Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just A Quick One...

Leaving this blog of mine derelict for almost a month is of a qualified reason; exams. Yes, the all-time-dread of exams are here, counting down 60 something days (or is it 50 something?). I'm scared to the max bearing in mind a few personal goals I sought to achieve and to believe. Being in juggler mode, of course, is tiring. Balancing work and studies at the same time has proven to be one mission consisting of many sacrifices, enorous effort and military discipline.

After starting to hate myself for being 10 times slackier than last year (yes, I'm honest), I'm now down with slight fever and a major fountain going on in my right nostril. And lecture hall EF which is usually stuffy feels inhumanly freezing today.

Bloody hell.

That's for all, a quick one before I head to bed.
And I'm reminded that I don't really need an iPad 2.