Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Get Tired

When everyone pretended that life is so perfect.
When people expect, hope and wish.
When people need help and I feel helpless, and useless.
When time flies, and times to stay with them gets lesser and lesser.
When life gets routine, but stress doesn't leave.
When prayer becomes a habit, but my voice went unheard.
When I fail, and I stumble yet nobody realised.
When I pretended to be perfect.
When I am not even close to perfect.
When I began to let emotions rule.
When fake is not just an adjective.
When loneliness seeps in , reality interferes.
When they talk to me, they conceal their intentions.
When they lie and they behave dishonestly.
When they thought I don't know.
When they treat me good out of fear and due to respect.
When I know I don't deserve that kind of attention.
When I know I am only seeing the story so one sided.
When I know I am selfish and naive.
When I hate myself so much I want to suicide.

PS: I am not feeling down or everything and it's just that I am feeling nothing at this point of time. Pure blankness and hollowness. So, stop concerning, cause it pisses me off. I am okay, means I am. =X

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