Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It was a dark night, time was 3am in the morning. It was pouring, thunder growling amidst dark, heavy clouds, with the accompaniment of blazes of lightning. The wind howled and windowpanes rattled upon the frequency. The storm was bizarre, and likely enough that Malaysia would ever experience this kind of thunderstroms unless you're living by the coast or somewhere near our forests close to the borders of Borneo.

Uhm, okay, Scrape the hyperbole.

It was just a normal, stuffy, typical Malaysian night, and it is suffice to say that I cannot sleep under these extreme conditions. I was given a superb suggestion to open my books and do some revision but no thanks mum, I am happy with my pillows, though it was a guarantee slumber pill if I ever do so. Sue me, I am lazy.

When people cannot sleep, they think. Some even think in their dreams, and hence they get nightmares and they claim that it was a dream and something whatever oh so unrelated to me. Okay, so uhm, I was tossing and turning on bed and my mind did the same. Thinking and thinking and thinking.

Perhaps the idea of ruling was never so fine
The mind conquered over my emotions
Chosen law of nature to abide
I confess
I had failed before I try
With the intentions of soaring high
Why let the worthy be tested?
Why let the extroverts reign?
Why do audiences of crime, pass by
Without the label of sin
And ever tasted vengeance so sweet
I find it tempting to again seek
The addiction, nontherless
Had been so crucifying to ditch
I confess
Philosophy was to be understood
If ever I could shed pride
And humbly pursue
A degree of time
Wasted beyond consideration and mere perception
I confess
I am not worthy to please
Vocabulary of esteem
I never master the very fundamental
Life is but nothing of everything
I live to abide
I confess
I appreciate and I enjoy
And blessings to count every night
Are but my cravings for rush and lush
Solely my soul desires
I am but human
Mortal and of fool material
I confess
I shall rather survive =)

LOL, I like literature, ain't?


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