Monday, March 30, 2009

40 Updates.

1. I'm going to college to study law. Taking LLB external for 3 years. 43K.
2. I'm all excited to start school, but, sigh.
3. Why sigh? Well, I have this family, a challenge God placed in my life.
4. Why challenge? Well, they. Majority of them, are against me doing law.
5. Why against? Because they think they're so smart.
6. How so? Because they think their perception towards my attitude is correct.
7. Anything wrong? oh yeah. They think I'm a good-for-nothing failure in the family.
8. Why so? Because they think I'm not serious enough.
9. Why so? Because my career options are always altering.
10. Why so? Because I have to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses to decide.
11. So the outcome? Unsuitable to pursue in sciences, taking law instead.
12. Why? Utilises my strengths.
13. Ain't worried about the difficulty? Every course is difficult.
14. So what's the problem? Back to square one. Family.
15. Awh, why? Nah, seems like they're discouraging me.
16. Cause? I'm a flipper who gets interested in this minute and not in another.
17. Really? You say. My career choice weih.
18. So what's the freaking problem? Family lar.
19. What they say? "Hah! Sure taking law ar? YOU CAN MEH?"
20. Oh, so how? What can I do? Ignore lar.
21. Difficult? Of course. Even mum doesn't have the confidence in me.
22. Don't you like talk about it? Tried. Ended up arguing.
23. Why lar? Cause she ended up shouting about me becoming a failure.
24. Arr..So I decided to shut my ears and told her I'm refusing negative advices.
25. So? She got pissed and threatened me about school fees.
26. That bad? Nope, cause I take loan and I have cash.
27. So, actually what's the problem? Sigh...Family la.
28. So what? Your financial needs fulfilled what. yeah I know, but sigh.
29. Basically what you need is money. Since no money problem should be okay. Sigh.
30. Why lar? Actually I don;t much care about the money. I need the support.
31. Arh..yeah. So how? I don't know. I just feel disappointed.
32. Owwhh..I know, ignore right? Sigh. Difficult..tsk tsk.
33. Well...I know, just I wished people would just support me, especially family.
34. If not then? my choices are limited. I have to walk this rough road alone.
35. Can? Yes. Though is more challenging, but I will.
36. How do you feel now? Determined, but still, sad.
37. What you want to do now? Any choices? I have to push myself further.
38. I am going to stay positive. Avoid all negative vibes.
39. I am the centre of the universe, I attract things I want. I manifest good thoughts.
40. I am an excellent law student. I'm going to graduate with first class honours. I am going to be successful. I want everyone to look up to me. I want them to feel sorry to have looked down on me. I want my family to be proud of me, and I want them to take back their words. I want to be the best. I am the best!

*but it does feel lonely without family support.
I am sad.
Seriously I am very very very sad!


Matt said...

You have mine.

huiting said...

thank you very much.