Sunday, February 24, 2008


CNY again has ended with blasting fireworks and smoke from people burning offerings during midnight on Chap Goh Mei. Oh yeah I do miss the fun, the food, and most importantly the LONG HOLIDAYS.

Somehow every CNY shows a trend.
A list what I have found out every CNY.

Clothes Problem
Buying new clothes on the verge before CNY is really stressful. Yeah no joke!! It's not enjoying AT ALL if you're buying clothes with my MUM and my BRO.. That guy is darn noisy and kept persuading everyone to go home while mum kept telling me not to spend too much. And another major problem OWN problem. It's quite hard to find suitable clothes for me considering my size. And I am WAY TOO CHOOSY. I just want clothes EXCLUDING colour pink, yellow, orange, sleeveless, longsleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long waisted, short waisted, v-collared, low collar....Yeah I guess that's all. And it's difficult to search for shirts or tops with those particullars. We shopped at Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, One Utama and even Selayang Mall but I JUST CANT FIND ANYTHING I WANT. Oh, and considering the price...another problem. Mum don't even wanted to look at Levi's. One T-shirt in GAP was damn nice but after looking at the price tag....erm....maybe no. So finally settled every shirt at Padini Concept at Ikano on the last day of school. Spent 300 something on a bunch of shirts which are just normal.....haiz...

Everyone hates Spring Cleaning
My sis even made an excuse to go for piano lessons early, leaving me scrubbing off those icky grimes from pots. I spent 1 week cleaning only my room, using the principle 'man man lai' (slowly). Mum got pissed and told me to hurry. As usual my roher laze around the house, saying 'hen lei' (tired). Mum always says that she did most of the work and stuff like:"if it wasn't for me, would this house be so clean?" To my grandma: "I did all the work. They did not help me AT ALL." Eh please la....I helped a lot man!

Havoc in calling my Paternal Grandma
Previously we used to balik kampung to Johor but that's 5 years ago. So mum said, for MORAL reasons, me, as the ELDEST of all, have to call her and asked her lots of crap questions like: "popo...Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy CNY. How are you? Waht did you guys ate for reunion dinner? I missed the roast duck. We will be back one day ok. Everyone is fine. bye bye." It's the same old script I have been reading for the past 5 years and telling mum, I am TIRED!! And some more I always misplaced the damn number, so I am forced to ask mum for it, where she will nag nag and nag about responsibilities....haiz!!

Adults gossip
The same old story about who hating who and who cheated who and whose daughter-in-law is not good looking. Lazy...Guess that it's their only entertainment during this long CNY break.

Alcohol Prohibiting Factor
Mum does not allow me to drink. Dunno why. I am already 18. Legally adult. So I had to take some wine in some place quiet,where my uncles will frantically empty the wine bottles to my glass, without mum noticing. This year, I only took 4 glasses, haha...11% alcohol australian wine...DUH cheap ones. My uncle took one glass and his face immediatedly turned tomato. And they SAID that I am BOOZE KING!! haha!!

Excessive CNY products
Where no one wants to eat anymore. A few tins of biscuits, packets of crisps, peanuts and a whole box of mandarin oranges. Maybe I should take to school and treat the security guard.

That's a brief trend of what had happened during CNY in the past few years. Next CNY, it has a 99% probability to remain the same....Haha!! Look that's a 'kong ming deng' (confucician lantern)!!

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