Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Love of My Life

When I was little, whenever I get upset, I know that tears wouldn't help in healing. So I submerge myself in books, reading writings of others. Besides the joy of reading, another reason I love to read is because it is personal, solitary and nonjudgmental.

When I grew up, whenever I get upset, I tend to reach out and tell my friends with the hope of them listening. However it eventually hit me that nobody actually understands, and most of them wouldn't have gave a damn. So I read. Later I knew that it actually helps if I talked to words, and I felt I feel something unlike any other when I express my feelings. So I write. My literature works talked to me, still personal, still solitary, still nonjudgmental. Then I knew that I had irrevocably fell in love with poetry. My literary works grew in time, I keep the bulk and reveal some to my friends who are keen readers. If you happen to read all, you will realise that mostly are of a somber attitude, portraying solitude and human despair, criticising injustice and moral unfairness. So you take it in a very light heart and forgive me because I write in times of bleak hopes and suppressed sadness.

Writing is a joyous song,
A sonnet, sung in summer air.
A whip of mist in the cold.
The warmth in the rain,
The love who embraces the hurtful spirit,
Mending hearts in a silent night.


Elizabeth Lim said...

i'm reading your writing...^^

huiting said...

lol, dude. =)