Saturday, July 19, 2008

Minutes to Midnight

Dear members,

I may not be the perfect leader to you, and some of you may even dislike me and my style of getting things done. but you have to understand that the decisions I make is for the benefit of all. At times it may not favour any party, and even sometimes I have to sacrifice things I hold precious of.

Most of the time I am strict and harsh, and I may be offensive. I may say things that hurt your feelings, and you may grade me as inconsiderate and not understanding. I could have been pushy and pressuring most of the time and not knowing it. But I am in a very difficult situation all the time. I have to make choices and make wise decisions without troubling you guys so much.

As a president I serve as an intermediate between you and the teacher advisor. I have to constantly update her and tell her my decisions, let her evaluate situations. And guys, these are time-consuming. I also have to be pressured by her dissatisfactions and demands. So, I have no choice but to keep pushing you guys. Sometimes, you guys are uncooperative. I have to bring you all together. I have to make sure things run smoothly. I am a very direct person. I speak things as it is. If I am unhappy, I am unhappy. And vice versa, if I am satisfied in your performance, then you are really great.

I am very pressured about this Singing Competition. Thank God everything ends today. After this, everyone can focus on your studies and care about your futures. If I had in any way offended you(which is obviously yes), I apologise.

Anyway, guys, I love you all soooooooo much. Thanks for being by my side, supporting me all the time. Whether friend or not, you have served the Chinese Society your best.

Thank you!!! All my wonderful committee members. Without you guys, this event will never run so smoothly.

Thanks all members. I really appreciated your help and cooperation.

Hui Ting

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