Friday, July 25, 2008

Once upon a time...

There was a famous Pan Mee restaurant in Jalan Raja Laut which is just a stone's throw away from school.

This particular place is located in an isolated lorong in the center of KL city. The first sight of the place, you wouldn't know that they serve the most excellent noodles in KL. The place in kind of like a rundown with 80s architecture shoplots, with unkempt walkways and litter all around.

But, in fact, it was so famous that the place would be bloody crowded with hungry customers during lunch hours and weekends.

And in there, there will be unspoken rules to follow, and you may have to share tables with other customers due to the fact that they do not really have sufficient seats to accommodate the rowdy crowd.

And everyone will order the famous Spicy Pan Mee.

A bowl of home made noodles with anchovies, diced pork, onion and half boiled egg. Then you have to mix everything together until every proportion is even. The half boiled has to be smashed because the liquid yolk is supposed to be mixed together with the noodles to enhance its flavor.

And the bast part is.....

The chili. The key ingredient in making this dish so unique to its own kind.
A small plastic container containing this particular blend of chili will be placed on each table. And you can add as much as your tongue can hold it.

We used to take turns to sniff at the container before the food arrives. And man, I guarantee, it makes your mouth WATER...