, great music. Just scroll down and click on the imeem control and listen to one of the soundtracks.

Anticipating another thing like that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Matter of Time and Fate

We went to 1 Utama when we knew the news.
Zi Qin and the twins saw it on NST and The Star.

Save the suspense.
It's an advertisment about watches.



Time zone is giving away 8 chronotech watches for RM8 only while the original price is RM500 something. It's on a lucky draw basis. So, we rushed to 1 Utama as early as 9am.

There was already a crowd, and a long queue.
But in the end we didn't manage to get the watch.
Maybe luck wasn't by our side.

I am okay. But it SEEMS like Zi Qin and the twins were dissapointed beyond words. They complained that they did not put in the hope to win. Yoong Ling even said that she was unprepared. lol. Zi Qin kept glaring at the guy who got the watch and said that it was supposed to be hers. lol again.

But we pretty enjoyed ourselves.

I believe that if something is meant to be yours, it will be. If it is not, then it will never be.

Never mind. One day I will afford one.

But at least walking away from Time Zone with a free T-shirt was not bad either.
People people....haiz....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Miserable March

The begining of the month of March has already signifying the start of something bad. Not to say that I am pessimistic, but it's already punching my ass inside out. LOL.

I just friggingly HATED my current life.

I just found out that I am really really REALLY not made for Form 6. And I regretted being so adamant with my choice when I took this path after SPM.
I regretted ignoring all those offers to private colleges.
I regretted in believing that I can.

I am struggling all the way in form 6. Because you know why. The course is EXTREMELY difficult and challenging. *phew* And it requires a lot of diligence, consistency, patience and a hell lot of determination to get you to the top. And I am DAMN lazy, stubborn, carefree and make it short, just lost my interest to challenge myself.

Seriously I have changed a lot.

The me those days.
top student
best in a lot of subjects
listen to lessons
pass up homework on time
make an effort to improve
study till late
wont give up
read till understand
fully prepared for exams

The me nowadays
wont give a damn
disobey teachers
nearly flunked maths
sleep during classes
skipped classes which i hate
never revise anything
easily tempted by tv and pc
give lame excuses

I am not fit to be a doctor.
Doctors are hardworking people, and the making of one also needs diligence.
I do not have the requirement.

I used to be a model student.
I used to set an example for others to follow.
I used to have envious results.
I used to be the one who answer questions.

Now I am not all those anymore.

The straight As are all history.

I don't know what to do. I just want myself back.

i just knew that, I am going to get terrible results for STPM, and my mum is going to go nuts, and all my family members will look one kind at me. And I am going to private U next time.

I should have accepted the offer to study A levels with the tuition fees waived scholarship. At least I could have been clear what am I supposed to do.

I am not like Pei Foong, Chai San, Apichat. They are built for STPM. Some people like me are not.

Too late to regret. There are things that I am not willing to let go no matter how unimportant it seems to everyone else.

Form 6 is definitely an eye opening experience. I have matured more in the process of it. It allows me to see things I have never seen before, experience life that I will never ever forget, pity the pathetic, mourn for the naive.

March is the end of the first semester.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Total DUH-ness

Lately it had been stressful.
First, it was billboard. The hardwork of staying back, brainstorming for ideas and technically decorating the board AND ALSO all those gossips(ouch), backstabbings(ouch again) and the natural fear of competition(OUCH).
Actually I am not bothered about winning. I just cared about finishing my work fast, and the board is presentable, then I am totally COOL.
I just wanted to cherish those times that everyone spent together as a team, bond by friendship, determined to finish some project. When it has done, I felt happy, without winning or not.
Unlike OTHER people. (names not mentioned)
Oh the results will be out at 4 april. Will upload photos later.

Then the dreadful exams.
One word.

Then Chinese Society Stuff.
I freaking hate some people who are not appreciative of whatever I have done so far. It feels sick and tired thinking of her, and I hate her!! The words that come out from her mouth, every letter felt so hurtful, disgusting and pathetic!! I am already very commited and responsible. I really really got fed up, and I really really wished that one day I could stand up and bark at her face, saying: 'eh, please la. I have already done my best. Please don't make little things seem enormous and humungous. Please use a little bit of maturity and cool to solve problems, not pointing fingers at every direction. And the problem is, THAT IS NOT EVEN A FRIGGIN PROBLEM!! SO WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM??'

yelling once.
Stop. Yeah I am okay.
For now.

Bye Bye.