Thursday, April 30, 2009

Me Likey =)

My MP4 player has a new look!

The front. =D

The back. =D

The details on the earphones.

And it comes in a collection with my phone.

All the handicraft is just using two bottles of nail polish. XD
And let's see what I had done with my pair of skillful hands.

Isn't this nice. It looks like a limited edition of the player. Yay!

PS: Today I am having a major sugar rush like I never had in my life and it was like, phew! Very exciting! XD

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Get Tired

When everyone pretended that life is so perfect.
When people expect, hope and wish.
When people need help and I feel helpless, and useless.
When time flies, and times to stay with them gets lesser and lesser.
When life gets routine, but stress doesn't leave.
When prayer becomes a habit, but my voice went unheard.
When I fail, and I stumble yet nobody realised.
When I pretended to be perfect.
When I am not even close to perfect.
When I began to let emotions rule.
When fake is not just an adjective.
When loneliness seeps in , reality interferes.
When they talk to me, they conceal their intentions.
When they lie and they behave dishonestly.
When they thought I don't know.
When they treat me good out of fear and due to respect.
When I know I don't deserve that kind of attention.
When I know I am only seeing the story so one sided.
When I know I am selfish and naive.
When I hate myself so much I want to suicide.

PS: I am not feeling down or everything and it's just that I am feeling nothing at this point of time. Pure blankness and hollowness. So, stop concerning, cause it pisses me off. I am okay, means I am. =X

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Oscars XD

So I went back to Maxwell for Prize Giving. Already predicted some dudes are definitely going to show up, since they had always been performing well. Namely, Mell, Puili, Chaisan, Apichat, Kian, Wai Hong. Darryl told me he would be going last night via MSN, so kinda expected, anyway, he was good though. I think that they wouldnt have expected me to attend prize giving since I had not been 'labeled' as a top scorer during Form 6, while the others were. So yeah. Still, I am the best in MUET, still, better than nothing.

I like to talk to them, know their current ongoings with life and stuff. Mell is in Public Bank, still, with Puili, which was good if you get friends to work together with you. And Darryl sells insurance. =P Chaisan is teaching and hating it. Wai Hong, as usual, is highly affiliated with shoes, and hence he is working in a shoe shop. Seems like I am the only one who had started studying early. But they are better students than I do, and I am pretty sure they will get an excellent offer in public uni. Unlike me. =X

It's good to get connected with friends, knowing that everyone will have different prospects in the future. Those days in Form 6, the atmosphere was different than now. More relaxed now, talking in casual manner. Not like those days, plain fear-of-offend. LOL. I feel like I get to know them from another angle, which was good. Not to say they were not last time, just comfortable now. =D hugs!

After the awards I went to Times Square despite the fact I hate that place with all my soul. Pei told me about the stock clearance in Parkroyal KL but the queue was incredibly long, which was impossible to queue since they lined for 2 hours to gain entrance. Forget bout it, I went Borders and read till Pei and Min finished their shopping and met for lunch.

Me and lagsana.

Dear and chop.

This is a lousy angle. WTH. haha. byt the way it's Brownies with ice cream. I like. =P

Never mind if I did not buy anything during the sale. But i got myself cosmetics too.

Oh not the entire set. Just a eyeliner, eye shadow, lip gloss, blusher and nail polish. Yay, me love. =D

=P Everything goes well as you promised Lord. I did not stumble while wearing those heels.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Thursdays are ever so free. I like =)

No classes, hence the ultimate stuck-at-home mode. Mum screeched about chores and stuff. I studied or rather propped a study scene, books and notes and everything on the table, Hits Ten in a Row blasted full, yet her voice lingered. Awesome frequency. =.= Mum left for work, leaving no lunch. Argh. Me Hungreh. Opened fridge, great, fruits and vege. Not even a single egg. Lunch, maggi with nothing. Thank God for the blessing of food. Very the ironic.

Opened law notes, tried to concentrate on public law since tutorial tomorrow gonna be Q and A session and lecturer follows a name list. Nothing seems going in, head blockage I think. And FYI, public law is boring, personally. So switched to contract assuming that at least it would be more interesting due to lots of reasonings. Ended up, slack mode. Law notes all spread over the table, I was on the floor, doing nails. Home done French manicure. I love. =)

Online and got bored after ten minutes. Listened to If You Seek Amy- Britney Spears multiple times and loved it, crazy addiction applied. Sat on couch tried to read the news, ended up dozed off a little too quickly, woke up with tousled hair and fabric marks on the cheek. Urgh. Bathe and took my own sweet time. I love water. I love my Body Shop Body Gel. I love soap. I love shampoo. I love toothpaste. I love all.

