Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Know All The Right Things To Say

You'll never let me feel miserable, always being able to say things to cheer me up.
You tolerate my weirdest mode swings.
Your advices benefits the majority, though sacrificial in your behalf.
Your silence said it all.
Your sincerity impacts.
You're special to me, and I'm sorry if I had let you down. Like every time I wipe off all means of proceeding.

You deserve better. I'm sincere.

Caught a Cold

It started with me going to take a shower at 1am in the morning. Then, with the 16 degree aircond blasting over my head. The next thing I know, I've caught a terrible cold as I woke up this morning. My right nostril decided to run like a open tap, and my throat felt as if there was fire scorching down the entire esophagus. Eyes watering and sneezy, I ruined my Monday.

Great isn't it? It was until just now I took four pills down with ten glasses of water. No joke. That's how stubborn I am. Refusing to believe I'm sick.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

So Many Smiles

Azamians@ Papa John's Times Square.

All the gossips.
All the laughter.
All the memories.

You guys made my day. *Hugs*

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. ~Hebrews 11:1

Devotion on eve's night, I gave thanks for blessings I receive, and I prayed for new hopes and wishes. I had a bad day, and the feeling of dejection uplifted slightly, but it was until Christmas noon I followed mum to her office, and I spotted Success Principles laying on her desk.

I propped up and start reading, since I was free and twins had mentioned before about how good the book is, which I highly doubted (because I thought it was a replica of The 8th Habit or whatever). As I finished about 1/5 of the book, I was immersed with a brand new dream, an indispensable founded hope to plan and achieve the life I want, to be successful and happy. Though the book is inspiring and motivating, another reason being that, reading through kept my mind circulating around incidents and people by my side, about how everything ties back to faith and FAITH ALONE.

And this Christmas, I know that, with faith, everything is possible. Faith empowers and faith moves. Faith is through connection with God, to seek Him earnestly in life. And as we have fun this season, we cherish relationships around us.

Faith work wonders.

Eve at 69 Bistro


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Roll of Events

The feeling after exams is simply describable in one word: SYOK.

Spent my Friday over at Weng Sum's place, then out to Soul'ed Out for dinner with primary school classmates.

Well, more of these opportunities would make my life memorable should I say? =)


Saturday night, attended Alex's/Chris's bro's wedding dinner. Besides splendid food and the joy of congratulating a married friend, the chances of eye candying were of aplenty. ^^

Four of us make the event rock, well, an overstatement lol. Not forgetting the Annie scene. Classic I should say. *Insiders Joke*


Sunday and Monday, took the liberty of staying at home to do our annual spring cleaning. The event which spoils my mood.

The night out at Desa ParkCity rounded up the cacatness of the day, thank God.


Today, went One U with Pei dear. Ate like a mad woman.

Firstly, walled up tang yuens in her house. Dong Zhi falls on today, much to my surprise. In fact no one in my house gave notice. XD

Next stopped by McD for sundaes. =)

Then went to Garden Cafe for dinner.

Secretly feel that place utilises the similar concept as Full House.

Waffle World for tea.

After a very unsuccessful attempt of trying Paddington House of Pancakes and Chocolate Lounge.

Omigosh.....FATTENING! ==

Random shots in One U:

Performance with conjunction of Christmas. Note: Those kids were uber cuteeeee!

I bought sticky =)And look, it says Merry X'mas there ^^

Love love love love=) If they are tahanable ( from me eating non-stop) I will go share them with my friends. And the truth is, I am irrevocably in love with Sticky. Not just sticky, I mean, like every single sweet in the world. I would go head over heels for them, by just looking at those colourful glittering shiny things in bottles made me feel very very happy. I could stay in Sticky for hours and hours just looking at sweets. Oh my... Sugarish^^ Sticky is so addictive =)


The rest of the holidays would probably would be me spending time with myself. I need a solo trip, a night for poetry (I've abandoned my poetry writing for such a long time), time to master Nocturne Op.9 No.1 (find it super nice, hence need to practice, a solo arts performance... Cause I know that this would be the last days to do anything BUT LAW because once January starts, I vow to commit my time and effort on LAW AND LAW ALONE, hehehehe...Enthusiastic leh~

Still, torn between choices for Christmas eve night. =________=

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Purpose of Life

I followed college's CF to a Myanmar Refugee to spread some Christmas joy. What I've learned today besides having fun with the kids:

Content in life comes with closure with God. Seeking God earnestly will fill spiritual gaps in my life, not material abundance where enough will never be enough.
When I fail to achieve in life, I should be contented with what I've been provided. Simple and the most precious things in life comes free, because God's love blesses all with equality and simplicity. When I lament about life being unfair, being poor, I know I should be contented because at least I've been blessed with food and shelter, oppurtunities for education, a family who loves and friends who care. Working hard to achieve my spiritual goal currently, I know if I'm medidating God's word with faith and sincerity, I will be blessed and I will be happy in my life on Earth.

