Friday, April 24, 2009


Thursdays are ever so free. I like =)

No classes, hence the ultimate stuck-at-home mode. Mum screeched about chores and stuff. I studied or rather propped a study scene, books and notes and everything on the table, Hits Ten in a Row blasted full, yet her voice lingered. Awesome frequency. =.= Mum left for work, leaving no lunch. Argh. Me Hungreh. Opened fridge, great, fruits and vege. Not even a single egg. Lunch, maggi with nothing. Thank God for the blessing of food. Very the ironic.

Opened law notes, tried to concentrate on public law since tutorial tomorrow gonna be Q and A session and lecturer follows a name list. Nothing seems going in, head blockage I think. And FYI, public law is boring, personally. So switched to contract assuming that at least it would be more interesting due to lots of reasonings. Ended up, slack mode. Law notes all spread over the table, I was on the floor, doing nails. Home done French manicure. I love. =)

Online and got bored after ten minutes. Listened to If You Seek Amy- Britney Spears multiple times and loved it, crazy addiction applied. Sat on couch tried to read the news, ended up dozed off a little too quickly, woke up with tousled hair and fabric marks on the cheek. Urgh. Bathe and took my own sweet time. I love water. I love my Body Shop Body Gel. I love soap. I love shampoo. I love toothpaste. I love all.

Evening was hot, blazing temp. Neighbour kids made noise. I ignored. Did laundry. Thought about International Book Day. Yeah, today is. Me like. Took out Law of Attraction and read. Stopped at third line. Dinner time. Sis bought me KFC X Meal. Me like fast food. =) Happy.

Zi Qin came visit. Hugs! I love. Talked. Girls stuff, guys stuff, my stuff, her stuff, school stuff, college stuff, work stuff, family stuff, homework stuff, futuristic stuff, etc etc. Mum made fruit juice. Zi Qin don't like. I had double share. Winks! Online after she went back. Talked with Chris buddy and Pei dear. Felt happy. =D

Mum talked about the interview stuff, told me to get ready. Nervous but prepared. God blessed me, is blessing me, and will always bless me. Google Earth-ed the whereabouts of UM. Near section 16, Jalan Lingkungan Ilmu. Got clear directions. Save the trouble of finding help tomorrow.

Talked with a friend online, reminiscing pretty much. But it's okay, cause it's already over. =) Me like life. Me like today. Me want everyday to be like today, just plain bliss. Simple and enough for me to love life, just the way life is, just the way life will be, just the way life will lead.

Devotion will be long though. =D I love God.

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