Monday, April 13, 2009

A Purpose in Life

It's 3.30am and I can't believe that I'm blogging. Tomorrow I'm having classes at 10.30 and to avoid the typical KL jam I would have to get up at about seven to get ready and it would be minimal sleep. Gawd~ I'm not tired at all that's why. Hyper, gets the mode on every time I had coffee. Bwlahh..

So the updates and actually the week had been eventful, fulfilling to be precise. Firstly, I've got a letter from Maxwell informing me to go for Prize Giving. And actually when I got the letter I was like: Since when I excelled in Maxwell? Besides skipping classes and arriving late, I had never been good. Moronic days, fooling around and not paying attention. So, yeah I ripped open the letter and I've got the best MUET award for year 2008. Even I personally think that compared to other stuff like the best in Chem, History or stuff, MUET is like: DUH!!! But anyway I'm glad, meaning that at least I'm good at something and it's being recognised. So, yeah~25th April here I come.

Then this is the thing that I'm been very grateful for. Despite being an undergraduate I still somehow can manage to find jobs through this economy crisis. And truly, He had provided me in this sense. I really really cannot believe that actually there are jobs in line for me when I quit one. Always, there will be another job. When I stopped teaching at SSB, I got Desa Jaya 2. When I stopped Desa Jaya 2, I got SSB again. Thank God, truly I'm blessed. And my tuition business had been expanding, meaning lesser socialising time and longer working hours. This month solely from tuition I am able to earn about RM725, which is a lot. LOL.

It's Easter today! Morning, I went to church, service and lunch and everything. Mum actually complained, no scrape that, banned me from attending church. Blawhhh... Devil OT. I told her I'm okay with missing every social event but just, just, I have to go church. I got to attend. It's my responsibility. So, yeah. Tough moment. But I'm sure God will guide me pass, as long as I keep having faith. Pray pray~

After church I am supposed to go for driving lessons but uncle called and complained about the rain, so I was like, crap, one day going to be moulding at home. Mum has gone for a conference or meeting, something like that at Genting so actually I had pretty much freedom. wink~ I texted Pei dear, and we decided to do some shopping at One U since I've got LOADS of money. Ahem~ Shopping was fun, bought clothes form Forever 21, Padini, FOS and cosmetics, one eyeshadow stick. Shopaholics..... No pictures, lazy to take. We saw Choo Yin and she looks phew~leng zhai man.

So randomly decided to text Matt for dinner, mana tau he also darn flexible, say okay. Then, okay okay lor. So since Pei dear haven't officially met my kor, I tried to like, what, get them to know each other more and it turned out a disaster. Stupid~ seems like my skills are very the lousy or is it their problem or mine? oh whatever. Over dinner nobody seems like talking much. This guy looked one kind only when he came, tiredness etched on every line of his face. Upon making decisions also slack, claims that his brain is not working. So what the. Ahem~ sorry. Pei la you know, girls, of course la, having reservations a bit, so. It was like I'm talking all the way through dinner, and everybody was so interested over food, suddenly. I don't know. Had to kick his knee under the table to keep him talking. but anyway, I mean, communication cannot be forced. So, yeah. After eating we talked a bit then he actually talked a lot... Whoa, I never knew about the colourful canvas of his life until just now. But overall, the company was excellent, though I think I had troubled him a lot.

Just now I had Ling to come over and we talked about life and stuff. Truly, I am grateful for such a friend. I am truly blessed in this aspect. We talked and joked a bit. That's where I got to know that i really do cherish her presence in my life, the past, and the present. Later, when everybody is leaving, twins to the North Coast, Pei to the other land, awwwhhh....MISS YOU GUYS! And I was talking to my Maxwell friends over the line and ah, I miss them too at the same time, despite a lot of mistrusts and miscommunications last time. Truly, friends are cool.

Uhmmm...Seriously all I need now is STRENGTH to live life. I had been blessed, I truly do. And one thing, I love God, and I love my family. =)


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