Friday, May 15, 2009


And perhaps, we have so much in difference.

But yet, we find so much to compromise. Diverged thoughts, backgrounds, beliefs, somehow or rather never posed a boundary towards giving us the strength to proceed. Times having arguments, disagreements and disapproval, one thing for sure, we do expect us to come out with the best solution for the benefit of both of us. Times of sharing thoughts, spending time cherishing each other, I found that actually, I really really do appreciate you for staying by my side, guiding me through thick and thin, sharing moments of triumph and depression. I have no secrets to hide when I am with you, nor do I have to conceal anything, because you gave me the comfort to speak my mind, express myself as the freedom I possess and deserve. I should know that I could not ask more form you, yet I desire, a long lasting relationship, be it distance or time, should not be the factor the bond looses its elasticity.

I just want you to know that I enjoyed every second we had together, whether laughing our heads off in the car, shopping like maniacs, studying together in Coffee Bean, dining and talking about EVERYTHING in the whole wide world, texting you, chatting with you... Because I know that in anyway or another, after a bad day, or a lousy downturn of emotions, there is always a person to turn to apart from God, that is you.

Pei Xuan! Besties forever!

PS: I am so sorry if any guys out there injured you or whatever, cause they are just plain jerks. You deserve better my dear, cause you just do. If anyone else dare to break your heart, I will make sure I break his face and some organs (ahem). So yeah, don't play and joke. I am serious about injuries. The power of sticking-for-best-friends.

* My dress still with you right? >.<

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