Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Life to Weep

You see the distance between time, you sighed across silent waves of memories. They were coloured vibrantly, over the times, you've been seeing paradise, feeling elated beyond reality. You thought of the awful things, you came to a halt in your wanderings, finding the lost piece of jigsaw. It was missing in the middle, you wore that frown on your face, frustration etched. Obvious. Your desperation peaked, you found nothing however, you felt dejection swarming near, and you withdrew your courage, hurt till the very end.

There was a story about a boy who lives on top of a mountain and the grandfather told him abut a story about a boy who lives on top of a mountain and the grandfather told him abut a story about.....There, the fable of your life goes on, like a circle. You thought you're moving, but no. Something is making you walk that pace in life. You thought you moved on. Actually you were not. You fell back to square one once you walked far. Why you cried out? You blamed everyone, you fell into deep regret and discouragement. You saw no light, and you reached out, hoping someone will come and grasp you and pull you up. They did, but you stumbled, because you never did stood on your own feet. You knees were weak, like your will to live. Like your will to believe. You bought shame and humility, and you covered your face, veiled with anger and dispute. Such mundane act, mortals.

Time and tide waits for no man. You see your life walk by, you raised your hand and felt closure so intimate. As swishing leaves in the air rustle no more, you listened to the sad song of your life played as you proceed. You sing along and your tears flowed, until your eyes weep no more.

Protect me, Lord.

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