Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sushi Buffet

One word. Awesome.
One phrase. Enjoyed it to the max. And people please be careful with oysters.

We went to Shogun as a promised outing to specifically wish all of us all the best in our future undertakings, so it seems like a farewell in advance. I am already currently pursuing a law degree, and the twins has intended environmental engineering while Zi Qin has always wanted to be a mechanical engineer. Whoa! Engineers! Cool~ However in broader terms this is just a outing with my best friends who had stuck together with me since high school. Gosh I really love them. We have been together for seven years lol!

The legendary Shogun.
PS: Jogoya is so expensive and so far.

I never consider myself a sushi kaki but since it's an all-you-can-eat buffet, so just eat. So, just let pictures dictate. I am lazy and too full to type.

My first helping. Looks yummy right? It does. =)

Second helping. That roll there is some peking roast duck. yumz.

And thus I lost count but in conclusion we had lots of helpings and it was really really filling.

These are all the cheesy stuff and the chawan mushi.

Fried stuff. Didn't really fancy them.

Some soup they gave. Spoiling our appetite. Disaster of the day.

Another helping.

Some pure vege sushi. Personal favorite. Very crunchy though everyone says it's bitter.

Oysters. Aphrodisiac ahem...


Tempura prawns. Nothing special, though ZiQin likes them.

Fish head. I didn't touch that O.O Looks geli to me.

Variety of cakes.

Another personal favorite. A must try. Mixed fruit cocktail.

Ice Cream.

Mi Soba. Everyone can't bear to eat this.

Twins and Zi Qin! Best friends.

Me and my peeps.

Group photo. Blur but I still love it. =)

And we drank to our futures and to the guys who had appeared in our lives jerks or not LOL! (I made the guy part up)

After buffet we accidentally met 'someone' and ahem...shall not comment further to avoid trouble. So hence it finalises the buffet for the day. Very fulling is a guarantee. Another thing is was, meting up next time, can do a simple meeting at some other places. It is definitely more satisfying if we can sit down and talk while enjoying food rather than walking around for food and complaining about how full we are lol. But anyhow, today was an excellent chance for meeting up after so long. All the best my friends. You are great people. Friendship, is everything.