Where would I be without You in my life?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanks Mum

The opinion shattered my anticipation like a slap on my face. I'm close to tears, fed up and in sheer disappointment.

Mum gave me a piece of advice which I felt quite true.

" Now you're young. If you're sure this will last, you wait. You don't rush into conclusions. You be patient now, it will ensures you not getting hurt in future, if anything happens. In any conduct you do, remember, does your actions reflect a decent upbringing, does it portray a decent family? Be accountable to your own actions, to your family who loves you and protect you. The world today is not simple, men are even more complicated. They will reject you when they are tired and fed up, they will even make it fast when they have a little bit of education. Protect yourself by being accountable to yourself. Be who you are. Focus primarily on your studies. And you will reap success as you grow and mature. All material fun that happens now, would not guarantee you substance in life. Know what your dreams are, work towards that direction."

Though it doesn't apply now, what she said truly did left an impact and I began to question myself on having too much fun with my Intermediate exams drawing close. Really, it's now time for studies and taking the first step in ensuring my dreams come true. And she does really made my day. I'm not that upset though it would be untrue to say that I'm all okay right now.

Mum, thanks for the piece of advice. Thanks for the comfort you indirectly injected. Thanks for always protecting me from harm and heartbreaks. Thanks for shielding me from being taken advantage of. Thanks for cushioning my fall when I do it hard. Thanks for your love to me and the family. I will not let you down in life. I will be successful so that you can be proud of your own daughter. =)

Love ya!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I'm mean. I really am.

I've been sleep deprived and moody these days. I get upset and disappointed quickly not to say that I'm extremely snappish and it stems from my own temper being fluctuating and those events which nicely falls on the period where I'm having a swingy mood.

Not funny at all.

First of all, mocks, is haunting me. The idea of having the exams with less than one week of time to prepare simply just left me idealess where to start. Cliche to say but, so much to do, so little time. I've been slacking and work has piled up towards a tremendous extend. What pisses me off is that I'm not having to motivation to catch up and I blame temptations. And I'm actually lecturing my friends to start studying. Oh how oxymoron is that.

Then I had a row with my mum. We're not exactly in nice terms. Sigh.

Some articles and stuff disturbs me. I felt my distance with God had somehow widened, and I have to seriously meditate more on my faith. Nowadays my strength is easily shaken and I know, with God, everything is possible. I want everything to be true to me. I want my life to be meaningful but as I open my eyes to the world, it seems suddenly vague and surreal to reach an ideal image of life. Well, it seems that I've been expecting to much. Nevertheless, time with God is still a must and in the event men fail, God never does. He's still the best.

I have financial crisis. I seriously do.

I hate the feeling of feeling alone. It sucks.

I'm pathetic. I pray for a good day tomorrow. It has to be one.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brazilian Guitar Duet

As happens every year, my uncle and aunt will have to organise Brazilian guitar concerts and good for the fact I get to watch for free and experience the organising process. This year, I brought along Henry, Michelle, Cai Lee, Johnson and Pek Kwan. In KLPAC as usual, and apart of some minor problems, all went fairly well. ^^

So I'm gonna let pictures dictate. Photo galore with extreme haolian-ess warning ahead.

The colourful seats which is the signature concept of KLPAC.

Camwhoring session in crew's dressing room. Beauty and the beast. XD

A very haolian Henry promoting the dressing room.

Okay okay, in general, my face look damn distorted and I blame the light and Henry for providing the obvious contrast. Hated it. Nevertheless I still rock, okay?

And we got to take this photo with Cristina Azuma, one of the performers thanks to Henry for muka tebal tebal requested. She is really cute cause we were there inside the room making lots of noise. She peeked inside and was kinda oh sorry, I want to look for Emily. So cute~

The next day of the performance my girls came. ^^

Camwhoring became an essential agenda.

The second day was more important as it involved people from lots of embassies in Malaysia. Work was more intense and scrutiny was more stringent. But the best thing was, drinks was on free flow. ^^

Mich and Cai Lee. Muacks~

Part of *toot*-ing the wall series. Winks~

I love them! Friends forever and hugs!!!!

Part of the cocktail part post event, only for VIPs who had lanci looks and in which 70% are angmohs. Yet I can eat cause I've got a sticker. ^^ After the event my uncle's staff began to shove boxes of left over unopened wine into their cars. I only took three bottles, thank God I'm smart. ^^

Music always lives in me as I consider myself blessed to have such opportunities to attend related activities and well, it recharges my soul, and inspires a lot. I love for the fact too I can share these chances with friends who I love and get them to know these stuff better. Anyway, MPO is my next target and well, after music and fun, I've to get back to concentrate on law as Mocks are near. All the best everyone~