Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Once, We Rocked Maxwell

I was having an online conversation with Darryl that day.

We have to plan gathering before everyone shifts.

Definitely, someone has to plan.


And who who freaking decides to absent themselves, can await my writ. i am freaking going to sue.


And if nobody plan, you will. Or I will sue you.

Duh. I do not wish to receive any writ form you....


Chin Boon Fei is the most useless class monitor I had ever seen in my entire life. XD Dude, you know I am just joking. Eh, but bro, can you just come up with a gathering or some stuff, so that we can meet each other. It has been so long, and I don't even know what the heck most of the class are doing. Maybe someone got married or someone got kids but heh, I want to meet up and talk. Monitor ah, this is your legal duty eh....If you don't plan, I will sue you. LOL.

but seriously, I miss you guys a lot.

I miss morning assembly where we sit on the floor and read.
I miss Bio class where Annie screeches.
I miss Chemistry class where Darryl's name always gets pronounced as diarrhea.
I miss Chinese Society meetings when we all curse the woman in and out.
I miss MUET class where I always got scolded by Sheila.
I miss PA classes where Pushpa always SMSes and calls.
I miss going to the toilet in groups.
I miss skipping class to hanging out in Cekal.
I miss sleeping in class.
I miss eating in class.
I miss spot check where we stuffed our phones to our shoes.
I miss screaming and cracking bad jokes in class.
I miss doing billboard together.
I miss sports day especially cheerleading drama.
I miss planning activities together.
I miss cursing teachers together.
I miss the class. I miss Cekal. I even miss Dinamik and Gemilang. I miss juniors. Bleahhh.....T_T

This is a photo where we took together for Pn. Siow's farewell, one of the most complete class photos I ever have, not mentioning the official class photo in which I looked like crap. Duhhh... Anyway, i had been privileged to be your official camera provider for two years. XD not mentioning being the very syok sendiri leng lui XD

Boon Fei, final warning. No gathering, you jaga-lah.