Friday, March 6, 2009

Shocking News

Sigh, actually it was already predicted. Around March the results will be out( EVERYBODY SCREAM!) and the marks can't be changed. I was on MSN when Darryl suddenly gave me this piece of news, which was darn shocking and I was like:

WTF? So fast? STPM wheh man!

Not just only me, actually, I am pretty sure everybody is freaking nervous. Sze Yiing was like:
SY: Die lar die lar.
HT: Me too.
SY: My Dad! He's freaking at home during the holidays. I'm dead meat dude!
HT: Oh, he'll understand.
SY: He won't! I wish I can just fly away.
HT: Yeah, like escaping reality.
SY: I am freakingly scared lar...
HT: Oh come on, you already did a great job.
SY: You're wrong. I wasted time.
HT: Me too okay. I don't know what the heck I was doing.
SY: Wasted the one final step to a bright future.
Ht: Sigh...

Si Jia was very confident in this case. Like always, cause she's PREPARED.
HT: Dude, results on 10th.
SJ: Thanks. (like confident only =D)
HT; Dear, I am scared lar.
SJ: Me too. My Maths was like...what the..
HT: Eh, your Maths only. Me is every bloody subject kay?
SJ: Oh come on. You're top student ma.
HT: Oh pur-lease...Since when?
SJ: Since high school?
HT: That was history. Meet Hui Ting the slacker, procrastinator...
SJ: Me too lar.
HT: Don't worry.You're one of the best.

Yoong Sin, my cool dude, was one of a kind.
HT: Bad news dude. STPM on 10th.
YS: *swore*
HT: Chill dude..I am also darn scared.
YS: Eh don't tell me this la. I'm very scared.
HT: Yeah, as if you guys are going back school for results.
YS: Bleedy man...
HT: I know, I'm gonna flunk with flying colours..

I slacked during 2 years of STPM, due too less passion and enthusiasm. No idea why I was like that, I'm like sorta lost all those passion which I had during Form 5. And STPM is way difficult, needs a lot of constant studying and consistent revising. I was too engaged in lots of useless activities in school until I neglected a big part of academic, but I cannot blame co-co, because I should have been better in time management. During Form 6, I flunked badly and did not gave a damn. Thinking back, I had only started serious studying just about a month before STPM. And I had not been well prepared for every single paper. During the exam, I kinda like had minimal confidence, especially Maths, where I had zero knowledge. It's useless to regret now, too late and nothing can be done.

The only only hope I have now is to pray and have faith. May God bless all of us STPM candidates with results which can make us happy. I need loads of praying and blessings, and I definitely need His grace at this very critical moment.

Results will be out on March 10. Everybody, wish me luck, pray for me and if anything goes bad, I shall be taking is as a redemption for my past mistakes. I foremost publicly announce my apologies to any party whom I had offended, humbly requesting your forgiveness.

Very THE scared laaaarrr...



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