Monday, December 10, 2007

Lions for Lambs

Let's put it in this way......

There are 3 people who met randomly under arranged circumstances. They are DW, Barium and Hydrogen Trioxide. DW and Barium are both guys who are equally capable and power hungry, so do Hydrogen Trioxide. She seems boring but actually she ia extremely power hungry, tough and unapproachable. Friends of DW and Barium do not really like her, because she usually keeps to herself and does not socialise much. They did not really understand her as well. Hydrogen Trioxide is a woman of substance and style. She keeps her emotions well guarded and plans her stratergy well. Nobody knew what is she thinking about and the true way she felt about things. But when she voice out, she meant it, and nobody liked it.

During the first meeting of the Fellowship, all 3 of them fought for the same power, the leader. It is not determining the real seatings, but for an event. Then, the performances of them will be evaluated and reconsidered to take upon the real order. Votes were casted and DW was elected, Barium as his assistant. Hydrogen Trioxide got a very minor responsibility. Eventhough it was only an event, but it was a great oppurtunity to show off skills and qualities. Too bad Hydrogen Trioxide did not get the chance. She kept quiet, not showing any feelings. But in her heart, anger and dissapointment poured. After the meeting, Barium spoke to her. He just wanted to make sure that everything was okay. She lied.

It was until the second meeting when 3 of them met again. With DW on the lead, he conducted the meeting. Present were the late batch of committees and the newly on-evaluation process members. DW conducted in such a way that Hydrogen Trioxide could not stand it anymore. She rose and spoke. After the meeting 3 of them plus Etandioate, the previous leader together with some met in person. Hydrogen Trioxide siezed her chance. She expressed her views and thoughts. Everyone listened. She may not be completely correct but she made her point.

Not after long Hydrogen Trioxide was throned President of a Board. She suceeded the throne of Ethandioate. (Ethandioate was the previous leader of both the Board and the Fellowship) She was very proud and happy and for once, contented. Etandioate told her that she can never receive another throne from him. She respected his choice, afterall, she have got what she wanted for so long.

One day Etandioate talked to her concerning his selection of the right person to receive his position in the Fellowship. He told Hydrogen Trioxide about how he thought about both DW and Barium. She gave him her views, being very conservative and honest. Eventhough she felt very wasted not being his consideration of receiving the position, but at least she is totally okay with it. No anger, no dissapointment. Nothing.

The final judgement was made. Everyone was gathered and names fitted for each position were written down formally. Hydrogen Trioxide was sitting in her seat, apparently not really focusing until she heard her name called. She was elected the new leader for the Fellowship. She nearly chocked. Shocked and surprised, Hydrogen Trioxide looked around the room, looking for answers. DW was elected her vice while Barium, 3 ranks lower than hers. Barium extended his hand to congratulate a very confused Hydrogen Trioxide. She looked around. DW looked extremely upset but he said that he was okay. She had to believe eventhough she don't have a clear idea what was happening all around.

After dismissing, Barium dissapeared for explainations from the Advisor. Hydrogen Trioxide waited for explanations. Barium told her everything.

The previous members of the board prefered Barium as the suceeding leader but the Advisor thought that DW is more suitable. Hence, there was war. Both sides were equally adamant to their decision. Etandioate, as the leader, have no other choice, but to peace the fight. He proposed another name, Hydrogen Trioxide. Since both of them were unable to tolerate, they both supported the idea. Then, ta-da, Hydrogen Trioxide was the new throne receiver.

Barium told Hydrogen Trioxide that she do not have to think the whole incident in a negative way. Deep down, Hydrogen Trioxide felt herself of no value. She took it as an insult.The truth hit her like a slap on her face. She received the position not because she fought for it, not because she wanted it. She received it out of a fight, a action of mankind that destroys rationality and value. Like the Chinese Proverb story, 'the fight between a stork and a clam, the fisherman who reaps the fortune'. She felt very sorry for DW. He fought and did a lot for the position, but in the end he lost it due to the intolerance between 2 sides, all out of his control. The same goes to Barium. Hydrogen Trioxide did not even wanted the position. But since coins were fallen from the sky, she pocketed them.

Hydrogen Trioxide made Barium her second assistant. She vowed to be a great and respectable leader during her time. She just wanted to prove that, she became the leader because she fitted, not because of the decision of others. Until this day, she sincerely felt that DW no longer have the same attitude towards her as before. Hydrogen Trioxide knew that all of these are a part of growing up. She have to be strong. She knew that after this, there will be responsibilities and challenges she have to face alone. She knew that she have to manage her time well and conduct herself better.

That's why she was at least respected. People will hate, talk bad, or even backstab. She don't even care. If you dare to question her authority, see how you face defeat when she prove victory and salvate success. She is better than any tarot card reader. She knew what to do before somthing starts. She knew what she would face before what she encounter. That's her strengths.

But Hydrogen Trioxide is also another human being just like anyone else. She have her emotions eventhough she do not display them. She have her fears, eventhough she do not talk about them openly. She also have weaknesses, just that happens that she is smart enough not to exhibit them so that she would not have people to use tham against her. You may know what she wants, but you will never know what she doesn't want.

The above post is based on a true story. Characters' names are changed to protect privacy.


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