Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just Did It

I just did it!

I bought a pair of Nike in One Utama Nike Women.
And felt damn happy about it.

Hahahaha..The gold and black on the white. Hahaha...

Yoong Ling bought one pair Nike limited edition last holidays. And since that day Yoong Sin, Zi Qin and I had already been searching for our Nike. So this gold and black one really caught my eye. Not bothering about Zi Qin saying that glod and black will be out of fashion soon, I bought it. Yoong Sin was trying to look for a red Nike but unfortunately, saw none.

Oh, by the way, I bought it using my visa debit. It's my first time using my visa to purchase stuff.

Can't wait for the moment of expose on the streets!! I am going to flaunt it! Hahahahahahaha!!

PS: My mum does not have a clue about it. But I am pretty sure if she found out that I spent 200 bucks on a pair of shoe, she is going to scream on my face. Wonder how long does it take to keep this a secret......

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