Evening was hot, blazing temp. Neighbour kids made noise. I ignored. Did laundry. Thought about International Book Day. Yeah, today is. Me like. Took out Law of Attraction and read. Stopped at third line. Dinner time. Sis bought me KFC X Meal. Me like fast food. =) Happy.

Zi Qin came visit. Hugs! I love. Talked. Girls stuff, guys stuff, my stuff, her stuff, school stuff, college stuff, work stuff, family stuff, homework stuff, futuristic stuff, etc etc. Mum made fruit juice. Zi Qin don't like. I had double share. Winks! Online after she went back. Talked with Chris buddy and Pei dear. Felt happy. =D

Mum talked about the interview stuff, told me to get ready. Nervous but prepared. God blessed me, is blessing me, and will always bless me. Google Earth-ed the whereabouts of UM. Near section 16, Jalan Lingkungan Ilmu. Got clear directions. Save the trouble of finding help tomorrow.

Talked with a friend online, reminiscing pretty much. But it's okay, cause it's already over. =) Me like life. Me like today. Me want everyday to be like today, just plain bliss. Simple and enough for me to love life, just the way life is, just the way life will be, just the way life will lead.

Devotion will be long though. =D I love God.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


What I want.
All that I ever wanted.
More that I ever wanted.

Above all,
I just

PS: It's all about what we want, ain't?

Monday, April 20, 2009

What I Want in Life

For long I had regard myself as a very ambitious person, maybe my attitude suggests otherwise but I am pretty serious about getting what I want. I work my way to pursue and I pay effort to achieve. I was slightly demotivated by the fact that my STPM results were way below expectations and the circumstances that caused it had left a very displeasing memory in my mind. Upon starting law school, I promised myself that in any way, I will never let myself and people's judgments bring me down. I will prove and I will make my way towards someone honourable in the legal profession.

I read Law of Attraction that day and the question of 'What I want in life?' hit me. I began to think about the desires I lusted. And it came to the conclusion that I want wealth, success and fame. Conclusively, it was definitely a very general picture, and anyway, I pictured my future in my mind, and I thought about this: Life of abundance. Valued with integrity and bliss. Now, it doesn't contrasts must between what I lusted and what I want, just the latter being more realistic and the former being pure greed and vanity. But just how I am going to savour it using different taste buds when one of the outcomes was achieved.

So, to manifest good thoughts, I must be persistent and of confidence and never once doubt. So, yeah. I want to be famous in the legal profession once I hit 26. (Hint: Note that I am now 19, LL.B is three years, make that 22 when I complete. CLP will take one year, and make that 23. Nine months internship would make me 24 when I step to society) I want to drive a Porsche, live in a bungalow, drape and wear branded stuff, dine exclusively, socialise accordingly. I want my family to prosper. I want them to be happy. I want their material needs to be fulfilled. I want my children to afford better education and services. I want my friends to acknowledge my success. I want them to stand as the same class as I am going to be. I want to stay humble and noble and I want to serve society and religion. I want to support the cause of protecting the environment by financial and effort means. Above all, I want my life to be of abundance and succulence of providing the necessity to honour His name.

God will give me what I deserve, I know. If anything happens, it happens for a reason, and all is in His hands. For He will give me a better future. He secure my needs and fulfills my wants. I shall keep faith alive. =) I will keep praying.

You complete me.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Like.....

1. The beach.
2. At sunset.
3. Alone.
4. The wind.
5. Twilight later.
6. Dusk falls.
7. Reminiscing.
8. Embracing the aura.
9. Stars appear.
10. Night fell.

Like this. Memory 2008 Pangkor trip. Picture captured by me. Spectacular view. I was alone at the shores. Feels excellent when no memories are bound, all emotions are released.

Damn it, I love the beach.


Because when loneliness seeps in, you will find yourself walking like the deaf on the busy streets. Nobody knew you.

Nobody cared.

And nobody, nobody at all, was there.

Or they just pretended they were.

Never mind, get used to it, Hui Ting.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things for Me

After classes today Eevon and I decided to watch Fast and Furious since I have a blank schedule for the whole day and that girl is totally having major crushes on hybrids of whatsoever kind of automobiles.

Scene at KL station. Stupid place, had to pass by this place everyday. Today was okay. If during peak hours phew man, you can have instant sauna and going home smelling like different people.

Eevon. My law class dude.

As we waited for the train it was quite annoying that the fact that Malaysian trains are never punctual, and Malaysians are freaking rude. Low morale. Shallow. Bleah! After pushing our way to Mid Valley, it was already about six, we booked the tickets at 4.45pm, so, screw la, had to buy new ones.

GSC Mid Valley, sparse crowd during the weekdays. Which was a good sign.

