Saturday, May 23, 2009

Breaking The Divider

There are so much in my mind nowadays. People and incidents and the connection between them. Interaction. Coincidence. Supervention.

Whatever. It bothers me the way it was not supposed to.

Life's routine has brought me to where I am learning to appreciate every moment to stick according to its pace. Not to mention that last time I used to be praying about something different to happen to me. Dear God I pray for a surprise in my life. Somehow better is that I go according to plan. Nobody gets hurt and everybody stays happy. Bland is one thing. Security is another. Best to leave me moulding in my own solitude. Drowning in fake and artificial home made happiness. And when people asks, remember to ever appear to look that oh gosh, envy me, I have such a perfect life. Yeah yeah, perhaps why appearing to be happy and being happy can be folded in a way that they touch each other in just a crease of paper. Bored is not precise, and I am not lying that I am lost, blank, and seeking the purpose in life. upon losing hope on people, faith, will always keep me strong, always giving me the reason to anticipate a better day when I open my eyes each morning. The point where I am feeling extremely blank has reached the extreme. The maximum. The border of infinity.

I don't mind a single bit, because I know I will survive and I will continue alone. Solitude and lonesome is a part of my life. When I die, I know, my grave is where I lie alone. And I shall be left alone. I shall rot in pure feces and nobody will cry and ever miss me. Dead and gone. Forever gone from existence.

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