Sunday, January 18, 2009


Know these stuff? Wooden molds. Tiny floral and animal patterned holes carved into solid wood. These are molds used to make tapioca cookies. Nowadays, wooden ones are slowly replaced by the existence of technology, as plastic ones came into recent fashion.

Mum said that a lot of people nowadays don't know the recipe to produce high quality flavour tapioca cookies, because industralised baking methods are so common now. With CNY just around the corner, urban inhabitants will usually choose to buy, rather than make the effort to bake.

Although I was initially grumpy about baking biscuits for the season(being sarcastic as usual), then I thought about traditions, and the meaning of each celebration which made impact to me.

If we just celebrate for the sake of enjoying the holidays, then where lies the meaning of each celebration? Why not take the process of preparing ourselves to admire our culture and appreciate our heritage? Why not take the initiative to be close to friends and family, because during every other day, we're so preoccupied with our lives?

The tapioca biscuits we made today is not just about savoring success and calling it a day after canning them into plastic boxes.

It's all about asking yourself how much you know about your roots. How well is your knowledge about your custom. Do you seek enlightenment about your origins, or just merely blankly follow the trends of urbanisation as you live in the city of modern lights.

Gong Xi Fa Cai everybody.

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