Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stressed Out

It has been so long since I had not been waking up with a reluctant mood after being interrupted by my alarm clock. Last week was hectic. I went to college everyday to prepare myself for the moot court competition and find myself sinking into deeper modes of mixed panic and frustration. Things never got better when competition is next Wednesday and I had tantamount stuff unprepared, with Sue Ann my partner stressing as well, with normal classes proceedings to get along with, ie assignments, time tests, revision. Even when I tried to relax I can't because I have this heavy burden in my stomach which refused to shift. Sigh.

Back to the fact I woke up at one today. Mum was furious and screamed (literally) about me having too much sleep. CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT THE FUCK SHE IS SAYING? That's it. I am PISSED OFF. Nobody gave a freaking damn when I cracked my brains trying to figure out what to say, and obviously nobody saw my effort. And of course nobody knew I woke up abruptly during nights where the thought of loosing struck me, being unable to sleep even when I was tired. I admit I suck in managing stress. I do and it sucked. And speaking of ME I am juggling between work, school and this additional competition. Not to mention it's exams month now meaning my student's problems are my problems. They want extra classes I have to comply. Geeeezzz...And having PMS now plus the fact of loosing my phone exactly like right now isn't helping at all. I had already not exercised for two weeks in a row.

Nobody can actually feel what I am feeling right now. So don't assume I am having a great time hanging out in college with my friends because in fact I am having a massive head spin with ATC's stupid air cond which freezes people to death, facing papers and books and computers trying to figure out what we have to say and what our opponents are going to say.

In short I am stressed to the max. And I am currently broke. GREAT DEAL.

Motivate me.
Keep me sane, Lord.

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