Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dumb People

Hey babe, acting like this, is totally fucked up, honestly.

Stop acting as if you've tasted the best cock in the world and he is the best man walking, cause it's disgusting and it's shallow, come on, we both know this.

And as if you're darn classy to own stuff. Hey, people judge you by presentation and yours suck. To the max.

It's not as if you are damn smart, cause you're like the uber bimbo around. And oh, forget about bimbos, cause you're not even hot enough to qualify as one. Start growing up and stop relying like everything on everyone around you, cause they, unlike you, have life. Being stupid has got nothing wrong, but being stupid and acting even stupider is totally turning off, as if you don't know your demands are getting on people's nerves all the time.

Please, offending people is one thing. Offending me is another. Bitchiness has got a new attitude.

Get a life and fuck out of mine.

Urgh. Bitches.

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