Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Roll of Events

The feeling after exams is simply describable in one word: SYOK.

Spent my Friday over at Weng Sum's place, then out to Soul'ed Out for dinner with primary school classmates.

Well, more of these opportunities would make my life memorable should I say? =)


Saturday night, attended Alex's/Chris's bro's wedding dinner. Besides splendid food and the joy of congratulating a married friend, the chances of eye candying were of aplenty. ^^

Four of us make the event rock, well, an overstatement lol. Not forgetting the Annie scene. Classic I should say. *Insiders Joke*


Sunday and Monday, took the liberty of staying at home to do our annual spring cleaning. The event which spoils my mood.

The night out at Desa ParkCity rounded up the cacatness of the day, thank God.


Today, went One U with Pei dear. Ate like a mad woman.

Firstly, walled up tang yuens in her house. Dong Zhi falls on today, much to my surprise. In fact no one in my house gave notice. XD

Next stopped by McD for sundaes. =)

Then went to Garden Cafe for dinner.

Secretly feel that place utilises the similar concept as Full House.

Waffle World for tea.

After a very unsuccessful attempt of trying Paddington House of Pancakes and Chocolate Lounge.

Omigosh.....FATTENING! ==

Random shots in One U:

Performance with conjunction of Christmas. Note: Those kids were uber cuteeeee!

I bought sticky =)And look, it says Merry X'mas there ^^

Love love love love=) If they are tahanable ( from me eating non-stop) I will go share them with my friends. And the truth is, I am irrevocably in love with Sticky. Not just sticky, I mean, like every single sweet in the world. I would go head over heels for them, by just looking at those colourful glittering shiny things in bottles made me feel very very happy. I could stay in Sticky for hours and hours just looking at sweets. Oh my... Sugarish^^ Sticky is so addictive =)


The rest of the holidays would probably would be me spending time with myself. I need a solo trip, a night for poetry (I've abandoned my poetry writing for such a long time), time to master Nocturne Op.9 No.1 (find it super nice, hence need to practice, a solo arts performance... Cause I know that this would be the last days to do anything BUT LAW because once January starts, I vow to commit my time and effort on LAW AND LAW ALONE, hehehehe...Enthusiastic leh~

Still, torn between choices for Christmas eve night. =________=


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