Random picture while waiting for our turn. All asses. LOL.

Before the movie started we had dinner at secret recipe since choices for dining are limited due to our budget, what to do, poor people.

Eevon over dinner.

Her moist chocolate cake.

My black Pepper Lamb pie or something like that.

After the movie we went to find Yoong Sin because she was working at MCKY, and so co-incidently Chris was there, cause her finals had finished and nobody form college cared about curfews. We met up at MCKY and pretended to be customers while laughing like morons in the store. Thank God the supervisor wasn't there, or we will be kicked out.

Camwhoring as usual.

Me, Yoong Sin and Chris. Eevon was the photographer. =P

Random self portrait, which was ugly. XD Which I don't care by the way.


Review: Movie was excellent. A lot of cars and noise, very action packed. TOTALLY not my genre, but I think it's okay, so the rating is a 7 upon 10. After the movie Eevon was like talking about Skylines and RXA and I was like WTH? Don't understand.

The plan was to lie to mum about the movie and I found myself UNABLE to lie. So I told her the truth and she went berserk and I got grounding for like a few months. This is terrible. But the thing I am glad was I did not have to lie, which is sinning. Thank God. So, enlighten me for the activities I can do without leaving the house for a few months.

Afterword: Eevon got food poisoning and I got a terrible flu after the movie. So, was it related to the presumption that too much fun ends up in great depression? I don;t know, tell me. Speak to me. Uhumm...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Life to Weep

You see the distance between time, you sighed across silent waves of memories. They were coloured vibrantly, over the times, you've been seeing paradise, feeling elated beyond reality. You thought of the awful things, you came to a halt in your wanderings, finding the lost piece of jigsaw. It was missing in the middle, you wore that frown on your face, frustration etched. Obvious. Your desperation peaked, you found nothing however, you felt dejection swarming near, and you withdrew your courage, hurt till the very end.

There was a story about a boy who lives on top of a mountain and the grandfather told him abut a story about a boy who lives on top of a mountain and the grandfather told him abut a story about.....There, the fable of your life goes on, like a circle. You thought you're moving, but no. Something is making you walk that pace in life. You thought you moved on. Actually you were not. You fell back to square one once you walked far. Why you cried out? You blamed everyone, you fell into deep regret and discouragement. You saw no light, and you reached out, hoping someone will come and grasp you and pull you up. They did, but you stumbled, because you never did stood on your own feet. You knees were weak, like your will to live. Like your will to believe. You bought shame and humility, and you covered your face, veiled with anger and dispute. Such mundane act, mortals.

Time and tide waits for no man. You see your life walk by, you raised your hand and felt closure so intimate. As swishing leaves in the air rustle no more, you listened to the sad song of your life played as you proceed. You sing along and your tears flowed, until your eyes weep no more.

Protect me, Lord.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Purpose in Life

It's 3.30am and I can't believe that I'm blogging. Tomorrow I'm having classes at 10.30 and to avoid the typical KL jam I would have to get up at about seven to get ready and it would be minimal sleep. Gawd~ I'm not tired at all that's why. Hyper, gets the mode on every time I had coffee. Bwlahh..

So the updates and actually the week had been eventful, fulfilling to be precise. Firstly, I've got a letter from Maxwell informing me to go for Prize Giving. And actually when I got the letter I was like: Since when I excelled in Maxwell? Besides skipping classes and arriving late, I had never been good. Moronic days, fooling around and not paying attention. So, yeah I ripped open the letter and I've got the best MUET award for year 2008. Even I personally think that compared to other stuff like the best in Chem, History or stuff, MUET is like: DUH!!! But anyway I'm glad, meaning that at least I'm good at something and it's being recognised. So, yeah~25th April here I come.

Then this is the thing that I'm been very grateful for. Despite being an undergraduate I still somehow can manage to find jobs through this economy crisis. And truly, He had provided me in this sense. I really really cannot believe that actually there are jobs in line for me when I quit one. Always, there will be another job. When I stopped teaching at SSB, I got Desa Jaya 2. When I stopped Desa Jaya 2, I got SSB again. Thank God, truly I'm blessed. And my tuition business had been expanding, meaning lesser socialising time and longer working hours. This month solely from tuition I am able to earn about RM725, which is a lot. LOL.

