Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Total DUH-ness

Lately it had been stressful.
First, it was billboard. The hardwork of staying back, brainstorming for ideas and technically decorating the board AND ALSO all those gossips(ouch), backstabbings(ouch again) and the natural fear of competition(OUCH).
Actually I am not bothered about winning. I just cared about finishing my work fast, and the board is presentable, then I am totally COOL.
I just wanted to cherish those times that everyone spent together as a team, bond by friendship, determined to finish some project. When it has done, I felt happy, without winning or not.
Unlike OTHER people. (names not mentioned)
Oh the results will be out at 4 april. Will upload photos later.

Then the dreadful exams.
One word.

Then Chinese Society Stuff.
I freaking hate some people who are not appreciative of whatever I have done so far. It feels sick and tired thinking of her, and I hate her!! The words that come out from her mouth, every letter felt so hurtful, disgusting and pathetic!! I am already very commited and responsible. I really really got fed up, and I really really wished that one day I could stand up and bark at her face, saying: 'eh, please la. I have already done my best. Please don't make little things seem enormous and humungous. Please use a little bit of maturity and cool to solve problems, not pointing fingers at every direction. And the problem is, THAT IS NOT EVEN A FRIGGIN PROBLEM!! SO WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM??'

yelling once.
Stop. Yeah I am okay.
For now.

Bye Bye.

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