Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rendezvous- A Love Affair

Music are my words that failed to speak.

Playing the piano is like counselling. My fingers will do the taliking. Legato is my chained and accumulated feelings, while staccato explains why I am twitchy. A sudden forte is like I am bursting out my anger, as it will crescendo and allegro, exhibiting my rage and fury, like a man roaring to the sky. Then the rain falls as I decrescendo and largo the notes, as emotions will well up. I will close my eyes and think, while my fingers still striking the keys, gliding pass sharps and flats, doing alberti bass, chord, whether chromatic and highly syncopated, or just simple major key. I will imagine life speaking through music, and about how beautiful this world is with the blessings of music. It will control my five senses and numb my brain. It will then paralyses my body and I will be addicted to the process, lost in the world of fantasy. It will hypnotise and send me thinking about happiness and hope. The music reaches the finale, as it will diminuendo, and reality snaps back into possition. Awaken, I am now fully refreshed and fueled.

Music, oh so powerful is the soul of it. For it makes me feel eternal paradise. Close my eyes and I shall see.
Numb my brain and I shall think.
Paralyse my senses, and I shall listen to music.

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