Friday, July 2, 2010

Eat, Money, Face

*Content Warning*

Today a particular kid got into trouble. His water bottle straw was stuffed with pencil shreds and it skipped my attention due to the hooligans making noise and havoc in the class.

The dad and mum was pissed off. They came and told one long thread of story and threatened my mum that if that *soab* son of theirs got bullied they'll stop him from coming. Of course, mum apologised and gave the sweet talk all. Business mar.

And of course, I got scolded front and back up and down.

Set that aside, I'm just freaking pissed with the whole incident. You are parents with a kid, of course, you habour a loving heart and patience. And then you can't stand the fact your kid got bullied in school and you got pissed off on the other kid who did it and then you blame the teachers for not paying attention enough. Then you threaten. WTF? You are not understanding at all because you're accusing of non delicate attention. Ei moron, of course, because you're not the only fucking one who paid. All of the kids have parents who pay. And teachers are human. Human enough to get distracted. You went on and say other kids are being unreasonable and all. Remember, they're all kids. You scold them because of your son? Moron, pick someone of your own size, okay? It's riddiculous. You guys gave me the impression of those losers who are so overprotective of their kids that they never grow. Can't punish, can't scold. Then, they become morons, like who you are now. Happy? Like father, like son.

I'll throw the money on your idiot face. Don't even bother coming back. Learning is a process with falls in between. Getting up is where learning takes place. Each time you cushion your child's fall, he will never learn how to walk.

Fuck off, ok? I'm pissed off.

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