Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanks Mum

The opinion shattered my anticipation like a slap on my face. I'm close to tears, fed up and in sheer disappointment.

Mum gave me a piece of advice which I felt quite true.

" Now you're young. If you're sure this will last, you wait. You don't rush into conclusions. You be patient now, it will ensures you not getting hurt in future, if anything happens. In any conduct you do, remember, does your actions reflect a decent upbringing, does it portray a decent family? Be accountable to your own actions, to your family who loves you and protect you. The world today is not simple, men are even more complicated. They will reject you when they are tired and fed up, they will even make it fast when they have a little bit of education. Protect yourself by being accountable to yourself. Be who you are. Focus primarily on your studies. And you will reap success as you grow and mature. All material fun that happens now, would not guarantee you substance in life. Know what your dreams are, work towards that direction."

Though it doesn't apply now, what she said truly did left an impact and I began to question myself on having too much fun with my Intermediate exams drawing close. Really, it's now time for studies and taking the first step in ensuring my dreams come true. And she does really made my day. I'm not that upset though it would be untrue to say that I'm all okay right now.

Mum, thanks for the piece of advice. Thanks for the comfort you indirectly injected. Thanks for always protecting me from harm and heartbreaks. Thanks for shielding me from being taken advantage of. Thanks for cushioning my fall when I do it hard. Thanks for your love to me and the family. I will not let you down in life. I will be successful so that you can be proud of your own daughter. =)

Love ya!


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