It's Easter today! Morning, I went to church, service and lunch and everything. Mum actually complained, no scrape that, banned me from attending church. Blawhhh... Devil OT. I told her I'm okay with missing every social event but just, just, I have to go church. I got to attend. It's my responsibility. So, yeah. Tough moment. But I'm sure God will guide me pass, as long as I keep having faith. Pray pray~

After church I am supposed to go for driving lessons but uncle called and complained about the rain, so I was like, crap, one day going to be moulding at home. Mum has gone for a conference or meeting, something like that at Genting so actually I had pretty much freedom. wink~ I texted Pei dear, and we decided to do some shopping at One U since I've got LOADS of money. Ahem~ Shopping was fun, bought clothes form Forever 21, Padini, FOS and cosmetics, one eyeshadow stick. Shopaholics..... No pictures, lazy to take. We saw Choo Yin and she looks phew~leng zhai man.

So randomly decided to text Matt for dinner, mana tau he also darn flexible, say okay. Then, okay okay lor. So since Pei dear haven't officially met my kor, I tried to like, what, get them to know each other more and it turned out a disaster. Stupid~ seems like my skills are very the lousy or is it their problem or mine? oh whatever. Over dinner nobody seems like talking much. This guy looked one kind only when he came, tiredness etched on every line of his face. Upon making decisions also slack, claims that his brain is not working. So what the. Ahem~ sorry. Pei la you know, girls, of course la, having reservations a bit, so. It was like I'm talking all the way through dinner, and everybody was so interested over food, suddenly. I don't know. Had to kick his knee under the table to keep him talking. but anyway, I mean, communication cannot be forced. So, yeah. After eating we talked a bit then he actually talked a lot... Whoa, I never knew about the colourful canvas of his life until just now. But overall, the company was excellent, though I think I had troubled him a lot.

Just now I had Ling to come over and we talked about life and stuff. Truly, I am grateful for such a friend. I am truly blessed in this aspect. We talked and joked a bit. That's where I got to know that i really do cherish her presence in my life, the past, and the present. Later, when everybody is leaving, twins to the North Coast, Pei to the other land, awwwhhh....MISS YOU GUYS! And I was talking to my Maxwell friends over the line and ah, I miss them too at the same time, despite a lot of mistrusts and miscommunications last time. Truly, friends are cool.

Uhmmm...Seriously all I need now is STRENGTH to live life. I had been blessed, I truly do. And one thing, I love God, and I love my family. =)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shopaholic + You

So much for living a shopahoilc life, well, sinner's world for girls like me and my dear pei. XD So, being besties and sharing the common interests which one of them tops the list- shopping. And therefore, to watch a movie in the cinema together, we chose to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic based on the best selling novel by Sophie Kinsella. Overall rating 7 out of 10. So far the chick flick that I seen best is still Bride Wars and this is mere okay, funny though, and a lot of brands to see. Wink wink. ^^

Well, as you know ahem, I am always smart so I prebooked the tickets so that we save the fuss of lining up like morons waiting to purchase two mini papers in order to gain access.

I don't know why it was a 13 PL movie. Seems okay for me.

While waiting for the movie to start Pei dear and I went for some dessert at Delicious since we're like sweet tooth anonymous gang but our choices to dine is only limited to Secret Recipe. LAME! So, very instinctively we went in Delicious to pamper ourselves.

Delicious One Utama.

Part of the interior. Blue pillows. Quite comfy.

ARgh..forgot to bring camera so have to use Pei dear's camera.

We ordered cakes, as usual.

My chocolate cake. Mmm..with ice cream. Yumm.

Dissecting the cake lol.

Don't underestimate this cake man. Only one slice, will make you full like nobody's business.

Pei dear's Strawberry cheese cake. Looks nice.

My dear Pei. aka My bestie! (She's still single and available)

Me. (Also single and available XD)

After the movie our hands became itchy so we went around SHOPPING! And bought some nail polish only. Clap clap...good improvement.

Some The Face Shop product nothing to be impressed of.

And you know what things can become if there are mirrors and cameras around? XD XD

Camwhoring session at toilet #1


Actually got more but I feel that I look ugly so never mind. XD

Upon second sweet tooth craving we came to....

And only ordered Walnut Waffer cause we wanted to save for shopping. XD

Pei the leng lui again!

And yup that's me with my trademark peace! sign. lolx!

Argh! Today was very happy to get out of house and do something enjoyable after those stress at work and college. Plus conditions at my house isn't good and I'm under lots of pressure. but luckily for Pei I'm able to give myself a break and relax. Thanks buddy, I love you a lot and after you leave for Sarawak I'm going to mould at KL. Anyway, still have time here to cherish our close distance friendship for a few months. I'm going to be madly in this friendship and if ever who dares to break your heart, I'll break his face. Yeah to jerks out there, listen to this, I'm serious.

I really cherish this friendship. I really do. Thanks for being there for me. =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brain Food

Some books to treat myself after working for so long. Now during lazy weekends I can lie on the couch and indulge myself in the oh-so-luxurious pastime of reading.

I just love reading.