Monday, June 15, 2009

The Mixed Post

Watched Drag Me to Hell this evening. Alone. Ratings 2 upon 5. Wasn't impressed. Heck I don't even know why I watched it at the first place. but gave me hell of a crap freak during the movie. And I. Was. Alone. Yeah great deal.

I wouldn't recommend it. I will never again watch horror movies alone. Lesson learnt. At least if I was watching with a gang of people I can scream to their ears or bite their hands.


I am currently over obsessed with classical music. I am always a die hard classical fan. The kind who listen and appreciates, oh no not the kind who enjoys playing and performing. I do not much fancy playing, but I am super loving classical music. Best served with a Shakespeare in my hands and sitting on a couch, sipping Earl Grey and munching English scones. Ah the luxury. Literature and baroque music. My love.

Bach is still my favorite orchestral composer. Mozart still reign over symphonies. And my all time favorite piano composer (cause I play piano ma) ta da! Chopin. Haha! I love music a lot. Who says I don't cause I failed my music exams? I want to go for the piano concert last Friday and I even got Mum's approval and I don;t mind a single bit to fork out hundred bucks for the event but the tickets had sold out, hence the disappointment. But still, I want to go for MPO's performances, so anyone interested to accompany?


janane said...

me wanna follow!!!!!! man i love classical tooooooo =)

Mellissa said...

MPO's performance.yesyes lets go =D

huiting said...

Excellent excellent. Lets go together.